Friday, February 13, 2009

This Is For You, Michelle

Short talk: It took me several days before I managed to start writing this entry. Each time I clicked on the new draft button, I find myself lost for words and didn't know how or where should I start with. I kept on pressing on the backspace button when my first sentence was almost complete and this was repeated times over times.
It has been more than one-and-a-half year.
That is how long we have got together, but within that period, we only managed to spend roughly twenty days together. This is what we called long-distance-relationship, or LDR in short. On this day last year, she was away for her Marae camp, but before she left, she surprised me with her post, in which she posted up a picture of her writing on the sandy beach of Sumner in New Zealand. This is our second Valentine's Day and yet again, we don't get to celebrate it together, physically. As we are kept apart for most of the time, I guess we have got used to this hard fact.
Due to my finals which has only ended last Tuesday, I practically don't have that time to think or look for something for her. It usually takes roughly one week for my stuff to reach her in Christchurch, so I know I won't make it on time. Yet, knowing that she won't be getting anything, she got so emo that she swore that she will never give me anything ever again for the next ten elephant years. I know I will have to face the consequences of failing to send her anything this time, but at least I managed to come out with this simple post. You guys can help me in this you know? Praise me kao kao about how good and romantic this post is (although it is not at all =.=) and hopefully, she will be brainwashed by all the comments.
Early Valentine's present.
Actually, it was the opposite. Last Monday night, when I was still in the mist of my finals, I received a package out of the blue. Prior to that, she had promised me to send me my lucky black Adidas t-shirt that I left in her house but she wasn't sure if it would reach in time, before my finals ended. It did, and I wore it on the last day of my finals and guess what? I breezed through the two papers with ease. Was it just a coincidence, or it's true that that t-shirt is my lucky t-shirt? I'd say it's the latter. Now, I understand the reason why she told me she was going to the post office to post something a day before she left for New Zealand. Thank you so much, baby!
It was not just the black t-shirt that she sent me, because there was a handmade scrap book inside the brown envelope as well.
Our first time dressing up for an event - at her cousin's wedding dinner in Malacca.
The title was "A Story of Calv & Mich". I somehow broke into tears when I was hafway taking it out and have not even started reading it. I flipped through it and put it back into the envelope on that night, because I wasn't able to take it anymore. I decided to read it only after my finals had ended. A couple of days later, only I took it out and read what's written in the scrap book word by word, line by line, page by page, on my bed. This time, no more tears (haha, sounds more like Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo tagline), but only happy smiles reminiscing the moments we had together last December.
I came to know a few new things about her that I didn't know before this from the scrap book. She wrote that she used to own a sticker book when she was in primary school, and now I understand why whole of the scrap book is full of stickers lol. Everywhere space available is occupied with stickers of Bugs Bunny, Pluto, Garfield, Odie and a lot more which will be endless if I list them all here. When it was heading towards the last several pages of the scrap book, the font grew bigger and the are so many space in between the lines. The reason? She realised that the scrap book has too many pages and she had no more idea on what else to write =.=
Taken at the jetty near the Portuguese settlement in Malacca with her Pluto sticker on the left.
Nevertheless, she was smart to keep the best for the last, because the last page is the part that I like most It's kinda personal and I don't think it will be a wise idea for me to put it here. Otherwise you guys will start to tell me I make you guys puke or contracted diabetes. Anyway, there is this line in which I find it interesting. Not very long ago, she asked me to teach her some basic Japanese and I agreed. I will blog on the details on this Japanese lesson we had in another post. Anyway, after some time and since she already knew how to write a few Hiragana characters, she applied it in the scrap book.
However, I spotted an impairment. This is the first time I saw someone mixing Japanese characters with Roman alphabets, and that really gave me a good laugh session.
LOVE YOU. Zutto あいshiteru (dunno the rest of jap. word =p)
Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day to all, especially to you, baby. Ich liebe dich =)


Anonymous said...

gimme that black adidas baju.i buat baju tidur :D

mg said...

hehe cos sensei din teach finish wat to do. lol. thanks baby~ = )

Kae Vin said...

Happy Valentine's~! XD

10 freaking with nothing? So sad... :P

calvin said...

@ calyn:
this comment is not helping me at all >.<

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
no worries. sensei will not fail his student because this japanese course hasn't ended yet. but he will not tolerate students who skips the lessons =P

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
you still haven't send me my chocolates!

Reeny said...

sending some ka chng-ly love to you!

Anonymous said...

lol~~~~ so funny.. hey didn't thought that michelle still keeping those stickers after she left primary school~~~ lol!!! nxt time shld keep money!!! nz & jp? hihi...

dog7 said...

hi calvin
I found this blog while I was googling for the words
"calligraphy Kosen"
in search of the calligraphy he drew
Called "the first principle"
I read the post you wrote to your girlfriend and it reminded me when I met my girlfriend. We had many problems to face in the start of our relationship but today, we are still together, closing almost 20 years together.
She is my Guardian Angel, and I love her to death
you are lucky guy and I wish you and your girlfriend will overcome all hardship and be together thank you for sending me back in time 20 years into the past while I was like, you sitting down, writing poems and waiting for the phone call
those were the times man!!!!
nhoffman israel

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
i love you too, ka ch'ng =D

calvin said...

@ kieramay:
yeah, too bad she didn't get to show me her photo album that day =\

calvin said...

@ aviran:
it's my pleasure that such coincidence led you to my blog and reminded you of your story =)

Eric Sng said... sweet...where's my chocolate? Haha.

=chuan guan= said...

manisnya...aik aik...

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
ask that from your girl =D

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
terima kasih ^.-