Monday, February 16, 2009

Farewell Party For Matsuda Sensei

The international students in Nagaoka Kosen are required to attend Japanese Language class during their 3rd and 4th Year, in which there are two classes in a week. Matsuda Sensei is the sensei who has been teaching us since our 3rd Year. Compared to the intensive Japanese Language lessons back in PPKTJ, the lesson we have here is comparatively much easier and relaxing. Most of the grammar can be said as a revision for us because we have learned them before. As for the new expressions and grammar, they are usually not that hard to understand and that explains why we could afford to take this class lightly compared to the other lessons we have in our college.
To make the class not boring, our sensei will bring some recordings of the local news and tv programmes for our viewing. Besides that, she also let us watch dramas from the rented DVD once in a blue moon. So, it is not all study throughout the year. There was a time that she mentioned to one of us that she always look forward to having class with our batch, because of the lively atmosphere we bring to the class, and how much she will miss our presence once our batch step up to our 5th Year. One of the reasons I would say is because of the crazy people we have in our class. The class usually will be interrupted because one fella will simply tease somebody else out of sudden, or at other times, Matsuda sensei will start telling us stories that is related to the subject we are studying, but it usually end with something which has no relation at all with the earlier subject.
Every time we read out our sentence to the class, Ridzuan-様 (a way to address someone with a high position) will usually get the most attention because of the complexity of the sentence he usually come out with, in which even the sensei doesn't understand it. More often than now, she will ask him to repeat his sentence at least twice before she corrects him. But it is actually a good thing for us, because we will be able to drag the time more.
We had finished our finals about a week ago and in just a few more days, we will be having our six-week spring break. As it was our last class with Matsuda sensei last Friday, our senpai suggested us to get something for her, because it has somehow become like a tradition for the 4th Year students to share a present as a token of appreciation to our sensei for the two years we had with her. As our previous seniors have given her a scarf and a handbag previously, we decided to give her something different this time. She already began to sense something from our suspicious behavior because everyone was ate for the class. The truth is that we were busy writing our messages on the huge card we got for her on the staircase of the upper floor. Those who haven't wrote their messages had to give excuse of wanting to go the toilet. When everyone had written their messages, we all gathered in the room and waited for Joann to come in with the card and present.
Matsuda sensei receiving the present and card from Joann on our behalf.
The giant card we got her, which was written with messages from a nine of us.
Giving her opinions and what she think about each of us.
It is really hard to have a Japanese to be honest, especially when we are asking them about their opinions on a subject because most of the time, they will still come out with a way to praise something no matter how bad it is. However, I was quite surprised when she gave her thoughts about us, because she was rather honest in the opinions she gave. One of the reason I can think of is because the students she teaches are international students, and she probably is more open in voicing out her opinions. When it reached my turn, I find that most of the comments she gave about myself are true. Here's what Matsuda said about myself:
"Okay, now it's Calvin's turn. What can I say about him? First, he has a lot of pride within himself. But saying this doesn't mean that is only has a negative meaning. When we first see him, we might find it hard to get close to him. But as time passes by, we will know the true personality of him. That is the time we will find that he is a friendly person and easy to get along with. Besides, the leadership qualities he has is apparent and he seems to get respect from the people around him. Though he is quite, he usually will make sure the tasks assigned to him are done properly and in the best possible way (in a more simple way, do something to perfection). One more thing is he hates losing, in whatever he does. That is what I will say about him."
I am just quoting what Matsuda sensei said about me, and please don't say that I am self-praising myself here-lah, okay? xD
Matsuda sensei was so excited to open the present we gave her, as she couldn't wait to see what we got for her.
Guess what we gave her?
The class that day turned into a party, thanks to Yan Kuang and Shah who went to grab some snacks in between their classes earlier for this Japanese Language class. While enjoying the snacks, we shared jokes and stories among ourselves. As something common to the Japanese, we kanpai-ed, the Japanese equivalent for 'cheers' or 'yam seng' among the Chinese.
The present we got her - a wooden photo frame.
The present was a good choice because Matsuda sensei told us that she prefers natural stuffs and it will suit the mood in her house. For almost two years, we have never taken a group picture with our sensei, and we took it for the first and last time during our last class with her.
The 4th Year international students with Matsuda sensei.
Just like a coincidence, we thought of the idea of developing the group picture we took and put it into the photo frame. We asked some favour from the people at the Chikyu Lab to do that for us and after a while, they came back with a photo frame which has the group picture of us with our sensei. I am quite sure that Matsuda sensei was happy to receive such a special gift from us.
Her wide smile tells everything.


lyk said...

Kisarazu here will also have new teacher next semester.we just got to know the news today.:(what a coincidence.

specialhuman said...

how nice! It's sure great to be her student. and you went to her house before?

and I would say 70% of wat she said was true. :P

but she missed out a point: that you are a big head prawn. XD

Anonymous said...

lol, perasaan nye

calvin said...

@ lyk:
just to clear you up, matsuda sensei will still continue teaching the japanese language class in our kosen, but we won't be having japanese lesson anymore next year. that is why we held a simple farewell party for her :)

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
she lives in niigata, about an hour drive from nagaoka, and we haven't been to her place before. if there is a chance, we could pay her a surprise visit when we are in niigata xD

you will realise that the remaining 30% is also true very soon. she missed out on that important point, because i am such a good student that i've never forgotten to bring her homework to the class =)

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
why so shy to remain anonymous? jangan-lah malu-malu ;)

Jimmy Chia said...

hello my love!

calvin said...

@ jimmy chia:
sorry, but do i know you personally? =)