Friday, January 9, 2009

Wedding Reception

Short note: Thanks a lot to all who send me your words of encouragement. I guess both of us have got over it and feel very much better already now. It is so heart-warming to know that there are so many concerned people out there, no matter how simple their messages were. Thank you once again.
The first thing we did when the two of us were back to Malacca was to attend a wedding reception.
DSC029591 copy
Camwhoring inside the fitting room when I went out with her to get my shirt for the dinner
. Due to some reasons, I've decided to blur the picture above. The original one can be viewed here, but I advise you against viewing it or you will say it is something disgusting.
No, of course it wasn't our wedding; it was Michelle's cousin wedding. On the same night we reached Malacca from Taiping, we went for a small dinner at the bride's house. Nothing extra-ordinary but just some spaghetti and fried chicken which is marinated with curry powder, and some fruits syrup and taufu fah as desert. It was not bad, nevertheless.
While the elderly were buzy chit chatting and doing catching up among themselves, I spent most of my time playing with Michelle's two little cousin, who were there as well. They were shy with me at first, but as someone who knows so many tricks to tackle small little kids, I managed to make them came to me.
Michelle's youngest aunt, Eric (her brother), Victor (her youngest brother) and me.
The last wedding ceremony that I witnessed was my aunt's one but that was many years ago. So, it was an experience to attend another one to refresh my memory about how they conduct a typical Chinese wedding ceremony. I would say the one that I attended this time was rather much simpler than the actual traditional Baba and Nyonya's wedding ceremony, which I was told last for twelve days. Yes, their family has some Baba and Nyonya influence in their family; same thing applies to Michelle.
As always, on the big day of the couple, the bridegroom will go to the bride's house to pick up the bride. It seemed to be a fine day, but not long after that, the rain came pouring down quite heavily. While waiting for the bridegroom to arrive, we spend some time taking some pictures together.
Three of us, all in white. We didn't plan that and it was a coincident.
There were two little kids who were there and I took the opportunity to play some games with them. I tried to impress them by showing them some simple magic show. I attempted to change the sweet wrapper into a coin; in which their seemed to be excited at first. But not long afterwards, they began to sense something fishy and both of them eventually spotted me changing the two stuff in between my palms.
There goes my so-called "genius" magic trick. Haha, kids these days are too smart and not we can no longer bluff them easily anymore.
Showing off my magic skills to the kids.
Us, with the bride in her room.
As usual, when the bridegroom had reached the bride's house, he wasn't allowed to bring the bride away just like that. That poor guy had to endure some tricks by the bride's friends which include asking personal questions about the two of them, drinking weird drinks and guessing the ingredients inside the drink and of course asking for lots and lots of ang pao; sometimes it appears that it is like selling the girl to the guy. The part that I found most interesting was when they made him sign a contract which listed out all the conditions before he gets his girl.
The first line was, "All of your (guy) money is mine (girl), all of my (girl) money is mine (girl)".
.= Super lame, can.
Michelle drew something else on the polystyrene as well.
The ceremony continued with some prayers and the traditional tea ceremony. We followed them to the bridegroom's house to have our buffet lunch there and again, the same two kids were sitting on our table. I kept them occupied by drawing some comic characters on the polysterine food container and asked them to guess what animals were those. I drew a rabbit, but they told me they saw a dog. There are only two possibilities here; either my drawing is really that bad, or they couldn't differentiate a rabbit and a dog.
Later that night, it was the usual nine-course dinner reception at LTP Restaurant near Malacca town. Before the main event unfolded, we quickly took the opportunity to pose in front of the main stage.

To be honest, the food was below-par, and one of the dish was roasted piglet which I didn't feel like eating at all. Imagine the little innocent pig being slaughtered and then roasted. I just cannot imagine myself eating them but I guess exotic dishes like this is pretty common among the Chinese.
Here are the rest of the pictures taken at the dinner.
Michelle's grand-aunt, her youngest aunt and mum.
Yong Shen (Michelle's cousin), me, Eric and Victor.
Yong Shen and me, who share the same animal sign - Rabbit. That is why we look pretty much alike and have similar characters.
With Michelle, while waiting for our food to be served.
I was a good boy that night that I didn't take any alcohol; that was iced water.
Yong Ching looking at his older brother playing with his video game, in a
mischievous look.
The most common thing they usualy serve is longan's syrup, but it was something new this time. For the first time, I had ice cream for the desert during this wedding dinner. One more thing is that the fragrant wet-tissue given to us had no air inside the plastic wrapper that we couldn't get to pop it, something we always do at the end of a wedding dinner that it makes the hall full of popping sound. Anyway, we went back later after that, feeling so full from the dinner.
Thank you for reading.


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Feeling the romance in the air. :)

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guys guys....1 time is sweet, more than 1 time, it bcomes geli and soon it will be disgusting...

i hope u all learn to segregate between pictures that can be shared to the public and those that should be kept private :P

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looks like the calvin i know has grown up ^^

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wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to much personal stuff

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guys guys.. chill.. it's only once a few years ok???

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You should save that photo for your OWN wedding post.


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