Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Crap Entry

Short note: Told you I won't be updating until my finals is over. I had my final two papers yesterday and provided there aren't any papers for me to re-sit, then my 4th Year in Kosen (technically speaking, it's equivalent to 1st Year of Uni) is over =)
A record was broken recently. Since I started blogging two years ago, this is the longest period I have left my blog not updated - eleven days. There was a period more than a year ago, when I made daily updates. But that pattern slowly took a change and my usual frequency nowadays is an entry in two to there days. A lot of stuff happened during the period I was missing-in-action, but I will try and squeeze all of them in this entry, and I suspect it would be a long one with minimum pictures, which is rare to my standard. Read on if you don't mind reading a whole bunch of craps from me.
My finals? I would say it went quite okay, although it could have been so much better. I won't rant or mention much about it, but what I can say was that luck was clearly not with me for the first two days. It could sound that I'm such a superstitious person, but the true fact was that I was unable to wear my lucky black Adidas t-shirt, as I forgot to bring it back and left it in Michelle's hometown in Malacca. This is another example to prove that the theory that I will always leave something at somebody's place is a proven fact.
How messy it can get when it's the exam season (picture courtesy of the mess made by the Japanese kids)
Some might find it weird how a black and not a striking red t-shirt, can be a lucky t-shirt to me, but that is true. The last time I wore it during my mid-term exams, I got full marks for all but one paper. Coincidence or not, I don't loose anything for continuing wearing it when I sit for my exams, do I? Not that I'm trying to boast myself here, but I think it was just pure lucky. As I won't get to wear the black t-shirt anymore for my finals this time, I tried with a pink one. But it was disastrous, for two straight days. It could just be another coincidence, but I dare not take any risks and I changed to a white one on the third day and the paper I sit went much better than the previous ones.
Okay, moving on to the next thing. I wasn't only kept busy with my finals that I didn't get to update my blog. Let me reveal a secret here. I was kidnapped by a group of Japanese, brought to see the head of the yakuza, and was asked to jump to another religion. They even offered me a huge amount of cash, so much that I guess it's enough to support three generations below me. Without thinking twice, I agreed and when this was made known to the public, it appeared as if the whole nation was against my action. But I didn't give a damn about what they think, because the offer was too good to resist.
I think by this time, you should roughly get to guess what I'm trying to point it out here, unless you don't follow the latest development back home. When I left Japan in January 2008, my Menteri Besar was Tajol Rosli; then it was Nizar Jamaluddin when I was back home in August 2008, and he was still the Menteri Besar when I left for Japan in January 2009, but the next time I'm back, I would get a new Menteri Besar, whom I think he looks more like a mamak roti canai. Is there anyone who disagree and thinks that he looks like somebody else, say a teh tarik uncle, perhaps? It looks like the way they change the Menteri Besar in Perak is as simple as how easy it is when we are changing our clothes. I won't comment any further on this topic, because there are so many other better sources if you are interested on this, but it will be interesting when I am casting my vote for the first time in several years time and I am really looking forward to it. Don't know if our PM-to-be will share the same feeling with me though. Just one thing. You guys better don't get me into trouble by reporting this entry to the authorities. If I'm charged with sedition, then this would be the last entry from me and you guys will not get to read my writings, or should I say, crapping?
Anyway, forget about the local drama, which to me is good enough to win a first Oscar for Malaysia. Two nights ago, I was browsing through the blog of someone whom I know. I shall keep the identity of this person anonymous. Most of his latest entries are those mushy lovey dovey type, and being such a busybody on other people's relationship stuff, I continued to read on. That was until I came across one entry dated December 26, 2008, in which he dedicated to his girlfriend. The entry has such a sweet beginning, and I carried on reading it even though I was halfway studying back then. The more I read, I began to sense that the entry was so familiar, and it didn't take me long before I realised that it was plagiarised from my entry on July 30, 2008.
I can afford to give him the benefit of the doubt if there are several same lines. But what I saw was an entry which is a carbon-copy of mine, line to line, paragraph to paragraph. The only difference he made was the personal experience part. For instance, I wrote that I ran back from my class because I couldn't wait to chat with Michelle, and to replace that part, he wrote that he ran back from the LRT station to his house because his cellphone had ran out of battery and he wanted to SMS his girl badly that time. There are still a few parts that he changed, but I can tell you more than three-quarter of that entry was exactly the same as mine.
If anyone who thinks that I am making this story out to gain popularity, think again. Although my exam has finished, I am not that free to make an attempt to gain cheap publicity. It's also not my intention to let the whole world know about this, but this is about integrity and being a gentlemen. I wasn't furious because he copied my entry (okay-lah, I felt a bit angry when I first knew it), what pissed me off more was how he denied it when I approached him about this. He told me it's a COINCIDENCE.
Your joke is very funny-lah, uncle.
If it's a coincidence, why he took it down that entry one day after I came to know about it? Common sense tells you he felt guilty of doing it to his girl, and more importantly, he was afraid that his girlfriend will find out about it one day. Imagine how would you feel if your boyfriend dedicate an entry to you, only for you to find out later that it was plagiarised from somewhere else. Currently, I cannot give you the link of his post to prove my point because he had deleted it. Nevertheless, I managed to show that entry to a couple of my close friends, in which one of them was too smart to spread it to three of his housemates lol. I didn't mean to talk bad about my friend; I'm already kind enough not to reveal his identity here, but now I have know the true colours of this guy. He has apologised to me for his action. Forgiven, but not forgotten.
By the way, one of my friend tried to be funny with me by suggesting that this guy and me could have gone and copied that entry from one same site, hence the coincidence happened. He then blamed me for simply accusing my poor friend for copying my entry. Haha! What the fish, right? Stupid theory!


=chuan guan= said...'s norm ppl like ur style off writing..he just cant express like u give him a least he reads and modify a little of it..

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
like what people always say, it's the thoughts that count. i just feel pity for the girl, that's all. i don't gain or loose anything for having people plagiarizing my writing. yeah, i think we should praise the effort he made for modifying my entry, although he didn't execute it smart enough.

Innocent^^Guy said...

i agree with ur fren that is trying to be funny....i won;'t rule out that possibility :P

Cieri said...

there you are.finished your HELL already (ops.finished your 4th year) and I am here still struggling breathing with the yama no youni kadai.congrate!

well..(lost words)
good luck.the guy maybe envy your blog.

calvin said...

@ innocent^^guy:
i think a five-year-old kid will come out with a much better idea than the one given, and now you are saying that you agree with his idea. indirectly, are you saying you have a mentality of a toddler?

calvin said...

@ cieri:
i used to be told that the 4th year in kosen is the killer year, and i'm glad it's over for me. no worries because yours will also be over in no time. good luck =)

i don't plan to make enemies. there is a possibility that he might get a wrong message here (if he happens to read this entry), but i'm just penning down my thoughts. if he envy me, then let it be =)

Kae Vin said...

forgive without forgetting is not real forgiving.

Just move forward. :)

mg said...

why are they siding that guy!?? wtf... would you like people to copy ur answers during exams? come on. grow up people! geezz...

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
it wasn't as serious as you might think. just in case you don't know me, i'm sort of suffering from short-term memory lost; that is why i'm called goldfish by some. so, i guess i will forget about this matter by tomorrow lol xD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
hehe, chill baby. lets don't make this a big fuss before a war of words begin. instead, it is so much better to make love :)

Endoru said...

Welcome back. :)

calvin said...

@ endoru:
thanks =)