Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Walk Walk Find Food In Malacca

This is a continuation from the previous entry.

After the three of us spent more than half a day in KL together, I went back to Malacca with her and her brother. I never knew that it also marked the farewell between me and Kok Hong at Pudu bus terminal as I thought we could still be meeting up at the airport when we are heading back to Japan. Later that night, we went out for the famous Malacca satay celup with some of her friends who came back for holidays.
Although it was just my first time meeting up with them, it was fun hearing to their craps, especially the two guys - Choi from Sydney and Aaron from London. Another of her friend, Soo Fen is still pursuing her pharmacy course in Malaysia, bound for Scotland.
clockwise from top left: Choi (white shirt), Aaron (dark green shirt) and Soo Fen (blue shirt)
Back to this satay celup, it was my third time in my life coming to Malacca. One was during a school trip when I was still in my primary years, while the other was during my BTN camp early last year. However, on both occasions, I did not really have the chance to try out those famous Malaccan food. This time we had our satay celup at one of the three restaurants in one row offering satay celup called Ban Lee Xiang. She was asking me times over times whether I can stand the spicy peanut gravy, or more commonly known as kuah kacang.
It was not as spicy as how she described to me earlier though. For a more detailed entry on satay celup, check out her previous outing here. Before leaving, as usual it would be camwhoring among us.
The next day, I was taken to try another famous Malaccan delicacy - chicken rice ball at a restaurant called Hoe Kee. When we were there, the queue was not that long and we did not have to wait long before we got our seat.
They stuff the rice ball so hard that it was a nice feeling when those balls are inside our mouth. It is something different from the normal chicken rice we have elsewhere. Nevertheless, the best thing was the gravy from the steamed chicken. Perhaps I might sound a bit over exaggerating here, but the taste of the gravy and the tender steam chicken was just out of the world.
No trip to Malacca will be complete without trying the famous durian cendol. Until I got to try on Malaccan durian cendol, the best cendol I ever had was the on along Penang Road in Penang. I never know there will be cendol which is better than that until she took me to try it. The initial stall she wanted to take me to was closed for that day and so, we went to another shop.
It was so creamy especially the durian paste and coconut milk. It felt exactly like how it feels when a guy is high. Total ecstacy.
Next entry will be the walk around Malacca town with her.

~ to be continued ~


Innocent^^Guy said...

Guys, which is sweeter? The cendol or the both of you? LOL

calvin said...

@ shi han:
haha!! can i choose not to answer this question? tough choice indeed =P

Anonymous said...

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Reeny said...

aiyah, i see this blog entry, then the next day, i contracted diabetes. =o=

hahahaa :D super cute lah.

hello to calvins girlfriend!

KOKahKOK said...

diabetes...omg...disease from u hehe....ur 76 ah?

Reeny said...

far from 76 dear sir.
and diabetes is not totally age dependant, its also genetic.

just incase you don't know. :P

Anonymous said...

hello to u too reena =)

calvin said...

@ reena:
you are not putting the blame on me, right?

Crabbed!! said...

Hey!!....You went to Melaka. And you manage to tackle all the good stuff...which makes me regretting visiting your blog. want Satay Celup...

calvin said...

yea, i was in malacca for a couple of days and she took me to try all the best food available in the town.

talking about missing malaysian food, later this year, we do our very own satay celup party in nagaoka. how is that? =D

Reeny said...

then put the blame on who?

calvin said...

@ reena:
you, my hot and smelly ka ch'ng, for visiting my blog. hehe, just kidding =P

Anonymous said...

seemed hadd lots of fun in malaysia ..going back there again this coming summer?

btw,what is difference between satay celup n satay biasa?

calvin said...

@ lyk:
it is always nice and lots of fun whenever we go back home. i will most probably be going back again this summer, but it depends.

satay celup: you insert them into boiling kuah kacang and eat them after a while.

satay biasa: just like satay kajang, the normal satay we smoke with charcoal.