Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kursus Kenegaraan At Malacca

Well, it has been a while since I updated my blog. Just came back from my Kursus Kenegaraan in Ayer Keroh, Malacca. It was held when we are still celebrating Chinese New Year. Kinda doing-thing-at-a-wrong-time I guess. I thought the place will be kinda like chalet type. But when we arrived there, the place wasn't as good as we'd expected earlier. The first day was nothing much, just did some registration and stuff like that. We stayed in dorms and luckily for us, it's air-conditioned.

Then the next day was the most enduring day out of our 5 days there. We had 4 session of talks and each session lasted for 2 long hours. Imagine sitting there hearing to the speakers talking for that long. Fuhh!! So, it's not surprising seeing some of then got into their dreamland with their sweet dreams. But not all 4 sessions were that boring actually, especially the speaker of the 3rd session. Those who went there will know it, I'm sure. I guess that time all 131 of us didn't even have a nap coz the topic was interesting. I won't be mentioning what was the topic but the way the talk was really energetic. Until one of us stood up and say this. "Tuan, apa yang tuan sedang cakap memang cukup menarik. Saya tahu tuan betul-betul bersemangat untuk meneruskannya, tetapi boleh tak tuan perlahankan suara?" (Sir, what you are talking is really interesting. I know you are really in the mood to continue it, but can you please lower your voice?) I guess that's enough to describe the atmosphere in the tiny hall.

The next 2 days, we we divided into 9 groups comprising around 14 people in each group. We did group activities like discussing a particular issue which touches about patriotism and stuff like that. Anyway, during that time, I managed to learn some simple Russian language. Yes, you didn't hear it wrong, Russian. I learned them from some of my group 6 members (Sharmin, Afiq and a few others) who will be furthering their studies in Moscow. Spasiba (Thank you). And another interesting word was Ya liubliu tibia (Aishiteru). Well, I'm not going to continue with this translation thing coz later it'll look as if this entry is a Russian-English dictionary!

If there's anything I won't forget from the camp, it must be my friend's experience of being spied by 'someone' when he was showering. Okay, I won't reveal who's that (so HW, you don't worry, you are safe ;P) But I guess there's a number of people heard about this. Anyway, if you guys wanna know who that spy is, well... it's actually a CAT! Yup, that's right! A greyish-stripped cat. It seemed that that 'hamsap' cat put his/her (I'm not sure of the sex of that cat...hehe) head below the shower's door and spied my poor little friend. Kasihan him! During the last day, there wasn't anything much. There were just the closing ceremony and certificate presentation. Then we headed back to KL to 'continue' our CNY holiday. Next stop: KLIA


si kak said...

no leng chai again..haih..btw,how can u say the cat hamsap..dat fella curious nia k!haha..surprise dat u nvr mention bout d 'thing dat happen at nite'..hmm...nvrmd la..u oso 4give him ad.rite?be tong...

calvin said...

now, which si kak is this pulak la? but i suspect you r 'gina kia' (based on ur writing style). anyway, are u logging into my blog just to look for leng cai nia? this is not a site for those things, k? and about the 'thing dat happened that night', i aso forgot about it ady la. u know, i know, enough ady la.