Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Parting

It will eventually come to an end.
The 14-day trip back to Malaysia is finally over and it is time for me to return to Japan. My flight was scheduled on the 4th of January but I had to go down to KL a day earlier as it would be impossible for me to get down to KL from Taiping on the same day as my flight day. I know that I will never make it in time if I were to take that option. I took the earliest bus from Taiping and arrived there just before noon. We went to Low Yat as she wanted to get some electronic gadgets and later went to Midvalley. I shall blog on that very soon.
After we had our dinner, we then went on our seperate ways. She took the KTM commuter to her friend's place in Bukit Jalil, while I took the bus to my third aunt's place in USJ. The next morning, my fifth aunt sent me to KLIA and I arrived there just before eight.
Before doing the check-in procedure at the counters, I went to the KLIA Transit station to wait for her, where the train was supposed to arrive at eight. But I guess it is nothing uncommon for the trains in Malaysia to arrive ten minutes later than the scheduled time. She came clad in a black T-shirt and short jeans, only to complain to me later that it was cold. Lucky thing she brought a black cardigan along.

I initially thought that I have exceeded the luggage limit for my large luggage but later to find out that it was just well under the 25kg-limit that they have set. After I was done with the check-in procedures, we went walking around the airport.

Well, it was actually to find a serene place to spent our last few moments together.
We walked around, showing those places where the whole group of us gathered before we left for Japan exactly nine months ago. We eventually came to the viewing area, a place where you could see planes taking off. There were not many people there at that time and we managed to spent some private moments together.
I did not talk much during that time. Perhaps I was just in my solemn mood. It is never easy or as simple as you think when dealing in a long-distance-relationship. It takes a lot of commitment and trust from both parties. Unless you are ready to commit yourself, I don't think it is a wise thing to even have a try on it.
Nevertheless, I tried and I have never regretted it.
Time flies. Seeing one plane after another taking off, I know my flight will come very soon. Just when I thought we just sat there a few moments ago, it was already time to board my plane. But unexpectedly, we did not emo. It was a nice to see that not happening.
Just a simple kiss and a hug and that was it.
Till we meet again, another time.


Reeny said...

haha 'we did not emo' (were u expecting to emo?, maybe when i see u one day we sit outside ah mahs house the road there and emo tgr hahahah)

sorry la but everytime i see that kinda phrase i laugh, and it makes my day haha. i find it really amusing! =D

still as cute as ever la u two (:

calvin said...

@ reena:
i never thought those four words would have such effect on you. maybe when me meet for the first time one day, we should do that and we shall see who will be the first one to emo, which i doubt will be me, but you =P

anyway, since you are my smelly ka ch'ng, i give you the authority to laugh at that phrase =D

KOKahKOK said...

haha...i also wan to join! i wan to laugh......hahaha..~~~ ka ch'ng? how come my surname is there? hehe...assssss

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
i think we should just spread the laughter =D
anyway, is that you surname? paiseh har, i didn't know about that >.<

Reeny said...

yeah.. paisae hor, i also didnt know we were violating your family name :O

haha.u are welcome to join us. emo is so in nowdays :D