Thursday, August 30, 2007

宮島水中花火大会 (Miyajima-On-The-Sea Fireworks)

AUGUST 14, 2007
I was trying to catch the early train to Hiroshima in the morning. So, I woke up early, had my bath and headed straight to the eki to start my journey there.
That wasn't my writing. It was written by one one the people from the eki. I didn't manage to catch the earliest train as I woke up a little bit late and I got to take the next train which I will only be reaching there by 2pm.
Kok Hong messed up himself on his way to Hiroshima as well with his overnight-in-eki experience. The first thing I thought when I reached Hiroshima Eki was to look around for him. Even before I took out my phone, he suddenly appeared out of no where.
We then went to the McDonalds to have our lunch and put my stuff in the locker before heading straight to 宮島 (Miyajima).
I will be explaining more on this island in my next entry but the reason we went there on that day was to watch the fireworks later that night.
Before I go any further, in case you are wondering who Kok Hong is, he is a guy who pried on me at KS, sesat-ed in my blog and in the end, we knew each other.
Kok Hong
I know he looks attractive (that's what he claimed all the time) and seems like a good boy. But actually, clear water don't sangka no buaya. A lot species of devil inside him. His T-shirt is the clearest evidence.
Back to reality, we took a ferry to Miyajima and walked around the area where a lot of stalls were set up. Ame ringo, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, yakiika, takoyaki. What yaki also got.
But the thing that I noticed the most must be yakikaki.
And yakikaki.
And another yakikai again.
They can't seem to get enough of yakikaki, no? Yakikaki is actually roast or drill oyster. There weren't just food as there were lots of other souvenirs sold there as well.
One of the most common must be this spoon-like thing.
I guess those are oars (pendayung).
We later walked around the famous red gate called 大鳥居 (Otorii). Although we will be returning to this island again tomorrow, I just couldn't resist myself from taking a shot at that red gate.
Even after walking again through the streets to kill some time, we realized that there is still 3 hours to go. If we don't find a nice place to watch the fireworks tonight, that area will be full. So, we picked a spot and sat there, under the hot sun waiting for 8pm to approach.
The wait was so long and to make matter worse, we sat on some hot concrete staircase by the sea.
Hot Batu
We called that the Hot Batu Experience.
There was even a little boy who kept on disturbing us. He only disturbed me with his fan at first. But later on, Kok Hong became his victim as well. Here is the kid trying his fishing skill with the hope of catching a dolphin.
The Kid
We waited there from the time the sun was shining brightly, until it set.
Sunset #1
Pretty nice scene it was. Here's another one.
Sunset #2
The fireworks are quite different from what I saw back in Nagaoka earlier this month. They are launched on the water. The fireworks display was to honour the 20 years of progress since 廿日市 (Hatsukaichi) was given city status.
Miyajima-on-the-Sea Fireworks Display is one of the most famous in Japan. Finally the time arrived, and the fireworks started.
Watching fireworks launched from the sea must be something different.
This is actually my first time (at least as all the pictures before this was blurred and not worth uploading them) camwhoring with fireworks as the background. Even during the Nagaoka Fireworks Festival (Day 1 and Day 2), I didn't camwhore in front of the fireworks.
And some videos to have a better view on these fireworks.
Smiley and red heart.
Shooting stars.
Some heart formation in the middle part of the video.
This is one of my favourite. The fireworks looked like comets and small cute UFOs being launched. But the funny part is that they looked like some failed mission. Lauched, then fell. Then try to fly again, but fell again.

It was nearing the end of the fireworks display. When it is the ending part, usually it will be the best from the rest. This must be the best video of the night.
The finale.
After the fireworks ended, the crowd going back was so huge with only 4 ferries available on that night. The people there easily were more than 100,000.
The Crowd
That was just inside the ferry. You wouldn't imagine how many there were outside still waiting to get onto the ferry. Kok Hong mentioned that the scene was almost like in the movie Sinking of Japan where everyone was trying to get back to Honshu as fast as possible. But all followed the instructions gives and no pushing and shoving or pickpocket case.
Both of us joined the fun as well. To keep us occupied, we camwhored even though we were stucked in a sea of people.
After going through the huge crowd in the ferry and train as well, we walked back to our hotel and spend our first night together.
First night together. Sounds familiar, eh?
P/S: Credits to Kok Hong for all the fireworks pictures. As for the videos, those were taken by me ^.^


michelleg said...

LOVE THOSE FIREWORKS!!! soooo sugoi!!!!

kokhong said...

yay! you gave credits to me...ahaha... i love my camera!! ... but we didnt camwhore kau kau that time..

michelleg said...

oh.. first nite ma. still abit paiseh rite?


Calvin said...

@ michelle:
so sugoi until my neck also pain watching them. i was looking up the sky like a giraffe for the whole night.

and yea, that was because it's our first night. normal to be a bit paiseh ma :P

Calvin said...

@ kok hong:
SS la you! how sure are you that the kok hong i was referring to in the entry is you? there are still so many kok hong's out there la.

be patient. that was just our first night ma :P