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大鳥居 & 厳島神社 (Ootorii & Itsukushima Jinja)

AUGUST 15, 2007 (Part 1)
The plan for today is to spend the whole day in 宮島 (Miyajima). Before going to this island, which required a ferry ride from the jetty in Hiroshima, we had our lunch first.
Again, we had ramen.
Next, we took the streetcar from the city centre to the jetty which took us about 1 hour. We used a 1 day trip card, costing 850yen. With that, it can be used for the streetcar and Miyajima Matsudai Ferry.
The ferry we took was from Miyajima-guchi and it was about a 10 minute ride to the island.
It was a sunny day with the wind blowing away while we were so busy camwhoring on the ferry.
I know I looked so sleepy. In fact, we woke up around 10 plus that day. The number of people there was not bad. But not as much as the previous night during the fireworks, of course.
In case you were wondering what's so special about Miyajima, then let me give you a brief introduction. Miyajima, an island of the Gods, I heard that Nara has a lot of deers. But I'm not sure if they are as many as what you can see in Miyajima. The deers are just everywhere.
Sleepy deer.
Shy deer.
And some even posed for me while making some sexy pose.
Kiss Me
I couldn't help myself from getting horny when these deers were giving me such reception.
When you camwhored and got horny with deers, of all other living beings on the earth, that must be some sad case, no? I was trying to make them look more kakkoi.
So, I tried my sunglass on one of the deer.
Kakkoi, right? But that deer on the top of the picture looked jealous already. I was starting to get tired after playing around with these deers. So I decided to take a rest on a natural bench.
But in the end, I made them produce these hot and fresh black stuff which looked like choc chips.
Hot & Fresh
Here's a video of the deers there. I tried feeding them something.

"Makan, makan, makan. Don't want to makan la".

It was some dried grass I picked up from the ground. But it didn't take my offer. In fact, the deers here are a bit weird. They don't eat normal stuff deers eat. Instead, you will find them going after papers and straws from the rubbish bin.
We later took a walk around the streets on our way to Ootorii and Itsukushima Jinja. The stuff sold there among others was a huge spoon.
Well, that was actually not for sale and it wasn't a spoon although it looked like one. It was an oar.
We know it's almost impossible to find pirated stuff in Japan. But I managed to come across something which had the same standard as those stuff you can get in Petaling Street.
Perhaps the next product will be 内規 (naiki) or internal rules. No more Nike anymore from now on.
After coming across so many stalls selling yakikaki the previous day, again I saw another stall selling the same stuff. They even had oyster which was still alive next to the stall.


I guess I will never come to an end if I were to explain every stuff available there. Here's a video on our walk along the street. Just bear with our rojak-ed language in the video.

The tour guide was explaining that they already 'matikan' the deers sold there. Not a bad tour guide at all.
Like a poser, right? Finally, we got to the first place we were going to.
大鳥居 or Ootorii Gate.
Camwhore in front of the Big Bird.
Why Big Bird? This is not the Sesame Street in Universal Studio Japan. But I call it Big Bird because if you translate the kanji, it means a big bird.
We walked a little bit more and reached 厳島神社 (Itsukushima Jinja).
The front view of the shrine looks something like this.
Itsukushima Jinja is actually just next to the Ootorii Gate. From inside the shrine, you can have a magnificent view of the Ootorii Gate as well.
If you might notice, there was a pagoda in the background of the picture above. It wasn't next to the shrine. But we did went to have a look at it later on.
It was a 5-storey pagoda.
We went into the shrine and the first thing we spotted was this white bulu-bulu long long thing.
Looks like an origami to me, although I know it wasn't that. Not enough with what I did in Kiyomizu-Dera before this, I repeated some same stuff with Kok Hong.
It seemed that I will never ever learn my lesson when visiting shrines, right? But this time I have at least toned down my nonsense act.
Some of the sections in the shrine had nice angle. Take this for example.


It actually took me a long time waiting until there was nobody walking pass there to get that shot. But it was worth the wait.
This time, it's me along the pathway.


It was meant to be the perfect shot, but one family came and ruined the picture. Sigh. So I took another shot.


Yes, I know. You can call me a camwhore freak. Enough of my camwhoring activity. Lets see what you can find inside the shrine.

Well, you will see shrine inside a shrine. Like this.


What else? Yes, walls.


And more of wooden walls.


But at least you can see some ceiling on top of it. Okay, those things looked kinda boring. Let me change into something different.


I don't think poles will make any difference, right? But I'm almost running out of pictures. I guess this would be a little bit better.


There was a row of sake there but I wasn't sure if they were all filled with sake.


While walking inside the shrine, I noticed there was one part of the shrine which looked like it had been burned down. Actually, it was still under renovation and yet to be painted.

Old vs New

Before we got out from the shrine, let me have one last picture inside it.


After we went out from Itsukushima Jinja, I saw a creature with a red ass.


A baboon resting under a tree. But this time it wasn't naked. Couldn't see its red ass. Maybe it was worried in case people like me went and molest it.
As I have mentioned earlier, the deers here are over-populated. Perhaps I should suggest them to do some family planning for these deers. Even around the shrine, deers were everywhere.


Seeing that deer so cute, I offered her some drink. My C.C. Lemon water.

Want some?

But in the end, she rejected and ignored me. To make matters worse, I made her husband beh song with me.

See what?

Fearing the worst, I quickly ran away from there.

~ End of Part 1 ~


michelleg said...

u actually sat on the deer? poor deer, suffer from backache after that. haha.

and i tot u had kh already still wanna molest a baboon? lolz

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
no wonder i saw that deer walk like drunken master after i got up from it.

baboon is not my cup of coffee. i was just smiling at him that time :P

Anonymous said...

I really like your Blog!! and this Ramen O¬O Lucky & Greetings from Spain

calvin said...

@ die ~:
hello! great to hear someone from spain!
and thanks for your kind comment =D