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Universal Studio Japan

AUGUST 13, 2007
The plan was to wake up early, head to Universal Studio Japan (USJ) and spend the whole day there. But we failed to follow the first part of the plan, which is to get up early. Anyway, by the time we reached there , it was already almost noon.
At the main door, the first thing I spotted was Charlie Brown.
Charlie Brown
Talking about Peanuts will never be complete without that white dog known to us as Snoopy.
I have no idea what is that yellow creature on top of Snoopy's head. It looked like a bird to me. Maybe that bird was infected with yellow fever already.
Then we went inside and saw this big ball going round and round non-stop. I wasn't sure how big that ball is, compared to mine.
I looked really slim and long, right? Lolz!
The one-day ticket was 5,800yen (RM190) and I do think that it is quite expensive. But in the end, I guessed that was the right amount after considering what was offered inside USJ.
After we went inside, Woody the Woodpecker was already there with his girl greeting the visitors.
We took the guide and couldn't decided which ride should we try first. After wondering a while without any idea, we finally came to this water tube slide called Peppermint Patty's Stunt Slide.
Stunt Slide
We waited for almost 45 minutes just to experience a less than 45 seconds ride inside the tube. Crazy, no? To make matters worse, it rained while we were lining up without any shade or roof above us. Luckily it wasn't raining like mouse and rabbits.
Somehow, after we had finished the ride, the sun shined again and it became as hot as it can be. The next stop is the Holloywood Dream, the Studios' first roller coaster.
Dream Ride
For a person who has (almost) NEVER ride on a rollercoater before, this must be the nightmare for me.
But I took up the challenge because it can be considered as the main ride attraction in USJ. Even by looking at the tracks is enough to make me think twice before deciding to ride on it.
When it was our turn to board it, I straight got into it and select my favourtie BGM. The roller coaster climbed up slowly, and glided smoothly upwards. This roller coaster is purposely build in a way that it is set free from gravity and made you feel as if you were flying in the sky.
It went left, right, upwards, downwards and made me screamed almost the whole time during the ride. You will know how it feels if you were on this roller coaster. The ride was so long that I was wondering and kept on asking my friends when it will end. After we got down from it, I realized that I was walking abnormally. If you had ever seen how a crab walk, then you will know. I was practically walking like that.
After that ride, I quickly found something to calm myself down before continuing with other rides. It so happened that there was a dance performance by Hello Kitty and her boy boy along with two other dancers.
Hello Kitty
The only thing is that Hello Kitty sang the songs in Japanese. Here is how Hello Kitty sounded like.

Only later that I realized that Hello Kitty originated from Japan. You can’t expect Hello Kitty to say, "Adik-adik, ini hari manyak gembila ka?" right?
Next to the Hello Kitty performance, I spotted musang merah jambu. What else but the Pink Panther, with his buaya eyes all the time.
Pink Panther
And this time, he was showing off his long but skinny tail as well.
The time when I was camwhoring with Pink Panther was the moment I got separated with the rest of them there. As a result, from then on, I wondered around USJ by myself. But there are pros actually by walking alone. More on that later on.
Before I continue with the next ride, the parade started. Every cartoon characters were there. Here comes the pictures galore.
The Parade


Woody The Woodpecker

Hello Kitty

Pink Panther


Sesame Street

Elmo & Friends
Don't you realise that one more species is missing? Something starts with homo something.
Homosapiens sp.
Yes, homosapiens sp.
In the end, they splashing water to the crowd there. I was lucky not to get myself wet so fast.
The next ride I took was Back To The Future - The Ride.
Time Machine
Again, there was a long queue in front of me. The ride took me to year 2015, then later back to year 8888 where we were taken to a volcanic area. Along the way, we went through volcano eruptions, avoided huge rocks and in the end, we were taken back to year 2007.
In case you were wondering what we rode on in this ride, the car looked something like this, but slightly bigger to fit 6 people.
The Car
I was thinking to take the next ride at The Amazing Adventures of Superman. But after I went in and saw the queue, I came out straight away. Taking a picture in front of it will do, I thought.
I later went to Jurassic Park - The Ride. This must be my longest wait in the queue where I waited for almost 2 hours. 2 hours only to see plastic dinosaurs making aum aum noises. Very 'worthy', no?
We went around the Jurassic Park with a yellow boat which can fit 20 people.
The Ride
We were later taken around a stream and the first thing to greet us was this huge door.
Dino World
As expected, there wasn't any dinosaurs alive. The only ones we saw were battery operated dinosaurs sticking their longs necks out from the water.
Dino Lagoon
Pictures alone will not be enough I guess. Here's how these dinosaurs make the aum aum and mek mek sound.

Told you. Those dinosaurs really sound like goats, right?
Later on, we entered a dark tunnel and here there were lots of small dinosaurs until we came across a raging T-Rex trying to get loose.

Again, I heard those dinosaurs making goats and cows sound. If they don't have real dinosaurs also, at least they should make more realistic sound instead of trying to bluf small kids. By the way, if you might realise, the people was asking me to stop taking video in the end of the video.
The only thing that will save us was a 25.9 metre plunge into total darkness which is a water slide. I never thought we will get so wet, until I went through it myself. It was something like this.

After getting myself wet, I went straight into the souvenirs shop and had a try on this baby dino hat.
Baby Dino
To demonstrate how wet I got after this ride, I camwhored in front of the exit of Jurassic Park.
All Wet
Even the Peppermint Patty's Slide Stunt ride didn't make me wet to this extend. My upper body was wet, and my lower body was practically completely wet.
You can see that through my hair as well.
The Crowd
By that time, it was already almost 6 but the people there just couldn't stop coming. Those huge ships were actually going to be use for the Peter Pan's Neverland show later that night.
Before I got myself dried up, I went for another water ride. This time it was Jaws. After I went in and got shocked by the long queue, I decided to skip this ride. But when I was on my way out, I noticed that there was a sign which says that are single rider services being offered as well.
With that, I got to ride on it in just 15 minutes instead of 100 minutes. I wasn't cutting any queue. The service is available for single people like me. Now this is why I said just now that being alone sometimes is better.
Just like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, those sharks were fake ones as well. But our guide was quite cun not bad. She conducted the ride interestingly until it made it like a real experience going through the area with sharks, explosions and gun shooting.
The explosions was so big that we could feel the heat although we were about 10 metres away from it. The was one panic time when the boat we took had some engine failures and the shark was attacking the boat by trying to overturn it.
But the girl quickly took out her gun and shoot the shark. Immediately the great white turned great Indian shark.
Great White
When we got off from the boat, there was a little kid cried straight away. I guess he must went through a shock being attacked by a plastic shark which went kuek kuek.
Night was fast approaching and I went to Snoopy Studio.
The first thing I got to was Snoopy's Great Race.

Great Race

This is actually a roller coaster ride meant for small kids judging from the queue which mostly consisted of small kids. It was nothing compared to the Hollywood Dream I hop onto earlier.

The Race
I wasn't too sure why it is called a race. Maybe Snoopy was racing against the time before Japan sinks just like the movie.
I later wondered around the studio and camwhored at a few places. First was inside Birchwood School.
Calvin Sensei
No way I am Miss Othmar.
There was even a place to get psychiatric help with only 5 cents. Cheap, no?
But I have some doubts on the reliability of the doctor. Anyway, I tried getting help from there although I am perfectly normal but it didn't seem to make me any better. That doctor must be another doctor out there with a flying license.
When I got out, it was already dark.
When I look at the show schedule, Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic was still on.
Cinema 4D
I straight headed there. I could only take pictures until the waiting hall as camera was prohibited inside.
Sesame Street
The theme of the show was 想像 (souzou) or Imagination. When it rains, we felt water coming down from above. Real water. Then there were bubbles inside the whole hall. When the green cookie monster which is always inside the silver dustbin closes the cover, we felt our seat moved downwards.
Overall, it was an interesting show, although the characters are from the Sesame Street, mostly watched by small kids. But I enjoyed it.
By the time the show end, the Peter Pan's Neverland show had begun.
The people there were too many and I couldn't get a perfect spot to get the best view. Just like the Hello Kitty, Peter Pan and his friends talked in Japanese. It was kinda unusual watching them talk in Japanese.
Just like what Wee Kien mentioned, this place is named Universal Studio Japan. But I wonder how universal it as all the shows and performances were done in Japanese. It was the same thing when I was watching Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic earlier on. There were this two ang moh girl beside me and I was wondering how will they enjoy yet alone understand the excitement.
Anyway, throughout the show, there were sword fighting, dancing and chasing around. Not chasing around trees like Bollywood though. In the final part of the show, Peter Pan was flying through the dark sky along. To end the show, it was a small fireworks show.
That was the last thing I watched and immediately after the show, most of the people started heading home. Everywhere were just packed with people. There were easily thousands of people that it will make you wonder where these people came from.
Overall, although I didn't get to ride on all the rides there, I had fun in USJ.
Dream Trip
We later went back to our 'hotel' again before I headed to Hiroshima the next morning.
Before that, we went searching for our dinner but it was already almost 11pm by that time. In the end, we went to get our food from the convenient store and I somehow got myself Hiroshima Okonomiyaki.
In case you noticed the computer screen instead of glasses of water there, it was because we had our dinner in the internet café.
Perhaps Hiroshima Okonomiyaki will be an introduction for my Hiroshima trip from the next day onwards.


mg said...

omg.. talking that ball part really made me laugh. slim n long, sooo SS

why do u need psychiatric help? something wrong up there? HAHA!!

so sad it's all in JAP. if im there sure blurrrrrr -__-

mg said...

i mean talking about*

-waiwai- said...

haha... i like pink panther very much... so cute and adorable...
i wish i can go there...

Innocent^^Guy said...

woah...looks good wor...enjoy kao kao la? another case of dinosaur sound like goat? >.< i thought only my underwater world wan sound like goat cos they nvr hear b4 the dinosaur sound from jurassic park ma...but ur jurassic park also sound like goat? that means mine wan is correct lor...since jurassic park is goat sound, means dinosaur sound is same with goat sound..hehe

looks good the place but like so little coaster..and also looks like very pack ler...too many ppl..too much queues...can cover the whole place in 1 day meh? like movie world its not that pack somehow..the rides all quite fast etc...but i like the jurassic park boat..looks big and nice..

cl3m` said...

spiderman ride was the best when i went there as the roller coaster wasnt opened yet.. it's worth the queue.. and the waterworld show, bet u didnt watch tht right? was kickin a**

Eehui said...

i like how u layout 2 pics on one pic - what software do u use? looks fun! i only went to osaka for half day, will try to go there next time =p

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
that ball damn nice la. can pusing-pusing around somemore. and it even made me looked long and slim. see, nobody disagree also :P

i don't need any psychiatric help. i was just accompanying that doctor who seemed to be so lonely ma.

and yea, it was kinda funny seeing hello kitty and friends talking in japanese ^.-

calvin said...

@ waiwai:
you like to adore creature which looks so buaya meh? don't you feel geli?

calvin said...

@ calvinsenpai:
yup, enjoy siao siao. yalor, now i really thinks that dinosaurs really make mek mek sound once upon a time.

there was only one real coaster actually. and the crowd was quite shocking since it's summer ma.

i guess won't cover everything in one day. to make matter worse, by the time we reached there, it was already almost noon. i think i covered about 70% of them.

but overall, not bad la :)

calvin said...

@ clem:
i guess i have missed out two of the best ride in USJ la like that. i tried watching the waterworld show, but by the time i was there, it was closed already.

better luck next time perhaps :)

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
i use picasa for that kind of layout. go to and download the software from there.

yea, i'm planning to go there again. next summer maybe ^.^

KOKahKOK said...

calvin, i am addicted to your blog right now! the place i wish i will be there again! i was there on xmas eve, alot of visitors somemore i was there at 5pm like not much! enjoy not much.....i was there duirng winter! haih....regret regret! wish to be there again enjoy all! envy you la! .....

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
it's okay but just to remind you that i didn't apply any marijuana or jampi bomoh to make you addicted to this blog =P

you were there at 5pm during winter time? i guess it already got totally dark by that time. the best tip when going to such places is to avoid them during the peak seasons. then, it will not be so packed and you will not have to wait through all those long queues and will be able to enjoy almost all of the rides there =)