Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival - The Finale

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival continued last night for the second and final night. But this time, the place we got was much more strategic compared to the night before. We sat just by the river and hence, we could get a clear view of the fireworks by the bridge over the Shinano River.
I did mention in the previous entry that this was that considered as Japan's best fireworks festival. Remember when I said "Nihon ichi konon"? But what I saw last night was completely different. The crowd there were easily more than 200,000 people. Imagine that!
The place we got was just perfect as we could actually feel the fireworks right above where we were lying down. The feeling was just completely different. You can actually feel the force of the fireworks. I won't be doing a long post this time.
Instead of pictures, I guess these videos will be much better. If you think that the videos in the previous entry is already amazing enough, then you better take a look at these.
I bet they are much better and amazing. Trust me. Enjoy!

The fireworks ended with the crowd waving the sky with whatever lighting gadgets they have, such as handphones and camera as a token of appreciation to the fireworks festival.
As I mentioned earlier, the people there was just unbelievable. When the event ended, the people who walked along the street were just like a river of people. Even the Merdeka celebration or New Year countdown in Kuala Lumpur will never beat that.
As for us, we walked all the way back to our kosen as they wasn't any bus left by that time. But we crapped all the way back which made us didn't feel the tiredness from the outing.
Looking forward to the fireworks festival again next year!


Innocent^^Guy said...

hey, ur fireworks all, different colour and size, tapi same pattern wan...if u got money, come brisbane see la...totally different lvl with ur one ler....
ours got waterfall mia, got machine gun mia, got love shape mia, etc...pls dun compare k? Cos its not comparable :P

calvin said...

@ calvinsenpai:
i memang going australia in the future and also see what they got to offer. i wasn't comparing the fireworks at my place with brisbane's fireworks la.

the videos i uploaded can be considered as just cucu la. you haven't see those moyangs yet. by the time i upload them, you will for sure lost for words that time ^.^

Anonymous said...

Pretty good videos, the nagaoka fireworks are amazing. I went there for first time this year, august 2nd in the reserved area, around the gate 6 between the oteohashi and chosei bridges, higashigawa, and could see clearly both bridges, august 3rd I could find a place in the "free" area near the oteohashi (the parking lot at uoroku was full!!) and, though couldn't see well the niagara, the rest of the fireworks looked so big! By the way you didn't mention that after the fireworks the streets (mostly the otedori) looked like rivers of people!! It was a great experience and I'm looking to come again next year (from Mexico).

calvin said...

@ knightx:
it was nice to hear from someone who came all the way from as far as mexico. this was my first time seeing the fireworks as well.

indeed, the people who came to watch it was just unbelieveable. instead of "river of people", i would put them as "sea of people". the crowd was just amazing!

i was impressed by those fireworks as well. niagara was nice. now i know why they refer nagaoka fireworks festival as the best in japan ^.^