Sunday, August 5, 2007


It is becoming a common thing for us to go out and have a meal together after the exam is over. In the last exam, we went with our tutor to have ramen. This time, we went to have 焼肉 (yakiniku). The restaurant is called Cha Cha. It sounds more like a night club, isn't it?
The restaurant applies the eat-as-much-as-you-can policy, which is more commonly known as 食べ放題 (tabehoudai) in Japan. For around 1550yen (RM52), you can actually eat as much as you can within two hours.
Previously it was just the four of us but this time around we had some extra companies. One of our classmates and also Teong Rong, who came down from Hokkaido to catch Nagaoka Fireworks Festivals in the weekends, joined us as well.
Here are some of the meat we ate there. Fresh chicken, pork and beef.
First, yaki the niku.
Then after you have yaki-ed the niku, you got these to eat.
Actually, we didn't eat just meat. Instead, we ate seafood as well. Ika (squid) was one of the seafood we ordered, besides big prawn. We ordered corn and my all time favourite, potato as well.
They had this thing as well where we could yaki the ringo (apple). The apple is cut thinly and smeared with some butter while we yaki them. It was nice as we could actually taste the sweetness of the apple as well as the taste from the butter.
They called this 焼きりんご (yaki ringo).
Before we leave, we camwhored a little bit. These are the three Japanese - all my classmates.
from left: Tanaka (my tutor), Tomi and Tsubata (Yan Kuang's tutor)
As for the three of us, we did some silly pose. We thought we wanted to feed Teong Rong with prawns and sugar syrup.

Tiong Rong like kena forced only

But when I turned over to face the camera, this is what happened.

I almost fed his ear

Instead of feeding him in the mouth, I almost poured that bottle of sugar syrup into his ear.


michelleg said...

haha! cha cha, like bubur chacha.

looks nice, would love to eat the yaki ringo.. oishi~

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i think yaki durian will taste even better :P

michelleg said...

oh yea!! haha.. but so banyak lemak oni

Innocent^^Guy said...

shit! mg make me not hungry, ur blog make me hungry...

wats the diff between yakiniku and shabu shabu!

ns29 said...

i ate tepanyaki at my host family house.
tepanyaki made by own taste better than outside la...
and my whole body just full of that smell when i came back.

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
try using low fat durian coz they have lower content of lemak :P

Calvin said...

@ calvinsenpai:
i did that on purpose :P

what is shabu shabu? i never heard of that before wor.

Calvin said...

@ ns29:
can you send me the recipe of tepanyaki to me one day? haha, i guess you have became tepanyaki yourself, huh? :P

michelleg said...

got such thing? hhaha crap!

lonehunter88 said...

shabu shabu is something like steamboat.. i think it`s korean..

i ate yakiniku once in tokyo with my senpai.. quite nice.. but actually barbecue even nicer! did it at my hostel here.. fun and delicious, but in the end too much meat, couldn`t finish.. hehe..

ns29 said...

need recipe?
they just buy the tepan..that thing to put food on what we saw in tepanyaki restaurant..
but this one they use electric..
then just put things like meat,vege,mushroom..
anything that can cook will do..
we put mee as well..
and oil of coz..

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
got la. here in japan, you can get all those pelik pelik stuff one. if you want some of the low fat durian, i can post them to you, want? :P

Calvin said...

@ lonehunter88:
shabu shabu sounds like some kind of drug to me!

what did you do with your leftover? opened a yakiniku stall and sold them?

Calvin said...

@ ns29:
with that, i guess i can roughly imagine how to make tepanyaki already.

anything that can cook will do..
does that mean even human flesh can be used for tepanyaki? :P

dodo said...

haha. "Cha cha"?? wat a name. they shd hav hired some dancers to perform a Cha Cha dance while u guys were enjoying the food. hehe. hmmph.. it seems like a tiny mini bbq to me. well, the meat looks yummy to me. =9

But not those squids. Looks gross to me lar. Pssst... seems like "Ears" to me. Sorry if i sound eeewww to u. i didnt mean it. It juz directly came across my mind when i was viewing it. hehe. nway, forget wat i juz mentioned k.

Calvin said...

@ dodo:
you think we were in hawaii meh? want us to dance hula hula dance while yaki-ing those niku ar?

the squids taste really good. you should try that. by the way, that further confirmed that you used to be a cannibal, right? :P

Legend said...

wah.. my ex-roommate became more big size jor!

Calvin said...

@ legend:
of course grown bigger and healthier la. everyday got someone to cook for him ma =P