Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Thanks for being by my side all the time,
Whether it's a shiny or a rainy day,
Whether there's an earthquake and you are eating cornflakes.
Thanks for sharing my lame jokes,
Although sometimes I'm the one who ended up laughing away,
Until my teeth almost fly away.
Thanks for teaching me how to cook the chicken who skips classes,
Thanks for making me feel I'm the happiest guy all the time,
Thanks for spending the time to hear to my rants,
Thanks for cheering me up when I'm down,
Thanks for accepting me for who I am,
Thanks for marking my ang moh too.
Thanks for everything.
You know who you are.
I love you.
ずっとずっと愛してる。(Zutto zutto aishiteru)


michelleg said...

sooooooo ur style!! =P

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
my style? what style? freestyle ar? :P