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Behind The Scenes Of Nekketsu BO-SO TV

"Celebrity in the making?"

my third aunt
in her e-mail sent to me


Posing in front of the monitor screen which shows the official logo of the show - Nekketsu BO-SO TV (熱血BO-SO TV).

If you were to tell me six years ago, before I stepped my foot for the first time on Japan, that I will appear in a Japanese variety show one day, I wouldn't have thought that is gonna turn a reality. But here I am, making a fortnightly appearance on Chiba TV as the representative of Chiba Kun Ambassadors. At the same time, I'm proud to say that I'm also able to introduce Malaysia on a foreign soil. Dear Minister of Tourism of Malaysia, I am here hinting you to award me with a Datukship. But if you wanna add some yen yen (¥¥) also I will be more than happy to accept it.

This week is my second time making an appearance in the show. Just like the first time, I only received the script late evening, a day before the show. I thought since I have had the experience once, I would not be as anxious as my first time. I just browsed through the script quickly and looked for my parts.


The many variety shows produced by Chiba TV, including the one I am joining on the bottom left (BO-SO TV), pasted on the wall of the main entrance.


VIP-like reception. Our names put on the door of the waiting room for the two Chiba Kun Ambassadors.

It was the same when Mr Kimura Akihide, the producer came into our dressing room to briefly explain the flow of the show. After looking through the script, I realised that we were gonna get to try on many kinds of food once again this week, which is of course a great news for me lol! If you wanna know what we had this week, then you gotta wait for my next entry.

This week, I decided to wear something different to the set. My senior, Crystal a.k.a. Kevin's mom gave me this beautiful pair of yukata recently and I thought it would be a nice idea to wear it to the show. Besides, my partner, Mi from China had planned to wear her kimono, so it would be very matching for the two Chiba Kun ambassadors.

However, the yukata was slightly short to match with my long arms and legs, that some of them commented that I look like a small kid from the downtown of Edo (江戸の下町からの子供) lol! Upon seeing the two of us when we stepped into the studio, Mr Happa commented that we looked more Japanese than Japanese. He told us we looked nothing like husband and wife haha wtf!


Satoe-san - the Mom and daughter helping me to put on my yukata the right way. She just ignored me camwhoring in front of the mirror and continued with her job. 
In fact, since she already knew I love to take photos, when I got into the make-up room this time, she asked me "Where's your camera?" lol! 
By the way, Mom said my yukata looks a little like the National Service uniform lol!


Gotta thank this two nice people for helping us to put on some light touches of make-up everytime before the show.

Now that I have gone twice in the show, I began to realise that it is not easy to produce a show, what's more a live show like this one. The number of backstage staffs actually exceeds the people who appear on screen. They are the ones who make sure the chairs and tables are on the right spot, the ones who would bring the food for tasting onto the set in between the commercial break, the ones who provide us with wet tissues to clean our lips during the show.

Not forgetting are the ones who put on make-ups for us so that we look good in front of the camera, the ones who hold the script as the presenter speaks, and of course the technical staffs including the cameramen, AV room people, director and producer. Without these people, it will be impossible for the show to run.


With the cute Nishiori-san (left) from the International Division of Chiba Prefectural Office, who accompanied the two Chiba Kun Ambassadors, 
and Kimura Kanako (木村佳那子), the announcer for Chiba TV who hails from Nagareyama city in Chiba.


Unari-kun, the official character for Narita city was the special guest this week.


With the manager (社長) of the Nekkestu BO-SO company, Mr Happa Ikki (八波一起), who sometimes can get really crazy during the show.

The show this week focused mainly on Narita city and that is why the mascot for Narita city's sightseeing - Unari-kun (うなりくん) made its rare appearance on the show. Its name comes from the combination of two words - "unari" (freshwater eel) and Narita, because Narita city is famous for its eels and Narita International Airport.

It is said that unari-kun came from a star called the Unari star far in the universe. As it flew into the Earth, it found the best airport in Narita and decided to land there. He later found that Narita city was such a wonderful place to be, that it made him forgotten to return to his homeland haha! By the way, sweet potatoes and lotus roots are among its favourite food.


Took a photo with the Deputy Mayor of Narita city, Mr Sekine Kenji (関根堅次).

I asked my Mom what does Unari-kun looks like. Her guesses were penguin and dolphin haha wtf! And my sister told me she thinks that it looks like the blue Twitter bird lol! But if there's a prize for the most imaginative guess, it will certainly go to Christopher, who commented: "Looks like a penguin with two giant toilet roll stuck under the wings".

That is one hell of a creative imagination, wasn't it?


Watching the 20-second introduction of the show on the monitor when the show kicks off. By the way, if you looked properly, you probably would notice the cardboard of Mr Morita Kensaku (森田健作), the Governor of Chiba Prefecture on the left. Unfortunately, he was absent again this week and they put his cardboard on his seat haha wtf!


Miss Kimura, who acts as the translator for Unarikun as we welcomed the mascot onto the set.


Super close-up shot on the two Chiba Kun Ambassadors. I feel I'm getting better in locating which camera to look at after two appearances on the show haha!


Everyone's mouth was wide open as we were introduced to something that looked super tantalising and delicious.

From what I saw during the rehearsal and live show, although the hosts and guest looked like they are having fun and talk crazy stuff during the show, they get really serious once the recorded material videos are played, or when commercial breaks comes in. It is during this very short breaks that they sometimes change their costumes, or rearrange their seating position before the next segment starts.

Looking at how precisely the time management is kept, where not even a couple of seconds is allowed to be wasted, is just something very amazing. Even though the camera will roll in less than ten seconds for example, they never panicked and looked super composed as ever.

However, usually during the live show, there will be some parts where what they talk is not in the script. These spontaneous conversations are usually filled with humour that it makes even the technical staffs behind the camera laugh together with us.


That guy standing on the right is the director, whose job is to hold the script for the hosts. So far, I've never seen him flipping the wrong page for the hosts.


Something interesting as we watched the video of one of the segments in the show.


The director (right), who holds the place card to give us the cue of 45 seconds until the end of the show.


As the end of the show, everyone were invited to the set and do the usual chant of "Nekketsu BO-SO TV!"
By the way, there is a good news that I would like to share here. I received an e-mail from Mr Ishizaki from the International Division Affairs Department of Chiba Prefectural Office several days ago. In the e-mail, he told me that they would like to request me to appear twice again on the same show in July. You wanna know why? They felt that I have the talent to be a geinoujin and I just need to brush up my skills on several areas, and it will be perfect.

Hahaha! No-lar, I was just kidding on the last part (^.^;b

~ to be continued ~

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