Sunday, May 27, 2012

Futsal & Makan-Makan In Kamata

"Futsal will always be my first love."

"Fishing" during the lectures at the job training is something we do, although we try to make sure that doesn't happen as much as possible. Probably it's due to the fact that we are mentally as exhausted as our physical state. Then, there was one day during our break time, that someone mentioned about having some sports session together. She believes we need to move our body a little bit to keep our body refreshed and able to concentrate more at work.

And so, we planned to have a futsal game together among us who are at the same job training place. It was tough to gather enough people for the futsal game initially, so I came out with a brilliant idea of inviting some of my Malaysian friends to join as well. Everyone was supportive and in the end, we managed to gather almost twenty of us for the game. 


I was in Team #3, and we waited as Team #1 played against Team #2 in the first game.


Here comes another wave of attack.


YamaP trying to dribble past ten players!


Opponent was ready to take the corner kick, yet the defender and the goalkeeper still got time to play lai lai li tham plong haha wtf!.

The futsal was played at Jexer Futsal Club in Kamata, in Ōta Ward, west Tokyo. The court was at the rooftop of a nine-story building and it was a blessing that the weather was absolutely great. 

The game starts at three for two hours but we didn't have time to really get to know each other. It was partly my fault because I didn't introduce the both sides to each other in the beginning. And when my Japanese friends asked my Malaysian friends where they come from, each of them answered "Malaysia", "Malaysia", "Malaysia" and "Malaysia". My Japanese friends thought that we had gone to the wrong place lol!


Where is the ball?


Takahashi, the girl in white t-shirt used to play football during her high school days. And he played the goalkeeper position!


Another goal went in. Ten-zero.

Anyway, we didn't wanna waste time once we were at the court. We quickly formed three teams, each with six players and played a five-minute game for each game. Everyone was clearly lack of exercise and we knew having a game more than five minutes will not be a wise idea. Even by playing just five minutes each game, everyone was already gasping for air and water after a while haha!

There were exceptions though - Suzuki who came in high heels and Samitha who came with his Hawaiian style attire and wore a pair of sandals there. So, we decided to make Suzuki the unofficial referee-cum-time-keeper-cum-photographer-ball-girl-cum-spokesperson. As for Samitha, he was our manager, for all three teams lol!

Two hours came and gone as we had great fun kicking the ball around. Although we started playing without knowing each other much, that was secondary because everyone somehow managed to click together during and after the game. In fact, some of my Japanese friends remember some of the Malaysians' name better than me lol! I'm glad that everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and hopefully there will be more of this kind of sports session in the future.


 Group photo with our manager, Samitha, in dark glasses in the middle haha! 


Oosugi was having his shower when we took the group photo and this is his reaction when he returns to the court lol!

After the game, our plan to have dinner in Shinjuku was canceled and the venue was shifted to Kamata, as everyone was already gathered there after the futsal game. Fortunately, Tajima, the pro in getting a good spot for makan-makan session, was there with us and we let him settle the reservation and everything.

Food this time was great, in fact we'd probably spent too much time talking that there were some leftovers in the end. Good thing this time nobody got drunk unlike the previous time, and we proceeded to the second party as we had Shida who joined us later that evening. After the second party, some decided to go for the third one, at karaoke. When they play, these people really play hard. Unfortunately for this uncle (read: me) and a few other, we decided to call it a day after the second session.


First makan session - from left, Suzuki, Kanai, Onodera, Oosugi, Miura, Takahashi.


First makan session - from left, Samitha, Suzuki, Tajima and Masubuchi.


The manager and the referee, plus our kanji (幹事) king in the middle lol!


Second session was at a basement restaurant which has a great ambiance.


Oosugi was the fortune teller of the night as he tried to read our palms the whole evening lol!


Finally, one group photo at the end of the makan-makan session.

It's already Sunday and time to recharge for another new week. However, I can't wait for this week come to an end, because we already have some wonderful plan come this Saturday. So, stay tuned to find out where are we going. A hint here - it is outside Tokyo and involves good food!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rempah Ratus Wrapped In Kain Velvet

"One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, 
and one of the biggest blessings in the world 
is to have parents to call mom and dad." 

Jim DeMint

If you had read my previous entry, then you should remember about the stories Mom told me when I Skyped with her recently. Guess what? Fast forward a couple of days later, I talked to her again recently on Skype and guess what was the first thing she told me?

"Boy, you're already 25. Still not getting married arh?" 

Haha! Itulah padahnya (that's the consequences) being the eldest and the only son in the family. Damn stressful 'coz the whole family will forever put all the hopes on my shoulder. But Mom, what to do; still tarak calon yet. So, you have to wait a little while more, alright? I promise I will work harder lol! And you know what, I was actually just kidding only on that getting married thing. Mom never said that to me actually haha! She told me something else, which went something like this:

"Wei wei, you very pandai hor. Pandai pandai-jer go add so much of rempah ratus into your story."


That's how much spices I added into my story lol!

What she meant was that I had misquoted her stories and ter-added too much of exaggerated side-stories into the original one lol! But what to do, my memory is just as good as the goldfish. I replaced those parts which I couldn't recall with my own version; hence she said I'd added so much of spices into the stories haha! Confirmed I will never be a good reporter because my news will surely full of cerita dongeng (fairy tales) lol!

And oh yea, I did mention that I never knew what "ririri" means. But now I knew it already, after getting confirmation from Mom. She said it is an abbreviation from the word "mari" ("come" in Malay). So, instead of saying "mari, mari, mari", which is too long and sound like a tongue twister, she shorten it to "ririri" haha wtf!

During this Skype session, she also used the opportunity to tell me another stories from her school, again. There was one day, during one of her lessons, she talked to one of her students. She talked with that kid for more than two minutes, yet there was no response from the boy at all; not even any eye-contact. So, Mom got a bit irritated and asked him why isn't he listening to her.

"Cikgu, cikgu sudah panggil salah nama-lar. Nama saya Fairus, bukan Faiz, cikgu."


Some of Mom's students, back in 2009. Mom is barely visible in this photo, standing in the background (top right).

Rupa-rupanya Mom made a mistake between two students. That is why that student didn't looked at her when she talked to him, because she'd called the wrong student haha wtf! This similar incident actually happened to Mom before that. There was once when one of her colleague saw her and greeted her, "Morning Velvet!"

Mom's name is Vyleat (pronounced as "Violet"), but some people tried to be funny by calling her as a type of fabric lol! If you think that is bad enough, some were even worse. You see, Mom had a relatively dark complexion; so it is a common thing that people always mistaken her as a Malay or sometimes Indian. So, there were times when her colleagues saw her and called her, "Hey Dewi!" or "Hey Balbir!" (Mrs Dewi and Miss Balbir were both Mom's ex-colleagues in school). Damn failed case, right?

Nevertheless, it is though these kind of light moments of Skyping with Mom that makes me forget about all the work stress and tiredness for a while. She also shared with me about Dad driving her around the town three days ago. Yup, Dad is almost there already, a huge improvement of how he used to be almost four months ago. Although he's not one-hundred-percent yet, he can now walk on his own and even drive to bring Mom to dating already haha!

I recently came across this great quote, which was part of the advertisement inside the train by the Yomiuri newspaper. It goes something like this. "The affection parents have for their child is forever an "unrequited love". However, by the time the child is grown up to realize and return that love, the parents are no longer around."


The quote certainly has a deep meaning and remember, it is still not too late. Love your  parents like there's no tomorrow.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mom's Famous Skype Tales

"Oyasumi nasai. Ii yume o mite ne. 
Aishite imasu. Itsumo suki desu."

text message to my phone
from her

Before I go any further,  let me translate the above phrase to those of you who are OKU (short-form for Orang Kurang Upaya or 'disabled') in Japanese language, as I know you guys will be too lazy to Google them out. The direct translation would be "Good night. See nice dreams. Love you. I sayang you always". Yeah, I was laughing when I see the kawaii-ness of the message by her. Mom oh Mom, why are you so cute one haha!!!

So, I was Skyping with Mom a couple of nights ago, after almost a week. I guess the working life has started to take its toll on me as I hardly go online in Skype lately. Anyway, every time I Skype with her, she will always have interesting stories to tell me. This time, let me share you two stories from her collection. The first one was about cats. 


Mom in front of her school, who is still with her charming smile even after a long day of work.

There was this one day, while she was sitting in the staff room, she suddenly heard some meowing sounds of some unknown kittens. As Mom is kinda a person who is afraid of cats (like me lol!), she quickly informed her colleague, so that he could help her to chase the cats away. Instead of locating for the cats himself, that guy teacher thought the task would be merrier with more people joining him. So, he went to call some students to help him out. I suspect he is scared of cats also; but just create an excuse by asking the students to help him out haha!

So, when the students came, the whole class came haha wtf! The students started their mission, going around the staff room to look for the cats. They searched the cupboards, under the tables, they flipped the curtains, they looked into the boxes, they overturned the tables (this one I tokok tambah only though, to make it sound more dramatic lol!), while making the sound of cats. So, the whole staff room was like a cat shop, with non-stop of "meow, meow, meow" sound everywhere lol! Unfortunately, the search mission came to nothing in the end. They found no cats there, and returned to their classroom, disappointed. The next day however, out of no where, a student brought a black guni case to the staff room.

"Cikgu, ni dua ekor kucing, sudah dapat tangkap! Nah, ambil-lar, cikgu," said the student while handing the guni case to Mom.

Mom, who was obviously afraid to get hold on the cats, jumped back a few steps. She quickly asked the student to take the cats away and release them at somewhere else. Only then that I learned that Mom is scared of cats. It's something quite unexpected 'coz during her childhood days, she used to lived in kampong and surrounded with chickens and ducks. She is proud to tell us that her ducks will follow her everywhere; even into the wooden toilet outside the house when she goes in to do her business haha!


With Mom and grandma at the Former Hokkaido Government Building in March.

Although she used to like those animals, she now feel that she cannot take them anymore. The fur and feathers are just too ticklish for her and that is why she doesn't dare to handle these animals. Talking about the ducks suddenly brought us to our time in Hokkaido two months ago. We were at the Former Hokkaido Government Office in Sapporo, and during our short walk in the park there, Mom saw a brace of Mandarin ducks having an afternoon stroll. 

That sight excited her and she quickly tried to go near them. Not enough with that, Mom made some sounds similar to how she used to call her ducks - "riririri" lol! However, probably the Mandarin ducks were too afraid to see a dark alien, and furthermore they didn't have a single idea what "riririri" means, that it made them flew away immediately. To be honest, I don't know what "riririri" means as well; but I am guessing it could be the name of Mom's ducks haha!

Mom was quite emo when the Mandarin ducks didn't wanna layan her and asked me why the ducks in Japan are so unfriendly. I told her she should try to greet and talk to them in Japanese, say for example, 'ohayo gozaimasu', 'coz probably the ducks don't understand what "riririri" means haha!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wesak Celebration In Tokyo

"Life is suffering."



The event poster at the entrance of the Sakura Hall.

Wesak is regarded as the most important Buddhist festivals, celebrated on the full moon in May. It marks the three momentous events in Buddha's life - his birthday, enlightenment and achievement of Nirvana, and his death. The exact date of Wesak however, varies according to the various lunar calendars (Buddhist calendar, Chinese lunar calendar, Western Gregorian calendar, etc.) used in different traditions.

Speaking about the Buddhist calendar, Theravada countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Sri Lanka still uses this calendar in their daily life. It means this calendar is widely used in their school, news, official documents, etc. It is just something like in Japan, where the Heisei calendar is currently used.


Those writings should be Sinhala, and although I cannot read them, I am guessing it's written "Happy Wesak Day". Correct me if I'm wrong. 


Donation box, which a paper made elephant to welcome the guests.

It has been years since I get to experience the Wesak Day celebration back home. Unlike in Malaysia, where Wesak Day is a public holiday, it is not the case in Japan. However, I recently found out that the Japan Theravada Buddhist Association is holding its annual Wesak Day celebration in Shibuya, Tokyo. Curious to see how the Japanese celebrate this auspicious day, I decided to drop by and witness the celebration. I asked Siriphong, a junior of mine to tag along as well.

The celebration was held in the Sakura Hall of Shibuya Cultural Center Owada (渋谷区文化総合センター大和田), just a short ten-minute walk from Shibuya Station. Each devotees was given a Dhamma book written by Rev. Alubomulle Sumanasara Thero, entitled, 'Tell me Buddha, Why do we Learn?' (教えて、お釈迦さま学ぶのは何のため?). The book is written in Japanese, but it should be an interesting read during my free time.

Most of the attendee were in their 50s and 60s; I hardly spotted anyone within our age there, except for a couple of them. Some came with bouquets of flowers, to be offered to the Buddha. I asked Siri if he's bringing flowers there because I thought it's quite awkward for a guy to hold flowers inside the train haha!


Unlike in Malaysia where chrysanthemum is the most popular flower for offerings, I see a wide variety of flowers - 
roses, daisy, dahlia, orchid, stoke, tulips, etc, brought by the devotees.

There were a few ceremony missing, including the 'Bathing the Buddha', where water is poured over the shoulders of the Buddha as a reminder to purify their own minds from greed, hatred, and ignorance. The released of caged birds, symbolising letting go of troubles and wishing that all beings be well and happy are also absent here. I remember I used to do that once when I was a little kid. Back then, I would pester my Mom to go to the pet shop to get a pair of birds, to be released at the temple on Wesak Day.

Another common practice of fruits and gifts offering to the Buddha statues and monks were not done here as well. This practice is to show respect and gratitude to the Buddha and monks for their life and teachings.


The main stage with a Buddha statue, which was brought in from the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo.


The seven lotuses which marks the first seven steps taken by baby Buddha upon his birth. Each of his footsteps caused lotus flower to bloom, 
followed by a self-proclamation of "I alone am the World-Honored One!" by the baby Buddha.


Beautiful and colourful gigantic paper lanterns made of paper and wood by the volunteers of the association.


A slide show presentation was shown before the event started at two.


Several Dhamma books distributed for all the devotees. It's my first time to see them written in Japanese!

As we waited for the commencement of the main event, we were presented with a fifteen-minute slide show entitled 'The Clearance of the Heart' (心の隙間). The songs used in the slide show was composed by Imee Ooi, a well-known Malaysian music producer, composer, arranger, vocalist who brings traditional Buddhist chants, mantras and dharanis (typically from the Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan or Mandarin languages) into sung versions with accompanying musical scores.

Then came the main event. It began with a ceremonious entry by the Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism monks into the hall. The entry itself alone was indeed a grand ceremony, as it was accompanied with traditional musical instrument such as the Dharma horns, drums and cymbals. Simultaneously, the devotees formed a ritual gesture of placing their hands - palms together, in the 'prayer' or 'praying hands' gesture which implies recognition of the oneness of all beings and is used variously to express respect, prevent scattering of the mind and to bring self into dynamic balance.


Rev. Alubomulle Sumanasara Thero, giving an opening speech in Sinhala and Japanese.


The Sinhalese monks. This is my first time to see this many monks from Sri Lanka because those I usually see are from Thailand.

The opening ceremony began with a welcoming speech by Rev. Alubomulle Sumanasara Thero. In 1945, Ven. Sumanasara, the master of Gotami Vihara, was born in Sri Lanka, and he became a samanera (novice monk) at the age of 13. In 1965 he was fully ordained as bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) and continued formal monastic training. After teaching Buddhist philosophy at a national university in Sri Lanka, in 1980, he came to Japan to study Japanese Buddhism on the funds of the Sri Lankan Government. He is an internationally renowned Buddhist scholar and meditation master, He is currently involved in Buddhist evangelism and in guiding people into the practice of Vipassana.

Through his sincere and gentle personality, and by his ability to give sermons fluently in Japanese and English, he has gained an excellent reputation among Japanese people. Moreover, Ven. Sumanasara is giving sermons at the Asahi Culture Center, and appeared several times on NHK Educational TV show, "The Age of Spirituality (Kokoro no Jidai)". Ven. Sumanasara preaches Buddha's teachings, which are actual and insightful wisdom to practice today (source).


The representative from the Thai Royal Embassy in Tokyo, with his spouse.


Followed by a speech by himself.


This is the representative from the Embassy of Nepal. No disrespect to him, but I couldn't make out what he was talking because of his thick accent lol!


Finally, the representative from the Embassy of Sri Lanka. This fella was damn semangat when he talk; like participating in a debate competition haha!

The ceremony was then followed by the drinks and flower offering to the Buddha statue by each of the representatives from the several Embassy who attended this celebration, including from Thailand, Nepal and Sri Lanka. As part of the Wesak celebration, a Cambodian classical dance was performed by Hitomi Yamanaka. Graduated from Ochanomizu University Department of Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art History, she has a wide experience in classical dance, performing for various guests including the King of Cambodia. Her brilliant work and contribution to the Cambodian dance had earned her high praises from all quarters.

The ceremony then stopped for a 30-minute break before a sermon by Ven. Sumanasara. It was conducted in Japanese and I was really looking forward to listen to the two-hour talk. However, due to other commitments I had to attend later that evening, I left the hall before the talk began. 


Hitomi Yamanaka (left), with her student performing a classical Cambodian dance.


I just learned that each steps and movement has their own meaning; for example, to represent a flower bud and a blooming flower.


One last photo with the beautifully decorated stage in the background before I leave the hall.

Back home, I usually follow both ways - the Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism customs. There is not much difference between the two to be honest. One of the difference though, is the way of chanting, especially the accent and tone. I'm pretty used to the Thai version, so sometimes I find it hard to switch it into the Sinhalese way, although the words are exactly the same. The reason is because my grandpa is a Sinhalese, which my grandma has Thai influence. So, as their grandchild, I do both to make things fair haha!

So, there you go; my brief experience of attending a Wesak Day celebration in Japan. It was indeed an eye-opening to see how people do it in this part of the world.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebración De La Descarga For Motoki

"Celebrar la aprobación de la gestión de Sato!"

Our plan after Sato 
was discharged from the hospital 

It means "Lets celebrate the discharge of Sato from the hospital!"

I guess this is the first time you see this much of Spanish words in my blog. But don't get confused because I speako no Espana; I just used my good friend a.k.a. Google Translate to help me out haha! Gracias señor Google Translator! One of our colleague recently was admitted to the hospital and underwent a surgery. We thought about having a small celebration for him after he was discharged, which we did on Friday night. It is always a tough thing to decide where to eat; so we leave the decision making to the boy.


Espero, an award-winning Spanish restaurant in the Ginza neighbourhood.  


We were kinda early and the restaurant was still fairly empty.

Sato, who had studied and speaks fluent Spanish decided to bring us to try out some Spanish food, just a stone's throw away from our job training place in Ginza. This is the first time in my life to have Spanish food and I'm indeed very excited about it. My knowledge about Spain is kinda limited to Messi and Real Madrid only. Football fans should know what I'm refering to. To non-football fans, go Google for those two words. Not having any idea about Spanish food and beverages, the three of us - Suzuki, Samitha and myself left everything to the professional.

Here comes the funny moment. Before we drink, we do the common thing - kanpai or cheers. Since were were in a Spanish restaurant, we thought about doing it the Spanish way as well. So, each of us will say it out in our own language - Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and English ('coz Samitha said there's no such Singalese word for cheers). The Spanish version is 'salud', which I mistakenly heard it as 'saru'.  

I went to the toilet haflway and when I returned to my seat, I heard them saru-saru-ing each other. Saru, in Japanese, means monkey. So, I asked them if they were imitating monkeys toasting to each other haha wtf!


Crab and avocado salad with tomato and olive.

Sangria, a wine punch typical in Spain and Portugal.


Suzuki, clearly excited with the cute jar, pouring us some red wine.

We spent the rest of the time talking craps (that's what the four of us are good at lol wtf!), while waiting for our main meal to come. We ordered two kinds of paella, a Valencian rice dish that originates from the east coast of Spain. It is a rice dish with green vegetables, meat, seafood, land snails, beans and seasoning, plus saffron and olive oil.

However, believe it or not, for a seemingly simple dish, paella takes about 45 minutes to be served. I have no idea what takes them that long to prepare this dish. Probably they need to go and catch the snails and harvest their green vegetables first before cooking the plate of paella haha wtf!  

I'm not good in describing how food tastes like, but if I would say paella tastes something like nasi beriayani, with Spanish influence. The rosemary found inside gave the dish a wonderful fragrance. If only they can cut short the cooking time, it would make it a great dish. Imagine you are super hungry, then you order a plate of paella only to be told to wait for another 45 minutes. You'd rather have ten pieces of roti canai right?

Seafood paella, where the meat and snails are replaced with seafood and omits beans and vegetables.


Let the professional do the cutting as we looked and learned.


This is a mixed paella, with a combination of meat and seafood. That shell is escargot. 

Then came funny moment number two. We decided to call for another wine, cava. In Japanese, it's pronounced as 'kaba'. Kaba has another meaning and guess what does it refer to?  

Hippopotamus. That is when I began to wonder why Spanish words is all about animals haha! I can't stop laughing when Suzuki called the waiter and said "Kaba kudasai" (Hippo please) lol! And by the way, do you know elephant is called Alia in Sinhala? So better remember not to name your daughter Alia in the future. I'm sure not many guys would wanna have an elephant as his partner right?


Another kind of alcohol called cava, a Spanish sparkling wine, mostly produced in the Catalonia region.

It is quite amazing that I'm able to talk craps with this crazy gang and have them understand my cold jokes. Sometimes, due to the culture and background differences, the jokes will not sync with the other party. This however, is not a problem at all for the four of us. Whenever we get together, the whole place will usually suffer voice pollution haha!

Another thing which I find it funny is that whenever Samitha speaks Japanese in bullet-train speed, he will sound as if he is talking in Sinhala, with a thick accent. Furthermore, with his head and body movement and intonation, it makes him sound like a Bollywood movie star. Damn funny I tell you haha!


See, I told you. Suzuki knows it every time my camera comes to action haha!

We also talked about what we did to our first-month salary. Unfortunately for Sato, his already recorded a deficit in his account as early as the first month, as he had to fork out quite an amount for his surgery. So, he can buy anything for anyone including himself with his first-month salary, since his account is currently negative haha!

As Sato was counting the money before we make the payment, it reminds me of the various ways people from different countries count their money. I guess some of you have seen the video, but here is the link to the video. The one which I find it most silly is from Turkmenistan. Watch the video if you wanna know why lol! So, how do you count your notes?


Group photo inside the restaurant.


Not enough with that, we took another one outside.

We decided that this will be our official position when we take group photos in the future haha wtf!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthday Celebration At Monsoon Cafe

"All the world is birthday cake, 
so take a piece, but not too much."

George Harrison
The Beatles, 1943-2001


Ginza Chuo Street at night, the high fashion center of Tokyo with lots of upscale shops and restaurants.

Now that our training phase has moved to Ginza, I find it hard to resist the temptation to wander around this area after a long and tiring day. Yup, just wander and wonder when we will afford to buy the goods in this district haha wtf! However, our training is from nine in the morning and ends at six in the evening. The exhaustion and everything are just too much that we would just give that a skip. 

There was one day when one of us asked Samitha to bring us to eat Sri Lanka food. Too bad that restaurant is a little far from Ginza; so we decided to do it on another day. Coincidentally, we found out that it was the birthday of one of our friends, and we thought about giving her a surprise after a dinner session.


Monsoon Cafe, an exotic spot introduced by Samitha. He is such a genius when it comes to food haha!

Located in Ginza 1-chome, Monsoon Cafe is a restaurant that specialised in South East Asian food. There were Thai green curry and pad thai, Indonesian nasi goreng, Vietnamese pho, Singaporean black pepper chicken (I have no idea since when it is considered a Singaporean food though lol!) and Malaysian chicken curry and roti parata (which turned out to be frozen version of roti canai wtf!). 

The food there turned out to be quite good. However, for the girls, it was the waiter whom they were paying attention to for whole night. I can't remember how many times they kept telling each others that one of the waiter were damn ikemen (Google translates it as 'twinks' lol wtf!). And they tried to find every other opportunities, such as to confirm our orders, to ask for tissues, etc., just as an excuse to go nearer to that guy. Girls... Damn sweat-kan?


Samitha with his 'wtf' face. Someone's gonna get a hurt real bad tonight haha wtf!


Shida, who hails from Kyushu.


Miura, Takahashi and the poor Hiraoka, who was emo because it was a non-smoking restaurant lol!


Shida and Takahashi, the birthday girl.


I'm guessing Suzuki has a detector in herself because she would immediately turn to the camera whenever she senses that the lense focuses on her lol!

The dinner part was not a surprise but little did Takahashi knew that we had made a pre-arrangement with the restaurant to prepare something special at the end of the dinner. While we were chatting and pretended as if we're ready to leave, the music in the restaurant stopped halfway, and the tunes of 'Happy Birthday' was heard. That abrupt interruption also attracted the attention of the other customers who were enjoying their dinner there, as they wonder what was happening.

Takahashi, at that moment, still looked kinda clueless, until came the plate which had firecrakers on it!


Here comes the plate of fruits lol! Guess which is the ikemen of these two waiters that made the girls went crazy.


 Just look at how surprised and happy Takahashi was! This totally caught her by surprise.

Few of the restaurant staffs joined us as well as we sang the birthday song for our birthday girl. That includes a middle-aged guy, whom we initially thought was the restaurant boss. What a friendly boss he is, we thought. Without any hesitation, he sat on our table and started talking to us. Those sitting next to him continued to talk to him happily.

However, Miura and the rest who was sitting behind me started to whisper to me, asking me who was that uncle. I could only shrug and give them a smile because I have no idea as well who the hell that guy is haha! After a short investigation, we realised that he was just a customer who was having dinner with his colleagues in another corner of the restaurant! Like what dafuq right? Simply come and menceroboh our table without giving any warning hahaha!


That uncle dengan bangga dan gembiranya joined in our group photo.


Just see how happy he was. Suzuki, who was pushed away from her seat, didn't think so though lol!


Finally, a perfect group photo of the eight of us, minus the unknown uncle haha wtf!

Enough of the story of the sesat uncle. By the way, as we were having our dinner, Samitha saw a friend of his working in this restaurant. Suzuki smelled that is indeed golden opportunity that she cannot missed out. So, she kept pestering Samitha to get closer to his Sri Lankan friend. Yup, you know what's her intention right? Next time when we go there again, she'll ask Samitha to confirm with his Sri Lankan friend whether or not her ikemen is working on that day. If her ikemen is around, the dinner is on; if he is on a leave, then she will cancel the dinner with us.

Now we know that ABCDEFG (A Boy Can Do Everything For a Girl) is real. So does GFEDCBA. Girl will Forget Everything Done and Catches a new Boy Again!