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Tales From The Office

"Do you have lots of orang utan in Malaysia?"

my senior's image
on Malaysia

Do you know what is the most chi kek thing at my department? I think I have mentioned in previous entries before this that I am (temporarily) assigned at the helpdesk department, which mean our main task is to solve various problem users face while using their computers. If you know me well enough, it is kinda of a ironic thing for a noob in technology field like me (according to Datin Merah Jambu) to be doing this now haha! 

To be honest, I never thought I would be employed into this department. First of all, to be in this department would mean that it will requires a lot of conversation session with the users, mainly in Japanese. I guess the reason they put me here is because they probably find that my voice is too sexy, and my talent will be wasted if I am assigned into a different department lol wtf!


This gadget is my new phobia. I call it telephobia haha!

So, back to the chi kek thing, it is the phone-call war. There are currently five of us there and whenever a call comes in, everyone will be rushing to answer the call. It is as if whoever who gets to answer the call first will be given a one-year bonus haha! And these seniors are really fast when they pick up the phone - in less than 0.345 seconds! However, as they want to have me to practise dealing with phone calls, they have decided to slow down their pace and allow me to pick up the phone nowadays.

There is a reason why they make sure that they answer a call almost immediately, i.e. not allowing the phone to ring more than the first beep. It is because it is something courteous to be shown to the customer, not wanting to keep the customer waiting. If the phone rings more than eight times, it will automatically go into the voice message.

Too bad that it is a totally different thing when you call a government department or some companies in Malaysia, where they either will ignore your call, or make you wait like forever, that you can literally go the the market to grab some vegetables, go for some light groceries at the supermarket, have a meal, take a short nap and get back to the call only to find out that they are still not back yet.


This is a three-day collection of snacks and cookies from the people at office.

The calls will start ringing early in the morning, the moment the clock strikes nine. Another period when the calls come in a lot is late evening, usually the last thirty minutes before five. Those are the times when it can get really busy that we can't leave our seat even if we got a real emergency to attend in the toilet. Sometimes, the questions the user ask is quite cute. There was one time there is this customer, who asked me, "Hello, I'm XXX from ZZZ company, and I am in real trouble and I really, really need you help, prueaseeee!! The icons on my desktop has shrink and can you tell me how to make them return to their normal size?"

I digress.

It seems like a culture in the Japanese office to distribute okashi (snacks and sweets) among the colleagues, especially when they go on a business trip and come back with souvenirs. In Japan, giving souvenirs to your colleagues at work, or friends when you visit their house is considered an important custom, where failing to do that will create an unpleasant image on yourself. 

Often there are snacks and sweet given around the office almost everyday, even thought sometimes, they just distribute them around for fun. Maybe they long to be a Santa during the Christmas off-season. The distribution is so often that I believe if I were to collect them, I can open an omiyage (souvenir) museum in less than a year from now haha!


My current on-site base in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Since a fortnight ago, I was assigned to a new project together with Sato and Samitha. We now no longer work from our office in Akihabara, but the customer's main headquarters in Roppongi. When I started working, I never know that I will be put to work at such classy places. Lets see, since I started working in April, my base has moved from Tokyo to Ginza, and now Roppongi. I wonder where would the next assignment take me to *hehe*

As for now, we will stay here until the end of July and after that, the project will take us to places outside Tokyo, where the furthest one will be in Fukuoka in Kyushu. I hope I get that assignment as I miss Hakata ramen so much lol! However, there is one place called Sasayama in Hyogo Prefecture where there is basically nothing but mountains around the town, and none of us wants to go there. Lets wait and see who will be the 'lucky' ones to be selected lol!


The open space for meetings and lunch on the 16th floor.


Magnificent view of Tokyo a day after the typhoon.

There have been several funny incidents happened so far at this new place and one of them was the toilet tragedy. The lights in the toilet are basically turned on automatically when the sensor senses a person walks into the toilet. After a certain period of time, the lights will be turned off. So, one of us (not me though) was having his sweet time doing his business inside the toilet. As he was sitting down without much movement made, the lights went off and the toilet turned totally dark! So dark that he can't even see anything, not even himself.

What a wonderful situation right? And here is another problem. The sensor was located at the entrance to the toilet and there is no way for him to turn it on no matter how much he moves, because the sensor would not be able to sense his movement, unless he walks out. But the toilet was so dark he couldn't even see properly to put on his pants. The only thing he can do is to hope for someone to walk into the toilet for the light to be turned on. Lucky him that someone eventually walked in; otherwise he told us he was already planning to call one of us to rescue him from the toilet lol!


Went to this wonderful restaurant called Gonpachi to have dinner together last Friday.

Another incident happened today when I was doing a practice session with my senior. From next coming Monday onwards, we would go to the users' office to collect the old PC from the users and exchange them with new PCs. So, as a preparation, we did some practice sessions to familiarise ourselves with the procedures and everything, where our seniors took the role as the users. 

Then came the silly moment. As my senior entered the password for the new PC, some error message appeared. You see, there are a few rules for the password setting; i.e. only digits and no alphabets or characters are allowed, simple combination of digits will not be accepted, etc. So, after confirming with my senior, whether or not he had followed those password setting rules, the same error still appeared. To confirm if he didn't make any mistakes when he key in the password, I undertook a "smart" troubleshooting method. Guess what I did?


Yuzu mojito (柚モヒート), which contains yuzu lime juice, fresh mint, sake and soda.


A combination of several sumiyaki charcoal grill (炭焼き).


Hot chocolate cake and sesame ice cream (left) and kuzumochi and kinako ice cream (right).

I asked him this: "Can you please let me know the password you have just key in?"

Everyone in the room, including my senior couldn't hold himself and burst out laughing loudly lol! Coming to think about it, it was a damn stupid question from me to ask the user, right? Password is meant to be a secret pin and it will defeat its purpose if it is revealed to other people. I don;t even know what on Earth was I thinking by asking the user for his password haha wtf! It is fortunate that it happened during the practice session, and not the real thing; otherwise I would be making a fool of myself in front of the users lol!


3S & 1C (Samitha, Suzuki, Sato and Calvin). The four kudaranai members haha! Why? Because whatever that comes out from our mouth is mostly full of craps lol!


As usual, our self-taken group photo outside the restaurant.

This place, called Gonpachi (権八) in Nishi Azabu (西麻布) was introduced by Samitha as he has several Sri Lankan friends working at the restaurant. Gonpachi is an izakaya-style restaurant, located in the trendy district of Roppongi in Tokyo. Gonpachi is the place that inspired the Lucy Liu sequence in Kill Bill (think Charlie Brown and the Crazy 88). This restaurant has had people like Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis, Stevie Wonder, John Key, and also footballers like Zinedine Zidane and Edgar Davis dining here in the past.

Though the menu isn't authentically Japanese (the avocado tempura was not bad though), the decor is undeniably Edo. Overall, Gonpachi is an enjoyable, befitting its atmosphere and appeal to the Westerners.


The newbies in the company.


Pardon me for the continous spamming of our group photo. This was after the welcoming party dinner in Akihabara on Thursday night.

Just a couple of days ago, there was a welcoming ceremony for the four of us, held by our supervisors and seniors in our company. Our big boss however, was absent as he was in Singapore at the moment. It was a crazy two-hour nomikai session, where we were of course thrown with questions which were kinda hard to answer, as usual lol! I was even asked to sing the national anthem Negaraku haha wtf! Damn random right?

But guess what was the question of the night from my senior? When I told her I'm from Malaysia, she asked me this: "Hmmm, I don't know much about Malaysia, but is there a lot of orang utan in Malaysia? My aunt, who saw that, told me to reply her like this: "oh yes... tell your senior - when we malaysians are bored-we climb trees n sing song-lenggang kangkung" haha wtf!


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Gonpachi ikitai!!!

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@ cliff cheng:
it is quite a good place, and i would recommend giving it a try for a different taste of izakaya :D