Monday, August 25, 2008

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival 2008 - Part 2

This will be the second installment of Nagaoka Fireworks Festival this year. Each year, it is held for two straight nights and this time, I borrowed a tripod from the Chikyu Lab and brought it along with me that night, hoping to get better shots. Despite so, I reckon my fireworks pictures look better when I took it without a tripod on the first night. I have no idea why is that so, but anyway these are some better shots I got on the second night.
DSC06789 copy
Phoenix - the finale.
The crowd there didn't seem to get any lesser compared to the night before, and since I was there alone and would only need a small area for myself, I went to there just a couple of hours before the show began. However, I opted for something different this time. I picked a different spot, opposite of the river where I sat on the first night, just to get a different experience from a different location. Certainly there were some difference; one being the sharpness and the clarity I managed to capture when I was using a tripod. Another one would be during the Niagara Falls fireworks from the Choseibashi Bridge, as I managed to see the whole line of colourful flames flowing down from the bridge much clearer this time.
niagara copy
Niagara Falls.
Every explosions and burst of fire lit up the sky, which was greeted with cheers from the people there. They burst into applause whenever flares sizzled and exploded into bouquets of fire which lit up the Shinano River in sudden flashes of red, green, yellow, and blue. It was almost the perfect romantic scene for someone to propose to their loved ones.
Okay, as usual it will be pictures' time.
DSC06645 copy
#1 Niagara Falls from Oteohashi Bridge.
DSC06757 copy
#2 Two huge fireworks also from the same bridge.
DSC06724 copy
DSC06653 copy
DSC06696 copy
DSC06698 copy
DSC06712 copy
DSC06709 copy
DSC06705 copy
DSC06728 copy
DSC06661 copy
DSC06660 copy
DSC06655 copy
DSC06671 copy
DSC06719 copy
DSC06720 copy
DSC06733 copy
Personally, I feel that the pictures above are just below average. The shots I had the night before were better, but on the other hand, I reckon the video on the second night are much more interesting. Here are a couple of videos which I have compiled together. The first one has Hello Kitty fireworks towards the ending part of the video. Take a look at it.
People were rushing home after the show ended. Hence, it was a total havoc throughout the road leading to the train station. Sea of people was crowding the whole stretch of several kilometers long road, while the police tried hard to control the traffic. It is never an easy task to manage such a huge number of people at one time; there were easily more than a few hundreds of thousands of people there that night. As for me, I didn't have to follow the flow of people all the way to the station. Instead, I just had to walk a few hundred meters to the spot I placed my bike earlier that evening and cycle all the way back to my college's hostel.
It will most probably be my last time watching the fireworks festival in Nagaoka next year.


Endoru said...

Simply wonderful.

K3ViN said...

really nice fireworks pic..... i like most of them.... but stll havent video lor..... will watch it later :P

calvin said...

@ endoru:
you have to experience it yourself one day ;)

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
hehe, thanks and take your time ;)

Anonymous said...

if i were there, sure snap a lot picture too

calvin said...

@ icalvyn:
i actually kept on pressing on my shutter until my camera ran-out of battery >.<