Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

It is February 14 today.
Contrary to popular belief that February 14 is the day when couples will spend the day with their Valentine, I still don't allow myself being stereotyped into this custom despite the fact that I am not a single anymore. Personally, I feel that St. Valentine's Day these days is too over-exaggerated. I find that it is the time of the year that florist and gift shops gain tons of profits by offering the roses, chocolates and teddy bears at a hacked-up price. They know that most guys will fall prey to their business tactic in getting stuff like that for their girls because the majority of guys will think that it is the way for them to show their love for their girlfriends. It is these kinds of guys that make the price of a stalk of rose increase so high that it doesn’t make any sense. Having saying this, I am not surprise to receive contradictive opinion from people out there, telling me that this is a once-a-year occasion.
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Fine, but so what?
It is not necessary that Valentine's Day is only an occasion for people who have found their other half in their life, but it can also be celebrated with all of your loved ones, including your family members and friends as well. It is a day when you express your appreciation towards these people. However, I still believe that our love for our loved ones does not necessarily have to be shown on a single day. The love you share should rather be conveyed every day instead of just on Valentine's Day.
I will not deny that previously, I just treat February 14 as just another day for me and I never give a damn about it. However, it took a small change this time after I've got her. Having said that, I still make sure I don't over-exaggerate it that much. There were a few MSN personal messages that I noticed last night, writing stuff like "lonely Valentine's Day", "no roses, no chocolates for me". To a certain extend, I have had such thoughts before this, but I never take it seriously. People may said I am talking like this coz' I have got someone, but there is no neccessity to act in such a a way. Even without boyfriends or girlfriends, you can still spend the day with your friends; just like what I did this evening, when a first year girl brought some chocolate cookies for us after the end of some discussion session. I was told it was made by herself and it tasted not bad at all.
I was on the phone with her last night as she will be away for some orientation camp for three days. It was a short and sweet one. But in the middle of the conversation, she asked me whether I have view her blog. The first thing that came into my mind was I knew that there must be something, some sort of surprise awaiting me there. I continued talking on the phone while opening her blog and there it was, a blog entry that she posted up just before she left for the camp. Honestly, I was really surprised to see that because I remember that I asked her whether she had written the same thing I did once when she went to the beach in her place. She coolly denied it, saying that she was shy to do that kind of stuff with her friends around. I believed her words, but not until I saw that entry. It was a complete whitewash I got from her.
I have mention this countless times - it is a fact that both of us may be separated thousands of miles apart, but it is this kind of simple gestures and little surprises that has kept both of us together until today. Thanks very much and I hope and believe this will go on.
Happy Valentine's Day, baby...
and also every single of you out there. I hope I didn't leave out on anyone here.


TZ said...

Glad to see both of you enjoying the valentine's day... Happy Valentine's day to you and your valentine eh!...

I don't have anything to share on my valentine day, which actually i have but i just don't feel like talking about it :->

Anyway, enjoy your valentine's day eh!

calvin said...

@ tz:
well, it wasn't as nice as you thought, as she is away for two days already and i didn't get to see her today. but like i said, it doesn't has to be spending time only with your valentine today.

and happy valentine's day to you as well :)