Friday, February 15, 2008

Red Chicken’s Knife

You can go on and try figuring out what does the title above means, but I would suggest you just to forget about it, unless you speak Hokkien. See, I have given you an obvious clue there.
Still blur?
Well, translating the three words directly into Hokkien will be "Ang Kei Toe". I am quite sure that this doesn't make you any clearer either, does it? Since it is never my intention to make you go confused in this entry, I will go straight to the point. I was actually referring to アンケート(Ankeeto) or surveys in Japanese that are being carried out at the end of each semester in my college. This time being the end of the schooling year has made the numbers of surveys that are carried out doubled the normal rate. They will carry out surveys in almost every aspect that is related to the school here; they even went one step too far by asking you how often you pang sai in a day. Pretty amazing, isn't it? But at the same time, it shows you how KPC the Japanese can be at times.
Okay, I was bluffing on that pang sai thing.
However, I wasn't lying about the frequency of the survey they gave us. Normal ones will be from the lecturer of each subject, regarding the effectiveness of their lecture, their teaching method, and how do we students find the subject. Since there are so many similar surveys for every single subject, I opted for the simplest escape route at times – ticking the same points for every criterion. That makes my MCQ answer sheet looks like a straight line of ants queuing up for the toilet. At the same time, I will make sure I of course will not make myself look like a dumb-ass by ticking more boxes than what is required. When they asked you ten questions, you don't give eleven answers, do you? There was a time when that survey had only four questions and one of my classmates tried to be funny by ticking in no less than thirty options.
DSC02027 copy
The survey form looks like an examination answer sheet.
It doesn't stop there. The surveys spread over some other aspects as well, ranging from the service in the canteen, to the facilities in the hostel. That aside, they also try to know how suitable we find the holiday period come every summer. It won't take a genius to decide on how long we like our holiday to be. Common sense will tell us that the longer is always the better, isn't it?
The last survey I did was yesterday, during my Japanese language class. Since our Japanese lecturer is rather lenient during every small kanji tests and examinations, most of us gave high rating to her. I saw someone who ticked a five for every criterion in the survey form. One of us even requested the submitted survey forms of the other students from the lecturer and copied exactly what they have written. Imagine this happening during the upcoming general election.
Random Chinese grandma: Eh, mintak ini kotak punya kunci sikit jam. Wa mau tengok itu olang lain taruh apa undi.
Election officer: Soli aunty, undi itu lahsia.
Random Chinese grandma: Apa lahsia? Lu mau wa mia ang kei toe (red chicken’s knife) sikalang kar?
I am quite sure that officer would prefer to do an ankeeto anytime, instead of receiving ang kei toe from that grandma.


Anonymous said...

this is like... one of my favourite.. although i have to write over and over for almost 20times

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
of course you like it since there is no 再試 (re-sit) for this survey thing >.<

K3ViN said...

thanks 4 visit my blog.... wah every subject also got survey? die lor..... if i were u... i sure die one :P

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
it's fine to have survey for every subjects. just do like what i did - ticked on the same option for every critereon =P