Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Evening With The Kids

One of the thing that kept me occupied when I was back to Malaysia, was having fun and playing around with my little cousins.
She was wondering when I will be arriving...
I didn't got to wait that long before I met with the first group of them. Yes, there are actually a few groups of cousin that I have, due to the fact that my aunts are staying at different parts of the country. When I touched down at Kuala Lumpur, it was already quite late and I decided to spend a night at my third aunt's place in USJ before I return to my hometown the next day.
The so-called kawaii "peace" sign - the remaining of the Japanese mind-colonisation on some of us.
Despite the journey back took me more than 20 hours before I finally reached home, the tiredness didn't stop me from spending some time to catch up with them about their latest developments. Well, it didn't get to the stage that we talk about of our life really. Just some simple questions like what standard they are studying right now, how school life feels like and stuff like that. Afterall, how could you expect me to talk to small kids about the birds and the bees, couldn't you? In the end, I am quite sure that they will only tell me that both the birds and the bees have wings and they are flying creatures.
Not exactly what I wanted to talk about though.
The little girl likes to try the "peace" sign as well, but always end up by sticking out three fingers.
The two elder brothers are still studying in primary school, while the youngest little girl is only 2-years-old. The last time I saw her, which was before I left for Japan, she didn't even dare to come near to me. Whenever I tried approaching her, she will run for her lives to her mum, as if I am a Godzilla attempting to make her as my dinner.
But now, everything is different. She is no longer afraid of my presence. I can just walk to her and carry her up like that. And she already start calling my name while smiling with her sweet smile and showing off her bunny teeth.
I just managed to spend a night with them, as I already left for Taiping the next day.
She wore a pink T-shirt.
My fourth aunt actually took the hassle to come back to Taiping all the way from Penang, all because I was back then. So, the whole gang of us joined the rest and had the curry mee party at my second aunt's place on new year's eve.
Same with her as well. Was it a pre-planned thing?
My grandma was there with us as well.
My fourth aunt has a little daughter Sonia, who took along her teddy bear which was way bigger than herself all the way from Penang. She loves that huge soft toy so much that she will not even allow me to get hold on her teddy; not even a second.
After we were done with the curry mee feast, we set off to the lake gardens for some recreational activities. The first thing that they got themselves equipped was a few badminton rackets, besides a ball and also a Frisbees.
I didn't play much with them as it would look awkward for a grown-up guy like me to play badminton with small kids. Anyway, they got bored pretty quick as their shuttle cock kept on dropping to the ground so often that it didn't go more that two exchanges between themselves. So, we played something different - a chasing game, like eagle-chasing-chicks game. But this time, it was the chicks who chased for the eagle and it was the whole group of small kids who tried to catch me. You can say I sound childish that time, but I only get to play with them like once a year the most. You don't lose anything to be childish once in a while, do you?
Anyway, after we were tired chasing around, we stopped and decided to take a group photo.
I thought one shot would be sufficient enough. But they asked to have another shot and I agreed, only to find out later that my little cousins can be really good as well when it comes to camwhoring.
On the other hand, while I was having fun with the kids, the mothers gathered among themselves and had their very own gathering as well.
Apparently, it was more like a meeting to me. But I have no idea what was the agenda of the meeting. The meeting seemed to be a serious one, until one of the committee member noticed that I was paparazzing them.

That member furthest in the background seems to be so indulged to looking at something interesting.
We didn't get to spend too long there, as it has started to get rain sooner than we would have hope for.

I will laugh everytime I look at my cousin's (foreground) face expression.
However, there were still people who could stop and ask me to take a shot at them, even the rain was getting heavier.
I wonder what would happen if I had rejected the request.


mg said...

paedophile. hehe..

mg said...

btw, there's the lil boy at the bg of the golf ball picture, he looks adorable. =P

Reeny said...

i thoguht i was the only one in the family whos camwhore queen

then came along you, camwhore king

now i find out theres a camwhore GANG!

come lets form our own kingdom of camwhores hahaha

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
an entry filled with only kid's picture doesn't necessarily tell you that i'm a paedophile.

which boy? not me, right? =P

calvin said...

@ reena:
are you sure i'm camwhore king?
but since you have suggested about the camwhore gang, we shall widen our kingdom over the tebrau straits =D

mg said...

so ss!! not u not u!!! hehe. there, the lil boy underneath the umbrella. far background, looking up at his mom i suppose. ^-^

Anonymous said...

aww big family u hv there. big family gathering. i like those kids pics.

calvin said...

@ mackerel tabby:
that is why my grandma's house will turn into a sinking ship during the chinese new year every year =P