Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Painter

Almost one month back, I was away for a one-day trip to a maple park in my place.
I have blogged about the park here, while having some light moments with the kids in the park. There was another thing that I came across while walking around the park. It was an old man, whom I spotted immediately I entered the main entrance of the park.
While other visitors were busy taking shots around the park, this old man had something else in his mind. He was sitting there, doing something he loves - painting. I would not say he is a professional painter, but the final result of his art work turned out not bad to my liking.
Half-time break
He was halfway from finishing his painting, when he decided to take a break for the loo. Perhaps he was trying to get new ideas and inspirations to finish up his painting. Looking at this old man, I guess he is among those elderly grandpas who tries to fill their free time doing something beneficial, rather than sitting down at home doing nothing. As for this old man, I am very sure that he has a passion with arts and painting.
The concentration he had over his painting was apparent, as his attention was merely placed on his painting without paying any notice to the visitors in the park.
That made me approached this old man. I stood there silently, looking at him enjoying his time playing with his brushes and watercolours. A few moments after realising I was there admiring his artwork, he spoke out.
やってる?(Do you paint?)
It hit me as a surprise as I did not expect someone who I have never meet before to speak out to me. Here, you can see the difference between among the Japanese. Generally, they have an image of not being friendly to aliens, like me for instance. But that doesn't mean that every single Japanese you meet has the same characteristics. I have came across many of them who are friendly enough without having to think twice to say a simple "Hi" to me.
Back to this old man, I just replied him that I do not paint. Afterall, when it comes to painting, with watercolours especially, I am quite sure that I am nothing close to him. Thinking of the drawings I used to sketch in my notes all the time during my boring lectures just confirms everything.
I do this to avoid from dozing off in the class.
But I guess you can still recognise my friends in the sketch above, can't you?


Reeny said...

your cartoon very cuttttttttttttttttteeee!!!!!

and omg your notes/handwriting looks and reminds me soo much like mine can?! its like literally same style lor, the way i do my notes also!)except mine is super colourful.

siao. stop copying me la.=P

calvin said...

@ reena:
who is copying who now? i was born TWO years earlier than you. that is more than 800 days earlier. now, you should know who is the copycat here, don't you =P

Reeny said...


Anonymous said...

You can draw...

calvin said...

@ ns29:
to be able to draw is one thing. to make people recognise your drawing is another thing. i hope you recognise mine =P

mg said...

ahhh~~ i miss painting.. altho different style from that grandpa.

and like who'll never recognise ur drawing? those distinctive 'mata terbeliak' hahahaha!! =P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
that is why my drawings are different from other people =)