Thursday, December 6, 2007

Maple Kids

Remember about that girl that I mentioned in a few entries before this?
"Where is the lost and found corner in the park..."
I was at the maple garden several weeks ago, when I came across this little girl. She went there with her family, clad with a full set of colourful kimono. She even had the bulu-bulu thing around her neck. I did have the thought of asking her parents if I could camwhore have a picture with the girl. But I just forget my initial intention, considering the fact that I might be labelled a paedophile.
So, I walked away.
Anyway, I didn't spend my time on going around the park just on taking photographs. Looking at those children having fun there was nice.
Looking at those little kids running around the park with kids similar to their age, it made me almost wanted to join them having fun together. It somehow reminds me of my childhood days, when I have nothing to worry about, nothing to think about and no decisions making involved during those times. I just will spend most of the day playing around with my toys, and when it is makan time, my mum will be the first person I would look for.
But now, it is a completely different thing. I am no longer a 5 year-old kid anymore. I have many responsibilities and burden to carry now. Responsibilities to my family, friends, race and religion. By the way, the last two were translated directly from Malay and that is why you may find it not making any sense. And of course, for my country. Hope someone from the JPA is reading this and finally decide to increase our monthly allowance.
I almost ran out of the topic already. Back to these kids at the park, there were three kids at one spot. They were not siblings. But they mixed around as if they have known each other for years. Kids do not have reservations among themselves was what I learnt that day. The fact that there were almost in the same age made them clicked so fast.
They were actually having fun with the maple leaves on the ground, collecting and throwing them upwards to make it look as if it is snowing maple leaves-ing. And one of their dad was accompanying them having the fun as well. He asked the kids to collect the leaves and return to the same spot so that they can throw the leaves together.
When all were ready, they got ready to throw the leaves upwards. They had a countdown. "Sei, no, san".
But before they did it, one of them stopped everyone.
"Wait, wait, wait. Lets count in English. Five, four, three, two, one!!"
How cute is that. At least, I managed to leave all my daily routine aside for one moment and looked at them playing.
Then some time later, after they were tired playing with those leaves, they turned their attention to something else.
I am not sure if their parents are really too rich that they could pass their digital camera to their children who are under 5 year-old the most to play with, but if they are really that rich, then I could comprehend it.
Left kid: Wait a while arh, adjust the brightness mode. And too much exposure ady I think.
Right kid: Faster la. I pose so long ady lah!
Anyway, one of the kid went to far I guess.
"Eh, aku nampak musang bogel inside your camera lah!"
Now, you know that even small kids love to camwhore.


michelleg said...

nice post. but it's not a surprise kids in japan own their own digicam. lolz. =)

amalina said...

kat sini...daun gingko br nak lawa..rasa nak main2 cam bdak2 in ur pics je..nnt i`ll letak pics kat blog...lawa!!!!

kh said...

mich .. you are wrong.. a lot of people dont own cameras cos they use their phone...

and calvin.. you memang memang memang paedophile... dont come near

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
you mean a toy digicam, don't you?

calvin said...

@ amalina:
the only thing left at most of the trees here now are only branches and i could hardly see any leaves anymore. those children so cute, right? i felt like pinching their cheeks that time =P

calvin said...

@ kh:
thanks for clarifying on that matter to michelle.
why you overused your "memang"? and by the way, does that mean you are still a kid?

michelleg said...

hahaha.. they were using toy digicam issit? i tot real mia. looks real. hehe.. =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i suppose you should have played with too many toys before that you should be able to differenciate between a real digicam and a toy digicam =D

CRAPPED!! said...

Wow....mine is nothing like this. I went at the wrong time ...once too early and once too late....

Nice pics it must be more beautiful there...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Woah! Nice pic! Have a nice day!

amalina said...

i noe i am cute...dun pinch mah cheeks...haha

joke je.
yup.cute r...tpi...calvin,u r paedophile???? baby hadi xnangis masa u pegang die-baby hadi,hieda sensei no musuko.ingat?-

calvin said...

@ crapped!!:
actually, not much planning involved in this short trip. i just took the pamphlet from the eki a few days before that and felt that it was not a bad place to pay a visit. so i decided to go there during the weekend.

you are coming here next year. so, still many chances awaiting you =)

calvin said...

@ hor ny ang moh:
thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment here. i hope those pics did not make you horny though =P

calvin said...

@ amalina:
omg amalina, you revealed my secret!
i never knew that you still remember that moment. but then, i think he cried that time coz he was so sleepy or maybe asking for milk already. generally, most babies love me =D

and i shall repeat that I AM NOT A PAEDOPHILE!

amalina said...

self claimed semi photografic mem ma...cant forgot things altho i want...

yeah.u should do that more.esp in front of girls.their heart will melt..`kyaa~~karubin-kun wa yasashii naa~~~~kawai~~~~` seriously u looked cute tat time.wif lil hadi in ur hands.kyaaa~~~~~~*pinch2 lil hadi`s cheek*


calvin said...

@ amalina:
who does kawaii refers to? baby hadi or me? hehe =P

anyway, considering the weather nowadays, cold in japan and hot in malaysia, i guess only the malaysian girls' heart will melt ^.-

michelleg said...

my heart will melt =P

amalina said...


malaysia agak sejuk ma skang..tengkujuh.hehehe~

michelleg-ur heart surelly melt.he looks natural with kids.hadi tu new born plak tu~


calvin said...

@ michelleg:

calvin said...

@ amalina:
i look natural with kids? i will not comment much on that. later people say i ss. hehe =P

anyway, thanks for your compliment =D

lasilasi said...

so cute!

lol calvin does have babyface

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
you mean the kids, and not me, who are cute and have babyface, isn't? =P