Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kampung Boy's First Day In The City

Hello guys! Kampung boy survived the first day in the city today, unharmed haha!
The weather today was kind to me today, that enabled me to settle several stuff that I've planned to do. First up was to go to Inage Ward Office to register myself as a new resident in Inage Ward. The term "ward" refers to a subdivision of one of the cities of Japan that is large enough to have been designated by government ordinance (according to Wikipedia). In Japanese, they call it ku (区), but I prefer to call it ward, because if lets say somebody asks me where do I stay, and if I answer that person, "Ohh, I stay in Inage-ku", that person might make fun of me by replying me like this:
"What? You're staying in Inage what? Inage-ku? Kuku ciao?"
haha wtf!
The road that leads to JR Inage station.
But then, if I use the term "ward", people might think I live in hospital! Don't know and don't care-lah! No matter which one I use, it will still sound like not right only haha!
I got the directions to the Ward Office from Cung, who was still half asleep this morning when he Skyped with me haha! From what I was told, I gotta walk to JR Inage station from my house, which take about ten minutes, and take a bus from the station. While I was Googling for the map around my area, I found out a shorter route to JR Inage station, about half the distance of the route I have been taking all this while, including during the amazing adventure last night.
The view from the bus stand at the entrance to JR Inage station.
Taking bus from this platform, in which the bus heads to some town which has the King of the Mountain haha!
First bus ticket in the new place; so have to take picture as memory haha!
稲毛区役所 (Inage Ward Office).
The entrance to the Ward Office.
Three years back, when we just arrived in Japan, we were taken to do this registration by a staff from the Students' Affairs Division at Nagaoka City Office. This time however, I went to the Ward Office alone. First time stepping into the place, and unsure of where to go, it was damn scary can!
Actually, I just made it sound dramatic-lah haha! It wasn't that confusing or difficult, because I just had to head to the foreign registration counter, and then tell them that I have move into this ward, so I would like them to record down my new address at the back of the card. That's all; pretty simple, isn't it?
Different counters, which deals with various procedures at the first floor of the Ward Office.
I headed to counter #3 to do my alien card.
The guy who processed my application was quite friendly, as we chit chatted while I filled the forms. The moment he saw that I moved in from Nagaoka, the first thing he said was that it is a cold place haha. He then saw me filling in the nationality column and straight way, he told me that he has been to Penang for a vacation a few years back. It seems that he loves the place very much. Must be the food, I bet.
Since I was already at the Ward Office, I settled my health insurance as well. Save time and energy, as I don't have to return to the same place again on other days to do it. The two applications took me round half-an-hour and I headed back to JR Inage station for lunch. Stomach was too hungry, that I just went for the nearest restaurant available within the station's proximity haha!
生姜焼き定食 (Fried pork with ginger set) - ¥590.
In the end, I went for Chinese for my lunch. While eating the white rice, it reminded me of the rice I have been eating in Nagaoka for the past three years. The Koshihikari rice produced in Niigata is widely considered to be the highest-quality rice produced in Japan. That is the rice I have been eating in Nagaoka all this while, and certainly, I've started to miss eating it already.
Anyway, lets leave the rice story alone and talk about black cat haha! I have called the black cat earlier in the morning to come later in the evening, since I was out for the afternoon. After lunch, I still got some time to spare before the black cat arrives at three. So, I decided to make a new bank account at Chiba Bank, which is situated just in front of the station. It's important to have a bank account, otherwise Mr Funahashi would be clueless as in to where should he bank in our scholarship at the end of every month haha!
When the girl at the counter was halfway processing my application form, she asked me a weird question: "What is the purpose of you creating this account?"
Chiba Bank (千葉銀行).
Several forms to be filled to open a new account.
I answered her, "To keep my golden eggs."
Haha, actually she was doing some survey, and that is why she asked me that few questions. After kena scolding for trying to be funny with her, I quickly rushed out from the bank and went to get some food stuff for dinner and breakfast, and walked back home because it was almost three already, and black cat was gonna arrive at any time.
Straight road on the way back, so there won't be any problems, even for people with poor direction haha!
I never thought that the black cat was gonna arrive on time, because I got a call at five past three. At that time, I just entered my house and was halfway changing my pants haha wtf! So, I wore back my jeans and opened the gate for the guy from the delivery service company. I had nine boxes in total, but when I recounted it, I only saw eight boxes. So, both of us were quite panic and he went down to the lorry to check if he had missed that ninth box. It was only then that I realised the ninth box was the suitcase in front of the door haha!
Unpacking my stuff was another headache experience for me, and I took more than five hours to do it, yet I'm still not really finished with it. There will be some visitor coming tomorrow, so no matter what, I gotta make sure the house looks presentable haha. For the time being, I just left them in their boxes first, before I continue arranging everything in place properly.
Two of my nine boxes, at the end of the corridor.
All nine boxes arrived safely.
That's all for today and my plan for tomorrow - see the doctor and fly to somewhere!


CLF said...

the kuyakusho looks nice!
the inside office is basically the same for any kuyakushos hahah.

calvin said...

@ clf:
yes it is, and i guess it's a new building.
as for the interior, i think every city office or ward office are the same. nagaoka city office looks almost exactly too lol!

Calyn Ong said...

fly to somewhere?where to?new zealand in august what...right?

calvin said...

@ calyn ojc:
no lar, just went to the airport to pick up my housemate :)