Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dramatic Ending To My Nagaoka Days

Short note: This entry might be a bit long (what to do, I am such a long-winded person haha!) and might be boring, so read on your own peril. If you decided to read on, you might feel that I am a little bit stupid for doing all those carelessness, as if this is my first month coming to Japan. However, that's me, and I can become such a super clueless person ever at times haha!
Room 201 on March 1, 2010. Tsunami hit my room haha!

I'm not sure what kind of image people have on me, but I gotta say I can be an organized person at times, but on other times, I can be one of the most disorganized person in the world as well haha! This time, due to my laziness to make a proper traveling plan, I ended up going through another dramatic experience from Nagaoka to Chiba.
I actually plan to go down either last night, or this morning, and it depended on when the office could finish processing a couple of university related documents for me. All the lecturers had a meeting yesterday evening, and those documents can only be processed after the meeting ended. So, the decision of when I travel down to Chiba was like hanging in the balance.
Poor Watson and no-name colourful teddy bear, and Doggie, which I had no choice but to squeeze them into the box lol!
Room 201 on March 4, 2010. Still looked very much the same after three days =.=
Room 201 on March 4, 2010. Even the bed was full of stuff haha!
Cut the story shorter, I managed to get to my documents late yesterday evening and hence, I packed my remaining stuff and prepared myself to go down to Chiba on that night. Everything looked to be going smoothly, until when I realized it was raining outside, on my way to take the bus. The problem is, one of my bags was a huge paper bag, and it worried me whether it could stand the rain. Well, it wasn't a heavy rain though.
Halfway through my walk, I stopped by the post office, situated about one hundred meters from the bus stand to take some shelter, while I check on the bus time. It was then I remembered it was quite late already, and the bus would only come once every thirty minutes. That means, even if I take the next bus, I would only reach the station ten minutes before the shinkansen (bullet train) leaves. Ten minutes to get down the bus, rush to the ticket counter, and get my ticket, and run to the train platform, which is like so far away! Yes, die already-lor haha!
Room 201 on March 4, 2010. At least there were some improvements at that night.
Room 201 on March 1, 2010. Remaining stuff, which I was still using and only dump them into my bag the day before I left.
I decided to test my luck, so five minutes before the bus arrive, I started walking to the bus stand. That was when bad luck stroked. The wet paper bag decided to give way, and all my stuff fell out wtf! Haha, damn cute I know. Even my blue smelly pillow (stolen from MAS haha wtf!) fell out from that bag fml. And it was still drizzling at that time. And the bus was gonna arrive in like four to five minutes! Why-lah everything just have to hit me on the wrong time? I was like "What should I do?! What should I do?!" Either to return to my dormitory, or still die die force myself to rush and board the coming bus.
Since I am already halfway there, and I was so lazy to walk back to my dormitory again, I decided to go with the latter choice. Some quick thinking enable me to repack in less than two minutes but there were three stuff which I couldn't stuff them inside any of my bags anymore. So, I just held onto them, walked to the bus stand, and waited for the next bus.
Room 201 on March 10, 2010. Finally, the room is clean!
Room 201 on March 10, 2010. Just like how it was when I went in a year ago.
My harta karuns, which were later sent by 黒猫 (black cat).
That's a delivery service company's name by the way, haha!
There were nine boxes in total, weighing up to 300kg!
Nostalgic property, which I have used for three years. We finally parted last night lol!
Uncle from black cat calculating the amount I gotta pay.
The rain had stopped by then, but it was replaced by strong, cold wind, which was worse haha! Shivering like crazy-lor! It was at that time I called baby to tell her the unfortunate situation I was thrown into, and luckily she was still awake to console me hehe. I complained to her how I would miss the train from Tokyo to Chiba if I take the only remaining shinkansen for the night (the last stop for shinkansen is Tokyo and I gotta take normal trains from Tokyo to Chiba), and I would have to wait until the next morning to take a train from Tokyo to Chiba. If it's summer I don't really mind, but the weather is still very much like winter. I would be frozen to death at the station, even before I get to board the morning train haha!
Again, I was confident I would be fine and hence, I took the bus to Nagaoka station. Once I reached the station, the first place I headed to wasn't the counter ticket, but the convenience store; to get this!
Yeah, rubbish bags haha wtf!

Here is the solution. I know it looks kinda stupid, but when you're desperate, you will do anything lol!
That is the biggest plastic bag I could think of at that moment to dump in my stuff. I know I am the first ever person to do this. So, it wasn't surprising that I got extra weird stares from the Japanese while I was walking to the ticket counter. Dah-lah my height is already enough to attract unwanted attention, this one lagi worse-lah. They must be thinking what is this weird alien doing, carrying such a huge rubbish bag at the train station haha wtf!
In the end, I managed to get the ticket for the last shinkansen to Tokyo, although at that time, I know I gotta spend the night at the station. I think the God was really testing my patience and strength that night haha! But then, just when I thought everything was going against me, I thought of something while waiting for the shinkansen. I actually didn’t have to spend the night at any train stations. The reason is, I only checked the train from Tokyo to Keisei Inage station priory, and there wouldn't be any trains from Tokyo to Keisei Inage anymore, if I take the last Nagaoka-Tokyo shinkansen. However, there is another station - Inage station, which is a bit further away from my house, but is within walking distance, and there are still trains to Inage when I arrive at Tokyo.
Tickets from Nagaoka to Chiba.
Feel confused of what I’m trying to explain here? Never mind-lah, pokoknya, I will get to return to my house on that same night haha!
I know I write this entry without a pengenalan, so you guys might wonder why am I going down to Chiba (again) this time. Well, I've finished my studies at Nagaoka Kosen and leaving Nagaoka for good. In a month's time, I'm gonna continue my studies at Chiba University as a third year undergraduate. Finally, after twenty-three years, I call myself a university student, while my friends have graduated, started working, and some even have gotten married and have babies haha wtf!
At Nagaoka station's shinkansen's platform at 21:35, March 10, 2010.
At Inage station's train's platform at 00:39, March 11, 2010.
This experience was such a silly yet exciting one, and I feel so high from the drama I went through lol! Sometimes, I wonder why all this kind of stupid experiences have to fall on me haha! I'm afraid that with my famous poor memory, I might forget everything that happened. That is why I am typing this entry from the shinkansen, while I still remember the details. I started typing this entry right after the shinkansen left Nagaoka, and I’m gonna reach Tokyo in approximately twenty minutes.
Hopefully this time, with the double and triple confirmations of the train times I did just now, I will reach my house by one in the morning, in one piece haha! Damn tired can die!
Home sweet home, finally!
Update: I reached my house safely early this morning, at around one. The walk from Inage station to my house was about 1km, and it usually takes about ten minutes. But last night, it was kinda cold and the walk felt like it won't end! The first thing I saw was a to-do list, which Kok Hong left on the table. Damn long list, got front and back some more haha! Oh by the way, I got my earliest birthday gift for this year, although my birthday is like one more month away.
Guess what I got?
The to-do list, with my birthday present package.
A packet of chocolate chunk and Cookie Monster. It fits me perfectly-lor (inside joke) haha!
So, the plan for today is, to go to the Inage Ward Office (fyi, not the ward at hospital-lah haha) to tell them that a new alien has arrived here and register myself as a new resident in Inage Ward. The black cat should arrive later this evening. Hope it's the delivery service company's black cat, not the alive one haha!


Reenybob said...

omg ahhaha i burst out laughing when u said 'blue smelly pillow' AHAHHAAHA omg i used to have one but now my blue smelly pillow is a red heart shaped smelly pillow! u got ikea in jpan right? u shd get the giant red heart with arms pillow. :P

Robinn T said...

so now you are in chiba huh? must be fun there

Kae Vin said...

why you got so many soft toys one? ==

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
yeah, that't the little pillow i stole from the airplane lol! yeah, there is an ikea outlet nearby my place. maybe i should check it out soon =D

calvin said...

@ tempus:
yeah, i've moved to chiba already :)

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
are you jealous? =P