Monday, March 8, 2010

MADINA Soubetsukai 2010

This is the period of the year where it is the season for farewell parties. I have lost count on the total number of farewell parties I have attended so far this year; this is the forth or fifth one, if I'm not mistaken. I'm gonna move in a couple of days and during this last few days in Nagaoka, I still managed to find some time to attend this farewell party, thanks to Tony who sorta pulled me into attending it haha!
This party was organised by MADINA (MAlaysians DI NAgaoka), and it was held at Shinsai Community Centre (深才コミュティーセンター), which was just a stone's throw away from Nagaoka University of Technology (長岡技術科学大学). I had Tony, who was kind enough to pick me up from my college, as he was already at the nearby city library to borrow some books.
The guys and little boys.
The ladies and little girls.
Don't get the wrong idea. It has nothing to do with sex discrimination. There were just too many people to fit in at once haha!
This farewell party was also the time where the final meeting for MADINA for this academic year was held, as well as dissolving the committee for the previous year, before new ones are elected next month. Right after that, it was the presentation of souvenirs to the ones who are graduating and leaving Nagaoka after this, either going home for good, or continuing their studies in other places. It was a nice gesture of them for not forgetting us, the kosen juniors, as we got our souvenirs (which was a handkerchief lol!) as well.
MADINA used to be such a huge family when I first came to Nagaoka three years back. During that time, there were almost 100 of us in total. But now, with the graduation of the current batch of students, which contributed most of the members of MADINA all this while, I guess the figure will decrease dramatically after this. Any gatherings or activities among MADINA members will never be sort of heavenly delicious Malaysian food. That was exactly the next thing on the agenda - makan time.
Menu of the night - Nasi minyak, vegetable salad, and beef kurma, plus deserts consisting of jelly, corn custard, and two cakes.
Time to reconnect after some time, while eating.
Some preferred to eat on the floor because it feels more umphhh haha!

As long as you feed the kids with food, they won't disturb you anymore. They seemed to be having great fun among themselves.
Saw the kids having fun with the Japanese guy on the right?
Come let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time...... Aiyah-lah, as if you you gonna listen to my fairy tale, or more appropriately, my grandmother story lol!
I will still tell you the story here anyway. While we were having our makan session, there was this Japanese guy, who was seated at one corner of the hall. I actually noticed him already earlier that night, reading to some book. After asking around, this guy appeared to be the one who was put-in-charge to supervise the place while we were having our event. While we were enjoying our food, we offered him a plate of nasi minyak. Even to me, the rice was a little bit spicy already; so don't ask me whether he survived that plate of rice haha!
Anyway, he seemed to be enjoying the food while talking to the kids. Those kids have been living in Japan since they were born, so they basically speak like the natives. That is why that uncle looked to be so happy to layan the kids lol!
This is Tony Ng, a first year Master student in Environment Engineering, who hails from Ipoh. Many thanks to him, for providing me transport to attend this farewell party.

PhD students, including Abang Fauzi and Abang Sukri.
The former and current Mechanical Engineering seniors and junior from Nagaoka Kosen.
Sumi, who gave me the nickname takai, which means tall when I first met him during a football game three years ago. Even now, he still calls me takai. Maybe I should start calling him botak in return haha wtf!

With... Opps, I've forgotten her name. I'm really bad when it comes to remembering people's name haha! So, pardon me this time, okay? Anyway, she is a first year Master student in Environment Engineering, doing an exchange programme here.
While everyone were doing their catching-ups after a period of absence, it was the cutting-cake session. There were two cakes there - a chocolate and a strawberry cake, both having the "2" shape. Not really sure what it means though.
Tomorrow's TOTO number, I think? Haha!
The kids were ready with their paper plates already, like little piranhas haha!
I know it sounds cliché, but time really flies. I still remember we joined an activity by MADINA for the first time, exactly three years ago. It was the welcoming party for the new students, including me, back then. And I'm grateful for being able to make it to the last event of the year, the farewell party, in which I was one of the celebrated one, before I leave Nagaoka for a new place.
Guess what? It was during this time I managed to meet up with one of my batch mate, whom I have never seen him since we touch down together in Tokyo, three years ago. It was Afif, the president for our batch, but we often call him Pres, or Bet. There is no better time for a reunion like this, isn't it? He just finished attending some programme on that same day with my juniors from Nagaoka Kosen, and decided to tag along them back to Nagaoka to join this party.
Shah (left) and Bet (right).
With Randy and Jack, along with the three exchange students.
Doing a interview for some last words from the wife of Abang Sukri.
Tony doesn't seem to be enjoying the armpit smell haha!
The smell was so strong, that everyone couldn't stand it. We all quickly clean the place, pack all the stuff and call it a day.
"Mak, pak cik tu bau ketiak busuk-lar"
Even this little tiger almost cried from the bad odour haha!


Robinn T said...

omg how many freaking soubetsukai can u possibly attend lately!!!!

wow madina... they've got to make it some where near the malay words by the pioneers don't they?

hmm there sure has lots of malay friends... i barely see more than 5 chinese over there... but they sure seemed nice, unlike the ones here~

so whats next for you after these farewells?

calvin said...

@ tempus:
i know! it's a lot and i've lost my count already haha!

well, i gotta admit that people sometimes still go along the racial lines here. however, when you're in oversea, more often than not, you wouldn't look whether your friend is an indian, malay, or chinese anymore, because we are a malaysian family here.

next would be lots of welcoming party, i suppose? haha xD

~Live Life~ said...

Do you feel sad of leaving soon? I have a lot of farewell gatherings too before I came back from US...

The cakes look nice!

Unknown said...

wow.. i've been to nagaoka before (lawatan smbil belajar hehe)

i recognised some of the people in your picture.. esp the picture with the tagline

"The former and current Mechanical Engineering seniors and junior from Nagaoka Kosen."

the most left.. but i cant remember his name laa.. hehe

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
i have mixed feelings about leaving this place. after all, i have spent most of the last three years of my life in nagaoka. who knows, i might return to this place again one day :)

by the time the cakes were distributed among the kids, there was no more any pieces left haha!

calvin said...

@ bleanck_braiyne:
i think i have seen you before in nagaoka, if i'm not mistaken. the guy at the left is adeli, but we call him king =D

Unknown said...

really?? mybe at tat time i tot u were some other japanese guy so i did not go and great u.. heheh (my jap ckup2 mkn to survive only)

yeah, i went there with the uitm perlis group.. almost once in a lifetime experience..

calvin said...

@ bleanck_braiyne:
seriously? lol! do i look like a japanese? i'm not sure, but i don't think i look like a japanese at all haha!

anyway, how long was your trip to nagaoka?

Unknown said...


i went to nagaoka for 3-4 days i think.. (sorry for my poor memory)
stayed at my foster family house before headed to tokyo for another 6 days kot..

btw, good luck in chiba!!

calvin said...

@ bleanck_braiyne:
i'm sure you enjoyed your time with your foster family, didn't you? thanks and all the best to you too!

Unknown said...

of course.. even up until now we still contact each other..

calvin said...

@ bleanck_braiyne:
that's nice to hear. i'm sure the great time you had with them will always remain in your memory =)