Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Lost In The New Place

Only on my second day in the new place, kampung boy already got himself lost haha!
How can I start calling myself a city boy yet, when I still managed to lose my directions in a comparatively medium-sized city? The story was like this - my plan of the day was to undergo my medical check-up for the scholarship application in the morning, send home the report along with some other documents, and then head to the airport later that afternoon. Everything went according to plan - Lily reached my place at half-past eight (she just arrived early that morning from Kuala Lumpur and crashed at my place for a day) and after letting her into the house, I went out to the clinic I have checked online earlier to do my medical.
A resting spot of Emperor Meiji during his visit in late nineteenth century.
While walking to JR Inage station, where the clinic was located, I noticed something interesting. An elderly man was leaving his house for work, and the funny thing was that I saw him sticking his tongue out, while looking into his house. When I turned my eyes to his house, I saw a lady standing at the door, doing the same thing haha! Is this a way of couples to say bye bye? Perhaps instead of hugging each other, they prefer to stick their tongue out like this lol! I think I have heard of this before, but this is the first time I witness it. Anybody heard of this before?
As soon as I reached the station, I started locating for the clinic but after about fifteen minutes, I still couldn't find it. Not wanting to waste any more time, I called Lily to have her help me to check its location. I continued my attempt to locate the clinic according to the directions she gave me, but again, it seems that I was heading nowhere lol!
I was locating for a clinic, but definitely not an 動物クリニック (animal clinic) haha wtf!
I stopped at a convenience store to ask for help and the staff showed me the way using a map. I thought I got the directions already and thanked that lady before going out to find the clinic. After walking for a while, I still couldn't find that clinic. By that time, it was already more than thirty minutes since I started finding for that clinic. I stopped at another pharmacy to ask for directions again. They had no idea about that clinic I wanted to go. So, I gave up on going to that clinic, and had the pharmacist to introduce me to another clinic nearby that area.
This time, I finally successfully found the clinic the pharmacist told me. You guys just don't know how relieved I was at that moment haha!
Inage Chuo-Clinic.

My initial worry was whether or not they would do the medical for me, because I have heard stories of my friends in smaller towns, in which the clinics there wouldn't wanna do the medical for them, perhaps because they don't have the required equipments. After discussing with the doctor, they agreed to do the medical for me.
One thing I noticed about the patients in the clinic was that all of the other patients were at least over fifty years old haha! So, you could imagine how awkward I felt!
Inside the examination room of the clinic, which was quite an old one.
After a while, I went into the examination room and I saw the doctor translated the photocopied medical form. He said to me that it was his first time doing such test for a foreigner haha! However, he wasn't sure about one of the test and wanted me to call the embassy to confirm on that. How would one expect the staff in the embassy to have any idea about medical stuff, right? In the end, I just told the doctor to do whatever test he could do by that day because I had to send it back to Malaysia as soon as possible.
The first few test were simple ones, like measuring my weight, height, and eyesight. Funny incident happened when the nurse was measuring my height. She couldn't reach the wooden pointer as I was too tall for her. So, she asked me to hold on the pointer while she took the reading lol! Same thing happened when I did my medical in Malaysia last time, when that nurse had to stand on a stool while measuring my height haha!
This clinic uses a paper cup for urine test haha!
She then had a color-blind test on me, and it went smoothly until the last page. I could read the number on the right page, but when she pointed to the left page, I couldn't see any numbers on the page. I thought I'm colour blind already at that time, and was a bit anxious haha!
"There's isn't any number on this page, is there?", I tried to confirm with the nurse.
"Yeah, no matter how you see it, there's isn't any number, right? Actually, I was just testing you! Haha!". That was the reply from the nurse! =.=
Guess how much this signature cost?
The next test was the blood test and luckily, the nurse who took my blood was quite good in it, so it wasn't that painful as I feared earlier. Later, the doctor tested my patellar reflex, by hitting my both knees with a tendon hammer. While he was bending my legs up straight, he said my legs were too long for him to deal with haha! Same thing happened during the X-ray test, as I had to stand on a platform and rest my chin on a supporting board. But again, he had to adjust that supporter to the highest possible position to fit my chin properly lol!
The whole medical check-up took me about two hours, and I finally got him to certify that I am a healthy boy! That came with a hefty price though - almost RM 500 wtf!
Train station, convenience store and the post office, all within a distance of 100 m.
Important documents to be sent back, through EMS.
The next location was the post office to post the medical report, along with the contract and other related documents home. It was also on that day that I found out the location of the nearest post office - Inage Post Office, from my house from an elderly lady. Walking there would take me around three minutes, damn near-lor haha!
I had my lunch (wantan) at a nearby Chinese restaurant and headed to Narita International airport. Now that I am living in this new place, it will take me only 57 minutes by rapid train to the airport. I went there not because I was gonna fly to anywhere, but to pick up Cung, formally known as WinD. My way of describing him makes him sound so ancient haha!
Got down at the last stop - Narita Airport Terminal 1.
First up was to check the flight time. His flight UA882 arrived slightly earlier than scheduled.
Just in case you're wondering, Cung is my housemate in the new place. However, he has moved in more than three months ago; that explains why I didn't have to deal with all those house-moving related procedures now, because we had done it earlier.
This is my first time picking up someone at the airport, because all this while, I only got people to send me off or pick me up. I gotta admit that the wait at the arrival hall can really make you feel anxious because you will never know when that person you're meeting gonna walk out. After waiting at the arrival hall for about half an hour, Cung was out and we headed home.
The arrival hall of the South Wing in Narita Airport Terminal 1.
On the way home in the train, we were chatting as usual, until an awkward incident happened. There were two ladies next to us, one was seated and the other was standing. At one station, the standing lady got down and Cung commentated that luckily she went off already because both of them were talking so loud before that. I then told Cung not to say it too loudly, because the seated lady might understand us. So, you can roughly guess what happened next, right?
That lady turned to us and asked, "你们是中国人吗?" ("Are you guys Chinese, from the mainland?")
I was like thinking, oh no, we're in deep shit this time haha wtf! Luckily, we didn't say anything bad about them; otherwise God knows what would happen to us haha! That is one of the danger of going to a bigger city because you'd never know what language other people on the street understand. The safest thing is to keep whatever bad stuff you wanna complain about that person, and release them when you got home lol! By the way, both of us were talking in Mandarin at that time. Although we could have talked in other less-used dialects like Hokkien or Hakka, it still useless because that lady understands those two dialects as well =.=
That lady was quite KPC-lor. Not so sure if she wanted to find people to talk to, or to make new friends, pokoknya her questions were like never ending. She wanted to know how long I've been to Japan, why I came to Japan, how come I know how to speak Hokkien, where in Malaysia I came from (she knows where's KL!), where my ancestors came from (which I'm unsure myself), and what people we are. She said we should recognise ourselves as Chinese (mainland) because our old old ancestors came from the mainland. I agree on that fact, but both of us insisted that we are Malaysians haha! She got no choice but to stop us any further questions, because she had to go down at the next stop lol!
Lily packing her bag as she was leaving on the next morning, while I was completing some forms to be sent to the Malaysian embassy.
Cung busy messaging, while Lily was reading news on the All-England badminton tournament.
We rested a while at home before going out for dinner. Dinner was at another Chinese restaurant again. I think I have been eating only Chinese food since I came here lol! We then walked at the area around Chiba station; it was more to window shopping. While I was at Uniqlo, one little girl saw me and she ran to her mom, shouting "Mama! Mama!" haha! I think she was gonna report to her mom that she just saw a Godzilla from the planet of apes lol!
We got back home quite earlier that night because all three of us were already tired. Lily and Cung just took long flights back to Japan, and I have been running here and there within these few days.
Online while having a box of milk at night. Now you know why I am so tall haha wtf!
On the next day, Lily went off early to catch the bus back to Gifu, while Cung and me went to Yokohama, as there were some function at Keio University (that would be in another entry). I will be busy completing the forms for Chiba University entrance procedure today, and going to the university tomorrow to settle it.
So technically, we still haven't have any time to tidy up the house, and you could just imagine how messy it is at the moment haha!


Kae Vin said...

wah so expensive.

and you memang no sense of direction one ma

mg said...


should use bm thats wat we do here. cos no one except msians would b able to understand that.. :)

Mattimus said...

Wow, you also speak Mandarin? I have to ask, how did you learn so many languages? If there's already a post written about it, let me know, I'd love to see how you accomplished so much!

Robinn T said...

omg the milk thing still works when u are even at 20 something? ok i digg the point! getting my HL chocolate right away!!!!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
yeah, it was kinda expensive, but we still gotta have it done as soon as possible >.<

correction - i might be forgetful, but my sense of direction is quite good one-lor!

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
yeah, even cung now calls me a dinosaur =.=||

we wanted to use bm, but it just feels weird lol!

calvin said...

@ i am mattimus:
yes, i speak some mandarin, but not fluent in it >.<
it is kinda normal for malaysians to be able to speak at least two languages, as we live in a multi-racial country :)

i might make an entry about this topic one day =D

calvin said...

@ tempus:
i don't know; i just made that out haha!

CLF said...

hahaha biasa to get lost la.
for me I uses compass to get my way back LOL

calvin said...

@ clf:
a compass?!! are you serious? lol!

~Live Life~ said...

First thing...the couples must have been performing some long-distance-french-kiss technique..=P

Secondly, the color blind test story was not funny...=O

Third, everyone knows u are tall d...=.= and healthy...Yea...and u from the planet of apes should go to the veteran then...LOL!

Another thing...long post as before...everytime i knew i wanna commented on something but had to refer back to the beginning after finished reading it...haha!

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
haha, that is something worth pondering. long-distance-french-kiss technique lol!

sorry that it wasn't funny to you >.<

healthy or 'healthy'? haha =P

i know my entries are kinda long, but i just feel like recording everything down my blog lol!