Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day Trip To Penang

I made another trip to Penang last month during my last summer break. This is my second time in Penang in as many months during my summer break because after all, it is just an hour journey from Taiping. It was quite a random decision, in fact I only decided to go on the morning itself. Since it would be just a day trip, I bathed, got ready and headed to the bus terminal, grabbed the soonest bus available and off I went to Penang.
Damn spontaneous I know but sometimes, it is fun to do such thing.
#1 The bus terminal in Butterworth is currently undergoing a major revamp and this is a temporary terminal until the new one is completed.
#2 Walking into the ferry.
#3 The sampans never seem to change over the years.
#4 Penang Bridge and Pulau Jerjak on the right.

#5 Perfect weather for an outing around the island.

#6 I love my new wide lens woot!

#7 Komtar and the jetty.

The public transportation in Penang has been upgraded quite significantly recently and I must say it has certainly given the tourism industry in the island a major boost, especially since Georgetown has been listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site with Malacca. You can judge the quality of the public transportation of a place when you don't have your own transport and have to rely on the public transportation. Although it might not be up to the high standard of public transportation in Japan, I guess the service provided is already quite satisfactory; at least so much better than Ipoh.
Besides the normal local buses, Rapid Penang started their operation in Penang just two years ago.
Hop-On free shuttle bus.
There is a service called the Rapid Penang Hop-On free shuttle bus that offers free rides around the town at major tourists spots for absolutely free-of-charge. However, from the few times that I took this bus, I noticed the locals (especially the elder aunties and grandma who just came back from their marketing haha) are the main ones to hop on this buses, not the tourists haha.
I took the free bus to Komtar to meet a friend of mine, Ming Chong who studies in USM. Before anything, we went for some food hunt.
Penang Road Famous Cendol again =.=||

Some people find it nothing special, but I will always have one bowl of the cendol every time I visit Penang.
Entered the restaurant next to the cendol stall for our lunch.
Lor bak (mixture of fried stuff like minced meat, tofu, shrimp crackers etc).

Hokkien mee (prawn noodles).
Took a picture before we leave the place.
He wanted to look out for some reference books at the second-hand bookstore. We happened to be at that area where Chowrasta Market is situated. I heard about the huge second-hand bookshops at the first floor of Chowrasta Market some time ago, and we went there to have a look. The bookshops are at the end corner of the first floor and there are about five shops altogether.
Almost any kinds of used books are available here - textbooks, reference books, magazines, comics, novels. Some are still quite new and I guess it is worth it instead of forking out few hundreds of ringgit for a reference book that is a few-inches thick.
Piles of books along the shops.
One of the shop owner, who is really friendly when we asked him for some books we were looking for.
Reminds me of those fairy tales movies (Hairy Potter for example) where the bookshelves are super high.
Looking for a particular book in between these books can be a headache.
I was supposed to meet up with the two cocks (opps, I mean Koks) - Kok Hong and Kok Sheng after that but one of the cock was with his friends. So, I was taken around the island by another cock, Kok Sheng. I wanted to visit Khoo Kongsi for some photography session but too bad both of them have visited the place earlier that day. In the end, he took me to the Thai and Burmese Buddhist Temple along Burma Road. Pictures from those temples would come in another entry.
He then dropped me at my aunt's place for me to get some rest and clean myself before dinner, although I wasn't sure whether or not my aunt is around. I thought of giving my aunt a surprise by turning up at her door, as my trip to Penang on that day was a last-minute decision. Instead of surprising her, I got myself a surprise as I found out she wasn't at home =.=||
The worst part is that Kok Sheng had left by then; so I had no choice but to walk to the nearby Tesco to kill some time, then to the pasar malam opposite Tesco to walk around before Kok Sheng pick me up to have dinner together. Damn sad I know haha.
One of the food courts in Sungai Dua area. This is a test for Penangnites (especially our food specialist, Kae Vin), try name this place.
Belacan fried rice with shredded unripe mango, onions, sweetened anchovies, and belacan. Damn nice.

Some pork legs meat cooked in soy sauce with xiao bai chai.
After our dinner, we both went to Queensbay Mall to window shop. Kinda weird 'coz there were only two of us and both are guys lol. It was towards the Raya weekend's holiday and the mall was quite packed with people. After walking around for more than an hour, another cock appeared out of nowhere while we were having ice cream at McDonald's'. This is the first time I see Kok Hong after almost two years, the last time was when he helped me planned a surprise for Michelle and me in KL.
How fast time flies.
Nevertheless, nothing had changed for the past two years. He is still the same Kok Hong I used to know. The only difference I notice is that he has gotten darker and slightly more handsome already lol!
Penang's Kok and KL's Kok.
I am sure he started to kembang already now haha!


Kae Vin said...

lol u called me a Penang food specialist? lol

Is it Golden Bay? 金湾?

Anonymous said...

drool drool drool , on the food pics la .......not u guys

kh said...

thank you... next time dont ask me to arrange your surprise wedding proposal pls... heh

KOKahKOK said...

you should charge him for the special arrangement... dont worry if you are not able to get a job for the filed you study... you still can be a 媒婆 oppps... should be 媒公! cos of you calvin got Michelle :)

ooo u met your frend before i picked you up... i tot u were aloen...ceh~

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
so, are you proud of that? i call you like that since you are really "cheong hei" when it comes to food, right? xD

i am not sure, still waiting for that cock to confirm the place's name :P

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
haha, didn't ask you to drool on us also =P

calvin said...

@ kh:
haha, are you interested?

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
no lah, i knew you two cocks were gonna "put-me-airplane", so i made back-up plans :)

Ben Foo said...

I think soon you'll be moving to Penang. lol Go to Penang so many times. Looks like you've been to the used book store in Chowrasta market.:) found any good books?
And the food court in Sungai Dua is near my house :) いらない知識だけどね。笑

calvin said...

@ ben foo:
if there is a town other than taiping that i would call it home, it would be penang since i have been going there so often down the years haha xD

went to the bookstore, just like you told me before this. but no, i don't really read =P

never know you live in that area :)

KOKahKOK said...

like that lo... treat me and kh as what? know early dont want bother u and ppk my frnes.. :( sad nia

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
hehe, just kidding also cannot meh? xD