Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend In Penang

I was in Penang over the last weekend.
I went up north with my grandma, because she goes there every week to babysit my little cousin whom parents are away working. My visit there is on various purposes - visiting my aunts and cousin, as well as going around the island. However, on the first night, I was made to play congkak with Sonia. When I'm not around, she usually play with grandma, although grandma tells me that Sonia will always come out with her own rules to make sure she wins haha. If she feels that she is losing, she will make it a timed-game lol.
Congkak game.
Carom game also got.
Look at her soft toys. I think she can open a museum already haha.
We played a drawing game, in which we would model to each other. I purposely drew her to look like an alien haha.
Taken in her room, with the rest of her soft toys. That Barney behind there can talk when we press its stomach. Damn scary especially at night-
lor haha.
On the next day, I went out for breakfast with them, and helped my grandma who cooked Thai laksa for lunch. Immediately after that, Sonia asked me to play congkak with her again. It's not that I didn't wanna play with her; but the holes were too small for my huge fingers, so I ended up teaching her some Japanese instead haha.
After that, I felt like wandering the island a little bit. Sonia didn't let me go, because she would not have company anymore if I leave. However, I told her it would be just a while, although I took hours to come back in the end lol. As we all know, Georgetown was enlisted at UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City not so long ago and I have never really gone to these places. Since I was small, all the places my parents took us were to shopping mall, shopping mall and shopping mall. Damn boring you know. So, I decided to visit these places this time.
I went out without a plan to be honest. I took a bus and got down at the jetty, went to some tourist information centre to grab some brochures and roughly plan my route for the day.
#1 Malayan Railway Building - Pengkalan Weld
#2 Clock Tower - Lebuh Light
#3 Fort Cornwallis - Lebuh Light
Rows of canons at the fort.

Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse - Lebuh Light
As someone who is afraid of height, I have no idea why I climbed up the steel staircase all the way until the highest point of the lighthouse, only to curse myself when I was up there because I didn't know how would I go down after that lol. It was only 21 meters high but every time I looked down, I felt like my heart was gonna drop down haha. In fact, I gripped both of my hands so tight on the handle all the time, fearing that I would slip.
There was an girl from UK right in front of me and she looked so calm, unlike me who was almost struggling all the way up there haha.
The visitors' book at the entrance to the lighthouse.
Super steep ladder before we reach the viewing deck.
This hole was so tiny (pun unintended), I had to bend down to get through this hole.
Had that girl to take this picture for me, and you would notice the Penang Bridge just above the yellow building.
After my crazy adventure at the lighthouse, I continue my walk to the next few destinations.
#5 War Memorial - Jalan Padang Kota Lama
#6 Padang Kota Lama
#7 City Hall -
Jalan Padang Kota Lama
#8 Town Hall - Lebuh Light
#9 Court Building - Lebuh Farquhar
#10 St George's Church - Lebuh Farquhar
Lets take a break from the pictures of buildings, shall we? Here are a couple of candid shots I took along my walk at Georgetown.
I thought this ang moh lady was showing me a peace sign, but when I looked again at the picture, it was something else actually haha.
"Ello uncle, you're selling durians or sleeping?"
Okay, lets continue with my walk.
#11 King Street Temples - 30-40, Lebuh King

#12 The Pinang Peranakan Mansion - 29 Lebuh Gereja
The side entrance to the mansion.
Look at the red telephone booth. Macam London haha.
Oh hi! Too bad my Nyonya isn't around =\
I have been to the Baba Museum in Malacca last year and I suppose it wouldn't be anything too different here. Besides, I was in a hurry as it was getting late and the sky was beginning to get cloudy and dark that evening.
When I was busy taking shots at this mansion, a group of girls who were competing in some treasure hunt competition approached me and asked me to take pictures for them. At first one of them thought I was a worker at the mansion haha. Only after a while that another friend told this blur girl that I was a tourist =.=
I continue my walk along the most muhibbah road in the country - Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. Why I said muhibbah is because there are a mosque, a Kuan Yin temple, an Indian temple and a church along this road. When I was walking along this road, I was approached by a group of ang moh. I dunno why I get approaced so many times in just a day. Maybe I'm just too famous haha wtf.
Anyway, they were asking me if I had any idea how to get to the jetty. They told me how some people (whom I supposed to be thrisaw riders) were demanding for some fees when they asked them for directions. Not a local myself, I looked into their map and told them the directions, which is just about 10-minute walk from where we were standing that time. No wonder I found their slang a bit weird, something like kangaroo sound, because they came from Australia haha.
#13 Goodness Of Mercy Temple - Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling
There were opera performance later that night as there was a stage set up already.
Opera performers putting up their make-ups.
#14 Mahamariamman Temple - Lebuh Queen
#15 Kaptian Keling Mosque - Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling
#16 Dr. Sun Yat Sen's Penang Base - 120, Lebuh Armenian
#17 Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh - Lebuh Acheh
#18 Yap Kongsi Temple - Lebuh Armenian

I cancelled my plan to visit Khoo Kongsi because it I reached there five minutes before its closing time. Perhaps I will visit it at the next trip. While I was walking along Lebuh Acheh, I noticed there were a group of people gathering under an open space. Out of my curiosity, I went to have a closer look and apparently, these people were selling second-hand stuff. Some traders were so simple that they only used a piece of old newspaper to display their items on the floor.
What's interesting about their stuff is that all the items are limited editions ones because they all come in one unit each only haha.
Initially, I thought they were selling pirated VCDs haha.
#19 Clan Jetties - Pengkalan Weld
These jetties are nothing much different from the one I went with Michelle at Kuala Sepetang.
In fact, newly wed couples were there for their photo shooting session.
I ended my day by taking the Rapid Penang Hop-On free shuttle bus to the city to have my routine dose of Penang Road cendol and grab some nutmeg at Chowrasta Market.
Don't call yourself a Malaysian if you ask me what is this. Answer - this is my old Lego set.
And finally, I managed to take a picture of my old shop that I have passed by since I was a toddler. It is located along Jalan Burma, near the roundabout at Komtar. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you my old shop.
Welcome to Calvin Trading.
But nowadays economy is so bad, I had no choice but to close shop-lor.


Kathy said...

Hi.. hmn..

just to 8 a bit.. your cousin is pretty, is she mixed?

calvin said...

@ kathy:
haha, don't worry; that is not pat at all lol. yes, all my cousins are mixed, including myself =)

Kae Vin said...

takde food photo at all.

don feel penang :p


Anyway me myself have not been to all of the places. Only some. I guess I would bore guan to death if I brought him around those buildings. XD

TZ said...

Hmm... Since when they open the lighthouse @ Fort Cornwallis for viewing... my last visit i was not able to climb all the way up to the viewing deck... Next trip i wanna to cllmb up there to take nice piccie of George Town... :)

calvin said...

@ kaevin:
well, i guess you should know by now what would the next entry be all about ;)

i fully understand that. locals will never visit the tourist spots in his own hometown because they tend to think that those places are so near and they can always go there anytime.

but the truth is, they have never been there all these years. don't worry, it applies to me as well.

i guess guan has some other 'interest', if you get what i mean here =P

calvin said...

@ tz:
i have no idea as well. i just walked inside, and saw the ang moh in front of me was invited to climb up the lighthouse, free-of-charge. what's more, i just followed suit lah lol xD

just a reminder, think twice before you climb if you are afraid of height. it could be a nervy experience ;)

Kathy said...

hehe.. so mixed of??

calvin said...

@ kathy:
i think i have explained this before last time. anyway, i will quote my reply again here:

"i come from a background of mixed parentage. my maternal grandpa is a sinhalese (he hails from sri lanka) while the parents of my grandma have some thai influence. as for my paternal side, they came from pure chinese background. you mix everything up and in the end, you get somebody who looks like me ^.^

as for my aunt, she is neither an indian, chindian, or sri lankan, although she certainly has come sinhalese influence. she is a malaysian :)

his husband is pure chinese although he has quite dark skin. it is no surprise that their daughter doesn't really have the chinese look."

by the way, here is the link to that entry:

KOKahKOK said...

calvin aiyeeer...walk alone...paiseh nia

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
eh, paiseh?

ahKOK said...

cos din accompany u time ma :P

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
never mind. just treat me to a bowl of penang road cendol the next time i go to penang =P

Reenybob said...

no lah you quoted wrongly. you are a mix of good humour and a whole lotta BS hahahahah! ok la either way i love my ka chng :D

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
haha, what's with the BS part lol!
always remember that we are related; if i'm a BS mixture, it doesn't make you any different =P

Anonymous said...

Artikel ini sangat menarik, terutama karena saya sedang mencari pemikiran tentang hal ini Kamis lalu subjek..