Sunday, August 23, 2009

Penang Food Galore

This entry is all about food. Penang food, to be precised.
As you would have expected, no trip to Penang would be complete without tasting their local food. However, I wouldn't say that the food I had in Penang this time is the best because I wasn't mainly there to try their food. Yet, I still gonna blog on the food I had in Penang over the weekend, although I know those who are in overseas at present, especially in Japan will surely gonna curse me at the end of this entry haha.
Anyway, save the unnecessary talking and lets see what I had in Penang.
For breakfast, it has to be at the Kayu Nasi Kandar.
Tosai with three different gravys.
Teh tarik.
Super huge karipap pusing which has a slice of hard-boiled egg inside.
Nasi lemak with fish sambal.
For lunch, grandma cooked Siamese laksa woot!
You would never see such laksa elsewhere in Penang.
While walking around the town, I stopped by to have some cold drinks near the jetty.
Kok Sheng introduced this desert to me last year; they call it okio - a mixture of jelly, lychee, lemon and syrup. Perfect dose to refresh yourself on a hot day.
Lebuh Keng Kwee, which is famous for its Teochew cendol.
Penang Road Famous Teochew cendol, which is a must everytime I visit the island.

Got some help from a group of local girls to take this picture for me. They kept looking at me when I was enjoying my bowl of cendol lol. Obviously, they knew I was a tourist haha.
Just next to the cendol stall would be the well-known Chowrasta Market along Penang Road, which has existed since 1890 woot!
Mention Chowrasta and you would imagine dried pickles, nutmegs and other exoctic Penang specialties.
For dinner, we headed to a nearby food court (forgot its name already) in Sungai Dua. Grandma also wants to camwhore haha.

Sonia with her mom.
Yong tau fu.
Koey teow soup.
For supper, we had local fruits festival haha.
But I had it at my home; Mom said we were having picnic lol.
Alright, you guys can now tell me how much you miss those food above haha.


Kae Vin said...

who said penang don have siam laksa?

it's everywhere~

and the food court is Golden Bay Foodcourt if not remembered wrongly.


=chuan guan= said...

siam siam siam laksa..woot..i haven try tat before..yum yum..
kaevin: samo say everywhere r?hahaha

calvin said...

@ kaevin:
they do? opps, pardon me for my ignorance >.<
anyway, i still believe you will never get the autenthic siamese laksa sold at the stalls; just like how the taste of sushi changes when a malaysian and a japanese make it =)

by the way, i don't think that's golden bay foodcourt.

calvin said...

@ =chuanguan=:
he tricked you already lor haha =P

Ben Foo said...

go up chowrasta market and you can find second hand book store. dunno if it's still there but you can get erm books from there. hehe wat a piece of info. :p cannot eat

Ken said...

Argh!!!! My cancellation of Penang trip seems to be a BIG mistake!

The okio macam sedap and chilling. What a tempting laksa!

calvin said...

@ breachno:
yeah, i've heard about the second-hand book store at chowrasta from somewhere. too bad it didn't cross my mind that day. never mind, i know this wouldn't be my last trip to penang =)

calvin said...

@ ken:
aiya, you're just too kiasi-lah haha =P

okio is heaven especially after a hot day going around the town =)

KOKahKOK said...

yup golden bay! there are a lot of nice hawker foods available in this food court! eg..curry mee, tomyam mee, hokkien mee... etc

haih luckily someone still remember me and mentioned my name for the okio even thought he ppk me at nite :(

bad bad...anyway good lcuk in ur resit

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
are you sure that's golden bay? but two locals have mentioned the same place, so i guess you guys are correct.

of course i still remember you haha. and about that night plan, i was too exhausted and i didn't ppk you on purpose-lah xD

and thank you =)

sakura said...

hi~i miss penang food n places too ^^
i really 1 to go there, but i dun hv any plans yet :p

then, u put up this post in ur blog~ just the thing i'm looking for (solo n fast trip, haha..

calvin said...

@ sakura:
hi, it's been some time since i see you commenting here xD
you don't need a plan. just follow your instinct and just do whatever that comes to you on the spot.
some people may find it boring to have a solo trip, but to me, it's quite an interesting and adventurous thing to do at times. that trip took me less than three hours to explore georgetown all my myself, with a map, of course =)

sakura said...

haha~paiseh paiseh...
bcos i'm not so good wif words, tat's duno how to comment :p

have nv tried solo trip b4~i had just gotten inspiration fm ur post.. i jz might try it out ;)

calvin said...

@ sakura:
never mind. when your comment comes from your heart, i'm sure your thoughts will get through.
i actually did a solo trip for the first time last spring to seoul. it was really fun; one of the most memorable and exciting trip i've even been to, i'd say =)

Reenybob said...

omg ah mas food can go open restaurant haha!

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
that is what we are looking into at the moment; to open a family restaurant in the near future. wanna be our co-partners? haha xD

Reenybob said...

lol um.. nah... but i get discount if i go right? :P

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
i'll have to think about that xD

Pamela Yeoh said...

nice nice blog

calvin said...

@ StrawberrY Gal:
thanks for your kind comment =)