Saturday, May 10, 2008

Golden Week Gathering 2008 - Ice-Breaker Ceremony

"Every year, we have new people joining in"
referring to the new kohais
The annual PPKTJ's Golden Week Gathering this year is arguably one of the biggest gatherings for several years in terms of the number of participants as there were nearly eighty people who turned up for the event. Everyone were so supportive in offering helping hands to the organisers and joining with the rest in this gathering that it turned out to be a great success. More on the gathering later.
Taking up from where I left in the previous entry, we headed to the location of the main gathering was being held after we had meet-up and had a bowling game with everyone in my batch near Tokyo Dome. We stopped at the halfway the journey at a nearby supermarket to grab our cooking ingredients to be used during the barbecueing session that night. The bus we took was practically packed with the whole bunch of us, except for a few unlucky Japanese who had to bear our noise and craziness act for the whole journey. I think even the bus driver felt a sigh of relieve after all of us had got down from the bus. When we were paying up the bus fares, he kept on nodding his head so many times non-stop; indirectly telling us that we had paid the right amount and to get down from the bus as fast as possible. Pity him.
It was already dark by the time we arrived there and we were made to walk up a slope more than one kilometre from where the bus dropped us, with minimum street lights. Another downside of the place is that it doesn't have phone line; well, it was the case for Softbank users only though. We settled down as soon as we reached there and cooked our dinner together. That was after we bathed although there were not any shower rooms available there but only ofuro (Japanese public bath). It was the first time for most of us there, including me for entering the public bath and again, the jakun-ness act among us returned. Luckily there were not many Japanese that time or they would have wondered whether this bunch of jakun have never been to such place. I shall save the details on what happened inside the ofuro and end the story here.
The venue of the gathering this year took a significant change from the usual gathering before this, which are normally held in some parks or youth centre in the middle of Tokyo. This time around, it was held in Ootizawa Youth Centre, located in the outskirts of Tokyo. The area is surrounded by mountains and forests, which was one of the main reason why we couldn't receive phone signals there. Anyway, we were greeted with something which looked rather unusual at the main entrance of the centre.
DSC05145 copy
Wan Ying said Doraemon went on a diet plan and got this kind of figure in the end.
When you have Doraemon around, that is why we got these kind of accommodations at night.
The spacious hall laid with tatami mat is for us to put our stuff and when we were going to sleep, everyone will hop into the square hole on the wall to sleep.
The place was so comfortable that it made us having a hard time waking up in the next morning. In fact, we were chatting through the night while playing cards and even computer games in the room until it was almost two in the morning. However, nobody was late for the activity the next day.
DSC05016 copy
While the people in front didn't bother to look at the camera, it was the opposite for the people behind.
It was still early and while we people who had arrived a day earlier were waiting for the senpais to arrive, prepared our brunch at the BBQ site. The place was not a luxurious hotel where you can just warm your butt on the sofa and call for the food to be served anytime. Here, we had to cook to fill our stomach and that required us having to chop firewoods before going any further with our cooking.
DSC05046 copy
So paiseh and tension as so many people were looking at me chopping the firewood.
At another corner, the other half started boiling water to cook their instant noodle.
DSC05025 copy
Only two fella were working on the stove while the rest just became the spectators. A true reflection of Malaysians, no?
Our initial plan to have steamboat for lunch was cancelled due to the fact that most of us were lazy unsure of the availability of the utensils needed for steamboat at the BBQ site. In the end, we just settled with eating instant ramen and yakisoba. To add some extra ingredients to our instant noodles, some of us fried some eggs which was meant to become bull's eye egg to have it together with the noodles. However, it turned out to be something different. Something that was not very pretty, I must say.
DSC05053 copy
We shall call them blind bull's eye eggs.
As for the rest who were not chopping firewoods or boiling water or frying blind eggs, they made themselves busy by playing with their toys.

DSC05027 copy

How a golden kettle managed to attract the attention of these two guys.
After everything's done, it was time when one after another group of senpais arrived. From that moment onwards, it was talking, doing some catching ups, and talking and talking and continued talking with each other non-stop. That made the organisers climbed high onto the table whenever they wanted to make any announcement to the rest because all were too busy talking with their friends.
DSC05055 copy
Some got overly excited that they even climbed onto the bench while talking.
With nothing much else to talk about already, the rest of this entry will be camwhoring pictures of the people there before the programme continued with the hiking up Mount Kusato, which I will blog on it in the next entry. Lets see who appeared the most at the end of this entry. Okay, now start counting how many times you appeared in the pictures and tell me.
From left: Elvin, Kenny, Teng Kang, Andrew, Shin Yean, Gani, senpai*.
From left: Senpai*, Andrew, Lee Wei, James, Loke Eng, Mingrong, Ghai Leong.
From left: Teng Kang, Mingrong, Li Jia, Fong Zyin, Chin Wooi.
From left (front row): Sii Lee, Michael, Alan; (back row): Chai Ei, Boon.
From left: Chai Ei, Boon, Bik Yee - all from Kisarazu Kosen.
From left: Bik Yee, Me, James, Yien San, Loke Eng, Michael, Jun Hui, Boon, Jia Hui, Elaine, Shin Wei, Mingrong, Jonathan.
Finally, a huge group shot with excessive peace signs by almost everybody in the picture.
Because all wanted to look kawaii.
~ to be continued ~
P/S: Just in case I made any spelling errors on the names, it was fully unintended and please inform me and I will edit it. Thank you.


ns29 said...

nice post for me to memories name of senpais

baocong said...

Lol, Cedric and Qi Wen were taking picture of the fire, not the golden kettle, anyway nice post :)

michelleg said...

haha so funny u chopping firewoods. =P and those who set up the fire were ex-scouts i presume? lol..

fong zyin looks nicer now. hahaha. =P

zhenhui said...

eh???who talking about me??who talking about me????
haha :p

lyk said...

haha,who talk about u ZH??

*btw,actually my name is ''yow keong 'not 'yew keong'.but,it is ok,a lot of ppl misspell my name name too.even my relatives*=P

calvin said...

@ ns29:
you only get to see them once in a year and by the time the next golden week gathering comes around, i guess you will forget their names already =P

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
thanks :)
actually, i know they were taking picture of the fire, but i thought of making it sounds more dramatic. hence, i put it in that way. or perhaps their dream is to be a fireman one day? ^^

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i was really chopping the firewood and was not posing in that picture. yes, one of them used to be an active scout.

she is sure to smile like a goat if she reads that ;)

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
yeala, yeala, people are referring to you. and i know you were very active in scouting last time xD

calvin said...

@ lyk:
my gf was saying that zhen hui is an ex-scout ;)
very sorry for spelling your name wrongly. i've edited it.

Anonymous said...

paiseh i took ur doraemon photo..>.<..btw, seems like u still have few posts to come about gw..tanishimini..;)

calvin said...

@ chai ei:
yes, and doraemon's spirit is going to haunt you for the rest of your life. and yes too, there are several posts still to come after this =D