Monday, May 12, 2008

Golden Week Gathering 2008 - Hiking Adventure

"Aiyoyo, we sesat jalan oledi lah"
the reactions from many of us,
after finding out that we took the wrong route
As one of the side event for the gathering this year, a hiking session was held in the afternoon. Despite most of us acknowledged that it would make us tired after the hiking, it didn't hinder almost everyone who were participating in the gathering later that day to turn up and join the rest in the hike up Mount Kusato. By noon, everyone had arrived and after a short briefing by the organisers, we set off knowing that an exciting adventure was beckoning ahead of us. But before we start, of course must take a group photo first.
This is one of the pictures which has almost everyone who turned up for the gathering inside.
It is never an easy task to handle eighty grown-ups, but everyone was co-operative enough to follow to the instructions given earlier to ensure that nobody got lost during the hiking. To be honest, the trail was not that difficult and it was hardly unlikely for anyone to lose their way in the forest. As soon as everyone has got themselves ready, we set off in one whole big group.
DSC05056 copy
Everybody was raring to go, except for James who turned back to hit the loo.
I was among the ones walking behind the big group but I picked up some pace, overtaking people after people and in no time, I was already in front of them.
DSC05058 copy
This was not exactly the group in the furthest front.
So, I repeated the same trick and this time, I became the one leading the whole hiking group. Well, it was because I wanted to take a picture of the whole group of us from the front.
DSC05064 copy
The line was so long that it looked like a herd of elephants going to the town for some groceries.
Initially, Chan passed me his tripod when he noticed that I was trying to take the picture of us using my high raised arm. It felt awkward for me to be holding a stick-like thing as it made me looked more like one of those tour guides, in which they usually have colourful flags at the tip of the stick they hold to signal their group of tourists. Furthermore, I had to set timer on the camera and it was just too troublesome. That is why in the end, I just settled with using my arm stretched to the maximum to take the picture above. Of course when we were walking, everyone was chit chatting away and cracked some silly and lame jokes along the way. With so many people taking their cameras there, we just could not resist the temptation of camwhoring, even though we were suppose to hike up a mountain.
From left: Jia Hui, Yien San, Elaine, Jun Hui and Chai Ei squatting in front, but I wonder what was Gane doing with his hand which made him looked like a traffic policeman.
From left: Shin Wei, Boon, Randy with me squatting in front because if I were to stand up, it will just spoil the balance of the picture.
Datin Xu Xing needed as many as three bodyguards to safeguard her all the way.
We continued walking and as I was busy taking pictures, I was left behind again. However, someone in front signalled to the ones behind that they had met with a death end and needed to gostan back. Once again, we people who were trailing behind the group took the lead. Apparently, that route which is one of the mountain spring, is one of the shortest route in the hiking course as it will only take us about ten minutes to complete it. The route that we were supposed to take was a course which will last for more than forty minutes. And these people in front just read the map given wrongly. Luckily they realised that they had gone the wrong way early or we could have just spend the whole day in the jungle.
That would make the gathering this year to be renamed, "PPKTJ's Golden Week Hiking-The-Wrong-Route Adventure".
DSC05077 copy
Everyone were spotting blurred face.
We went through different types of environment throughout the journey up the hill. There were places where you could hardly find any leaves or grass on the ground like this.
The trail was too narrow that we had to form one bee line.
Further up the hill, we managed to come across with some greens and it certainly provided us with the fresh air that we were gasping for so badly throughout the journey.
Someone was praying to the wrong God at the wrong place.
All still looking energetic and enjoying the moment even after hiking for some time.
Kenny was checking out his self-taken camwhore picture whether he looked leng cai already.
It was halfway through the journey and there was a spot which was supposed to be a resting place before we continued with our hiking. The scenery from there was just breathtaking and it was even more so when now is the spring season, in which the trees along the mountains are beginning to grow new leaves. The different tone of the leaves make it a contrasting sight which you don't get to see it often and provide you with a rare feeling of getting to escape from the hustle and bustle of a city life like Tokyo.
DSC05093 copy
Some took this opportunity to have their lunch with the bento they brought along and as for the rest, they continued camwhoring away. We the future engineers just love to camwhore, don't we? Imagine us camwhoring non-stop at bridges and the top of skycrapers when we start working next time. Surely will kena sack immediately one like that.
When there are too many cameras, you would expect people not looking to the right direction.
It was as if all had turned celebrities for the day as the cameras' flashes were non-stop .
From left: Elaine, Jun Hui, Jia Hui, Yien San, Shi Wei, while the guys behind were waiting for someone to take their pictures.
For some extreme cases, they even managed to shoot a short action-packed movie right there.


This is what will happen when you made Randy pissed off with you.
We never saw Boon joining the rest of us after he got kicked by Randy. Some story suggests that he had fallen more than hundred meters down the bushy slopes and nobody was interested to retrieve him after that. The trekking up the peak was supposed to take around forty minutes, but in the end, we took more than an hour, mainly because everybody kept on stopping to take pictures along the way. We finally reached the peak of Mount Kusato and we saw a small wooden hut that once again, everyone quickly ran there to camwhore. Heck, how many times have I use the word "camwhore" in this entry?


The Kisarazu gang.

DSC05107 copy
The Nagaoka gang didn't want to be left out to have a group picture as well.
From group pictures based on which kosen they came from, it turned to pictures according to batch year. First up will be the youngest batch members who just joined the big family early this year, although I know it was an incomplete one
Among the girls in the batch with the guys missing-in-action.
Aiya, how come my batch never took a proper group picture together this year?

DSC05104 copy
PPKTJ Batch 12, 2003. This is the only batch that took a complete group picture of their batch this time around.
Someone felt it was still not enough and the next thing we knew, it was group pictures based on the hometowns. Lets see where the majority of us came from. First up is from the island state up north, Penang.
DSC05108 copy
Penang people seem to have a common resemblance. Can you notice it?

This one is from Kedah, where almost everyone hails from Sungai Petani.

As for this one, it was meant to be people coming from Sarawak but there were a few aliens who got themselves inside the picture.
Enough on group pictures already. I shall end this hiking entry with some candid shots.
Who has the longest one? (pun intended)
Now, who has the biggest pair of eyes bite?

Both seemed to be sharing their juicy relationships stories.

Kenny was just going to turn around but the cameraman was faster than him.

How can you not say that they are not an item?
Nevertheless, throughout the hiking up and down the hilly slopes, it wasn't free from any accidents. There were some area of the forest where the slopes were quite slippery and several people fell victim to the bad condition of the area. That is why the line kept on stopping a few times along the way and usually when something like that happened, there were only two possibilities; either an accident happened or some people stopped to camwhore. However, everyone arrived safely at the foot of the hill and continued with the next activity, which was the barbeque session.
The tear on the knee section of Lee Wei's jeans was not because of a fall during the hiking.
To wrap up this entry, I shall present you with the twins of PPKTJ.
DSC05109 copy
One was controlling his macho-ness while the other was stopping himself from bursting into laughter.
Well, both the singlets were identical at least.
~ to be continued ~


zhenhui said...

haha's a hill la...not a mountain :p
kusato hill :)

Anonymous said...

how come u got such a nice pic of 'randy pissed off'?? lol...the duo look intimidating in the last pic..

Anonymous said...

the last 1 is funny...

Anonymous said...

No, actually the photo was meant for people who can speak "Foo Chow" dialect (atleast a sentence). So for correction, there was only A blue alien at the center of the photo.
Peace :)

Anonymous said...

this isnt a gathering... its a rombongan...
dont worry bout getting lost la..jap hiking trails all guided one...

Anonymous said...

haha,i think we managed to shock all those japaneses out there with our big rombongan that speaks dont-know-what-rojak language,gather here and there constantly for camera shots,and the worst,made dangerous 'gostan '=P

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
was it a hill? i wasn't paying attention to that and besides that, the name uses the "mountain" kanji. but at least i managed to make it sound like we had conquered some high mountain ^^

calvin said...

@ chai ei:
that picture was stolen from boon's photo album without permission. and the last picture can also called "The Two Ah Longs From PPKTJ" =P

calvin said...

@ amalina:
fix a fake hair and dye it brown, and put a pair of specs on chan; and wear a silver necklace on randy and it would make them a perfect pair of twins =D

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
it was my mistake then >.<
but if that is the case, i should have joined that group too 'coz i could speak one foochow line ^^
anyway, don't you notice that that blue alien appears in almost every picture?

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
yea, more like a rombongan sambil ber-camwhore ;)
and we were just worried to be kidnapped by the penunggu in the forest >.<

calvin said...

@ lyk:
the japanese must be wondering where we came from for being able to speak such special a language.
but as the saying goes, 旅の恥はかき捨て. there is no need to worry about manners while travelling =P

Anonymous said...


not blue Alien, we should show some respect to our Mr AJK :)

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
we are all aliens in japan, aren't we? and he would be the head of the aliens' community.

by the way, a very happy belated 21st birthday to you and may you have good health and all the best in your life :)

p/s: faster go get a girlfriend ^.-