Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pre-Golden Week Gathering 2008

"Are you sure you're choosing Hokkaido?"
my surprise reaction to two of my batchmates
when I got to know their choice of kosen
It felt like it was just yesterday that I threw both of them with the question.
The actual fact is, more than one year has passed since that day. The response on the PPKTJ Golden Week's Gathering this year has been so good; even Chang Yuan and Teong Rong came down all the way from Hokkaido to join the rest of us in Tokyo for this annual gathering. The main gathering was scheduled to be on Sunday, but most of us in my batch and my junior's batch have come down to Tokyo a day earlier. Each arrived on a different time, mostly due to the distance between the place they are currently studying and Tokyo. The people from Nagaoka were among the earliest to arrive in Shinjuku station, closely followed by the rest. By noon, almost everyone had reached and we decided to meet-up before moving to the site where the gathering with the rest of the senpai and kohai would be held. First place we meet-up with each toher was around Shinjuku Station and here are a few of us who were there already, waiting for the rest before proceeding to the next location. Despite the long-hours of journey throughout the night, everyone still looked energetic and ready to have fun, except for one person.


Aiyo Chan, why when people were taking photo, you busy sleeping? (pic by Cedric)
From Shinjuku station, we headed to another spot but still within the proximity of Tokyo.

DSC04983 copy

Can you see the tiny figures in the centre of the picture? That was the whole bunch of us.
The weather didn't do us any much favour as it was raining since early of the morning and we decided to find some indoor place. Tokyo Dome was decided and the whole bunch of us took the train there only to find out that there were nothing much interesting to do there. Our initial plan of going into the amusement park in the proximity of Tokyo Dome was cancelled for some unknown reasons. So, we stopped in front of the dome like some lost tourist figuring out for the next destination.

DSC04986 copy

Die die also must split into guy's group and girls group everytime.
However, that didn't stopped some to continue camwhoring around the area.


Feeling lost, but still must smile kao kao in front of the camera. (pic by Cedric)
In the end, we went for bowling. Basically, there were sixteen of us there and we split into three teams. We had a bet before the game went underway that the team who finishes last will treat the rest a bottle of juice. You see, we Malaysians sometimes are more kiasu than our counterpart and it was understandable that everyone was trying hard to make sure that they don't finish last. However, when there is someone bowled their balls into the drain (pun unintended), you will still get a lot of cheering.
Cheering that came from your opponents that is.

DSC04988 copy

Actually it was not that tensed-up as everybody was having fun with each other.
At the same time, for the rest who were waiting for their turns felt so boring as if they had nothing to do. In the end, they took their time off to camwhore like mad. So long time didn't get to see each other already, sure will miss each other very much, right?

DSC04992 copy

Paiseh hor Bao Cong and Mingrong for getting your face half-cut. Blame the I-don't-know-who-was-the-photographer.


Here is the redemption. This time both of their faces appeared clearly in the picture already. (pic by Cedric)
Back to serious talk on how the game went. My team comprising of Bao Cong, Chan, Joann, Mingrong, Wan Ying and me was trailing like mad in the beginning. Even the two other teams who have one player less managed to accumulate much higher score than us. How can something like this happen, right? One of the reasons is surely must be this. Even if I tried to bowl into the drain, I don't think it will continue for eight consecutive time.

DSC04990 - Copy copy

Don't kill me for putting this up my dear ex-roommate. I still love you very much ^^
When you have someone in your team having such score, you know that you will only invite bad luck, isn't it? But I think luck was just not on his side. His spinning technique just didn't work out that day but when you see how the pins fell when he got an earlier strike, I can assure you that you will be impressed by the way the ball rolls so near to the drain, yet turning inside when it is going to hit the pins. Looked so damn professional. Wondering who was that? I had given a clue up there. Go figure out yourself.
Anyway, my team slowly picked up the pace and we managed to avoid ending up in the last place. This is the team who finished third. They said that "third place" is a better way of calling their placing rather than "last place". But I have one question to all the team members. Where are the juices that you guys were suppose to treat us?

DSC05008 copy

Third place - From left: Yow Keong, Cedric, Tang Yi, Joyce, Teong Rong.
Our team didn't get the first place, so we posed with a peace sign to depict the second placing that we got. You know that I will never pose with a lala-ish peace sign and so, I opted with a sign which ended up looking more like a scissor instead.

DSC04994 copy

Second place - From left: Bao Cong, Me, Wan Ying, Joann, Chan, Mingrong.
Here are the kings and queen bowlers of the day.

DSC05000 copy

First place - From left: Wei Jian, Elvin, Joceline, Yan Kuang, Sii Lee.
Finally, the group shot we took at the end of the day.

DSC05010 copy
I only realised that this is the first time for more than two years that we had such a huge group bowling together and for those who missed out on it, make sure you join the gang in the next gathering.
~ to be continued ~


chang yuan said...

i still want to say, i have no regret for choosing hokkaido, haha! though teong rong and i are far away from all of you, it is just a matter of time and chance for us to meet nia!

Anonymous said...

minna kawattan ne...
tang yii`s hair...
CHAN (OMG!!!) is botak n tanned...
LYK-Yew Keong- fullamak....macam itu mubie star lor.....
Ced-rambut cucuk cicak?

kalo terserempak kat tgh2 tokyo sure xkenal punye...desu yo ne?

zhenhui said...

who so cha wan???
bodoh punya...
where got ppl so teruk at bowling wan...aduih
eh karubin u better dont mix with him so much lo...
nanti hilang skill bowling :p

calvin said...

@ 昌元:
good thing to hear that you are enjoying your life there, although you guys are seperated so far away from the rest of us. looking forward to the next gathering and this time, lets hope everyone will turn up :)

calvin said...

@ amalina:
that is because everyone watched transformers too much. but you didn't comment about how much i have changed, that if there is any xD

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
that day it was mingrong, now it's your turn to act innocent ka? paiseh hor for revealing your identity here. it was an accident =P

Anonymous said...

aku sll tgk ur pic here....
there`s changes but sll sgt tgk so terpaksa di abaikan la....

Joyce said...

Wah lau eh...u damn free hor Thursday edi blog bout it. Somemore i was bermati-matian trying to finish my report.

Neways, good job!! Berry nice.And i see its only part one so im expecting more.KEKEKE......

erm...the pic ka. Put lah. I also want to put on my blog i steal some of ur pics can?? Can lah hor! KEKEKE....

amalina: Joyce tak tukar ke? :P

Kae Vin said...

lol. So far the post with the most number of people in it.

where's ur banner btw?

Anonymous said...

woh ,so fast update ur blog d.the second day after coming back from the gathering.sasuga professional blogger dayone!1st of all,thanks for willing traveling a long way to tokyo just to make the gathering a success.without ur presences ,i dont think it will be as fun as this time.really indeed.btw,do u have taken any complete group photo of our 1 seems to have taken any of it.=(
once again,thank u !

calvin said...

@ amalina:
you have seen enough of me until you got bored already, right? =P

calvin said...

@ joyce:
it's not about me being free or busy, but i have finished up my reports before i went down tokyo. so far, i still manage to juggle my time between my studies and non-studies commitment ^^

thanks and yes, you are right. there are a few more parts to come 'coz there are just too many pictures to fit in one entry. you don't want to wait for hours just for the page to load too, right? ;)

i will use that picture in one of the entry. tanoshimini ne. just use whichever picture you wish. by the way, there are much more pictures in the picasaweb page that have been uploaded by the others as well.

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
now that you mentioned about it, i only realised on that. you shall be seeing more people in the next few entries at least.

i took down my banner ;)

calvin said...

@ lyk:
it was just a short update though. anyway, i think it was every single one of us who made the gathering this year a success, but i still have to say the main credits have to go to both of you who did all the planning and stuffs. job really well-done :)

i don't think anyone have taken any group picture of our batch this year. it is an unfortunate, but we still have plenty of chances in the near future ;)

Anonymous said...

don't mind calvin, although can't see my face, my hair still looks nice :)
isn't it? unlike the other guy's... XD

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
dei, since when you have turned to be so ss?
but i think i know who are you referring to =P