Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Very Best Of PPKTJ's Water Fish

I got this email from someone familiar. It was a forwarded email and I was thinking to ignore it. But I didn't know what that kept on telling me to open it. The subject was Humour.
Here is the short message from the email.
did these when i was bored. hope to add some laughter to everybody's almost routine daily boring kosen life.
P/S: dont send it to Mingrong please, he may kill me.
Here presenting you, Mingrong a.k.a. PPKTJ's Water Fish.


EDITED: Due to some protest by the victim person itself, I decided to stop here and take down the rest of the entry. If I made you tulan Mingrong, I make a public apology here. Don't p*** me already, okay? And don't sue me either. I got no money ^.-
By the way, here is a wishing to all of you out there:
I miss my mooncakes.
And of course, my squirrel lantern!


Wee Kien said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

im scolded by ming rong coz leaving a comment here

calvin said...

@ chwk87:
i think we should just make this entry case-closed =)

chang yuan said...

jz b4 u make tis entry case-closed, let me leave a comment 1st: GREAT POST! haha! now mingrong will b much more famous then b4.

calvin said...

@ 昌元:
thanks. but he got famous and i got tulan-ed. so i decided to take it down =P

Anonymous said...

nice entry.... ho ho ho!! happy mid autumn festival... i like your lantern.

Eric Sng said...

i like ur lantern.......

calvin said...

@ jane:
i like it too. but unfortunately, it was burned until it was left with only the bones a.k.a wyres some time ago. i re-pasted it and i think it is still around back home =P

happy mid autumn festival to you too ^.^

calvin said...

@ ricky:
what kind of lantern you have?

Anonymous said...

scolded? how? by phoning u? arienai... he is not using white plan.. lol