Monday, September 24, 2007

My First Experience

I have already been almost 6 months here in Japan, and the only transportation I have been using so far is bus, train, ferry and the most common of all walking. Not driving though. Tonight was the first time I drove in Japan. In fact, it was a double first-time as I drove an automatic car. Here was roughly how it went.

I finished my dinner with Joann and another Chinese girl. The Chinese girl said she wanted to move her car from the kosen compound to the parking area outside the kosen. She asked me if I would like to try. I agreed but when I found out that it was an auto car, I had second thoughts.

We hopped onto the car. The first thing I did was adjusting the seat. Not much luck as it was already the maximum I could adjust it backwards. Put the key and turned it on. I tried few times until the engine started. I was still finding the clutch pedal, not realising it was an auto car. Put on R and reversed. Then not sure what was the next step. Later I put on D and continued my 5km/hr drive, gaining speed slowly down the hill. That was the time Joann started her attempt to distract me.

"Look, got people there!"

"Got cat, Calvin!"

"Horr! Car is coming!"

But I remained cool. Realising her attempt did not have any effect, she stopped shouting. Along the way, I did make a few emergency breaks, making it a memorable ride for both of them. It was much better than the rides you can get in Universal Studio Japan and I am pretty sure that the only thought they had in their mind that time was to get off the car immediately.

Then I reached a junction. I should be turning left, but there were two roads - one small, the other wider. They asked me to take the wider one, but I took the other one as it was a shorter route. Finally, reached the parking area, but wasn't sure if there was a drain there.

I asked, "Ei, got longkang ar?"

Instead of getting a reply from Joann, it was the Chinese girl who replied me "Mei you". I was wondering how she understand the word longkang.

Later I parked the car and we walked back to kosen.

There was how it went. You can say I was just like a jakun, but tell you what, that was my first time touching a car handle for the last six-long months. To be honest, I was like having no idea what to do when I hopped onto the car. But it was a nice experience.
This is my first time driving in Japan, and certainly it will not be the last one ^.^
P/S @ Joann: Before you laugh at me, think twice. She said your first time was worse than mine!


mg said...

u mean car steering? muahaha =P

wat car was it? kancil?

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i was looking for that word, but could not figure it out. yes, i mean car steering =P

of couse not kancil la. japan where can find kancil. honda something, but it was kinda dark and i wasn't sure exactly what honda was it.