Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tulan - Hilarious Version

As you would know, I do not have a 24-hour internet line in my kosen. The internet line in my kosen is only from 6 in the morning until 12 midnight daily. I call the moment the line is cut as ETL. ETL was created by Calvin some time ago, and I thought it was not a bad good idea. ETL actually stands for Estimated Time Left/Leaving. So next time if I say ETL, I hope no one will ask me what does it mean again.
No, I am not tulan because of that ETL thing. Well, not totally, but a bit lah.
Those above are not my main point of this entry. Now, let me start off what I should be tulan-ing on. If you are a frequent reader of Kenny Sia, you should have came across this entry. I never thought that these tulan things will ever happen to me.
Afterall, who will ever want to use my professional amateur photos and benefit from them, right? But it took a major turn last night. At 23:50, just 10 minutes before my ETL, my cousin Reena MSN-ed me.
慧仪 ♥love.strength.unity.myg . × says (11:50 PM):
And she send me a file, which I accepted and when I opened it, guess what I got?
She told me that she print-screened our conversation one time ago, copied and pasted, and saved the pic as a file of future use. She used my kiddy-type masterpiece drawing and edited it by adding her chio cropped photo at the side, and used it as her wallpaper, without even asking for my permission. This is something we called breaching someone's copyright, no?
I know I made Mingrong tulan-ed in this entry. And immediately the next day, I paid for the price. Just one word to Reena. You made me TULAN-ed!
P/S: Haha! Reena, actually you made my day night lah. I never knew my drawing will go all the way until Perth. I was laughing my ass off for almost 10 minutes, non-stop. I kid you not. I had never laughed out like that before for some time already. Thanks ^.-
By the way, don't ask me what animal I drew. I give you guys here the chance to guess what animal is that. Just one clue though, it is another one of the genetically modified animal I came out with ^.^


mg said...


calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i am asking you to guess that animal and you came out with a new breed of animal? what species of animal is that?

Eric Sng said...

i think itz a half mouse 1/4 dog and 1.4 pig..hehe

Reenybob said...

eh i use it it is a COMPLIMENT OK.
i love that pic it makes me laugh so freakin much.

tulan my foot la @_@
and aw, look at my pretty face on ur blog. ROFLROFLROFL!~

and the animal... its a mouse cross a dog cross a birdie. ^^

calvin said...

@ ricky:
that only makes 1/2 of the animal. what is the other half of it?

calvin said...

@ reena:
hey, you made me laughed like mad the moment i opened the pic, you know. although it was tiring, it was the perfect massage for my mouth muscles ^.-

i don't have to look at my blog for your face coz i am currently using it as my wallpaper. see, i appreciate your artwork, okay?

and the animal, why so many crosses? i can understand if you said it is a cross-breed of birdie and maybe mouse. but dog? which part?

Reenybob said...

can what 3 animals.. who said sexual reproduction only got 2?
u ever heard of a threesome? ROFL!!!!

if u want the original without my desktop.. also can.
i even now coloured in your dog-birdie-mouse with yellow and purple haha. ^^

calvin said...

@ reena:
lolz. hey, watch your words. i got younger cousins reading this and i don't want they come to me and ask, "calvin gor gor, what is threesome?"

yellow and purple? is that a combination of barney the dinosaur and his yellow i-forget-his-name friend?