Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tokyo Tower Ice Cream

I was online-ing as usual last night when suddenly I got a call from my senpai asking me if I want to join them for bowling. Initially I was splitted for choices as I was there chatting and then, I was asked to join them. Since it has been a while I last bowled, so I agreed.
Before going for bowling, we went to have a giant ice cream. There are two reasons why I named it Tokyo Tower Ice Cream instead of KLCC Ice Cream.
#1: It would be inappropriate to name it KLCC since you only have Tokyo Tower in Japan.
#2: The height of the ice cream wasn't as tall as I initially thought.
Well, my senpai has been telling us how tall the ice cream is. But when it was served, well it was tall, but not as what I'd expected all this while.
First, the guy pour several types of syrups on the ice cream. There were so many colours of syrups that it almost turned the ice cream tower into rainbow look.
When he was done with the pouring part, it was time for us to admire the beauty of whack the ice cream fast and furious.
Here is how the ice cream looked like when it was ready.
It was about 50cm high. That is just level 2, according to that guy. It could go up well until level 5. I wonder how many people we will be needing if we were to arder that level 5 ice cream.
At first, I just took a few scoops from the main bowl and try it.
But as I was among the first to scoop it, most of what I took was just cream. This is the last thing you would have hope for when you are thinking to stay on a strict diet.
But I just forget about that and just tell myself: "Calvin, no worries, it's just tonight".
There were 15 of us there and I thought there won't be any problem for us to finish up the ice cream. But as keep on add on, the pace began to slow down.
One by one of us began to stop eating it. As for me, I stopped after my third bowl. Even after that, I found it so hard to finish up my cup of cocoa drink.
Anyway, the interior of this restaurant was kind of different. When you look around, you will get the feeling that you are in a wonderland.
That is because they actually decorated so many toys inside the restaurant.
By the way, inside the aquarium on the left side of the pic, there's a turtle (I guess). The nose looked just like a pig. I didn't took the picture of that turtle because it might get shocked by my camera's flash.
There's even an Ultraman inside the small restaurant.
I wonder what creature will be displayed if there is a restaurant of this kind in Malaysia. Keluang Man perhaps?


michelleg said...

haha. strict diet konon :P the ice cream looks ALOT and nice. but issit like those ice kacang type of ice or normal creamy ice cream?

but that shop really looks nice. i like the atmosphere. kinda quirky but comfy.. haha :P good for 'small kid'

lonehunter88 said...

wah.. what shop is that?? the fuuinki so nice.. i dont think gunma got that type of shop.. too bad... >.<

Innocent^^Guy said...

y all ur picure orange orange wan?

michelleg said...

calvinsenpai, i think it's because of the lighting in the shop. if yellow light might affect the photos taken. or he was using wrong mode! :P

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
my strict diet was gone last night. sigh -.-

here, the ice kacang is nothing compared to what we can get back home. the ice cream we had is like the normal creamy ice cream.

and for goodness sake, can you for once don't call me a small kid?

Calvin said...

@ lonehunter88:
that is an ice cream shop la. drug store meh? haha, you come nagaoka one day la. then, i take you there and we sama-sama eat ice cream ^.-

Calvin said...

@ calvinsenpai:
orange means kim/kam. so indirectly, i'm calling kim to kam (gold to come) ma :P

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i am sure 100% that i wasn't using the wrong mode! the shop was kinda dimp inside. that is why it looks so orange :)

michelleg said...

haha i like calling u small kid kenot ah?

it's dim not dimp :P

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i made that typo all because you called me a small kid ma. since you like to call me small kid, i hope you will be able to bear with my tons of typo again after this :P

lasilasi said...

lol cicak man!!

btw, did u watch 'udon'? that udon-man is so cuteee!

Calvin said...

@ lasilasi
haha, cicak man i know. but udon man i have no idea at all. is it a malaysian or a japanese production?