Friday, August 10, 2007

Soeru And Someru Are Different

It's been some time already since I'm thinking to have a haircut. But as I was so busy online-ing studying for my exams for the past two weeks, I had no choice but to put that aside first.
In fact, the last time I had my haircut was before I came to Japan, which was more than 4 months ago. During this period, my hair has turned from a bulu-less hamster into a very bulu-ness orang utan.
So yesterday, I decided to not only have a haircut, but also dye my hair. My mum is sure to have a level 2 heart attack if she reads this, which I hope she won't. So I went to this shop near my place. As usual, I was greeted with the famous word - irrashaimase.
After guiding me to a seat, that guy ask me what I wanted to do with my hair. So I told him something like this:
Me: カットして、その後は添える。 (Cut, and then attach)
Guy: ええ、そお。。何?シャンプーですか? (Err, att.. what? Syampoo?)
Me: 違う。シャンプーじゃなくて、添えるんです。(No. Not syampoo. It's attach)
Guy: *This guy is nuts. Why he keep wanting to be attached?*
Guy: 染めるんですか?(Is it dye?)
Me: そうです。染めるんです。(Yes, it's dye)
I know I have stayed in Japan long enough to know the difference between 添える (soeru) and 染める (someru). But I just have no idea why I was in total lost that time. I kept on telling him to get my hair attached. No wonder he was so blur. Pity him.
After he found out that I wanted to cut and dye my hair, he asked me to go to the first floor. They made me waited for almost 15 minutes before starting to play with my hair. First, I picked the colour. It reminds me when I used to become colour blind when it comes to choosing the right colour to do my paintings for Pendidikan Seni.
Not wanting it to look too bright and reddish, I went for the safest route. Dark brown. Then he started off with syampooing my hair. Later on, he started to prepare the mixture for my hair. It looked just like some baby food I used to eat when I was young which my mum used to feed my sisters. It looked quite geli and didn't smell any good at all.
I was later made to wait for about one hour before a girl took me to have a shower. Not with her, but just my hair of course. By that time, I was beginning to wonder how will I look. The curious feeling was similar to those people who underwent plastic surgery and wonder how they will look like when the wrapper is taken off from their face.
To make matter worse, she wrapped my hair with a black towel and asked me to sit down and wait again. So I sat there, without having any idea what or how things will turn out to be.
When he took the towel off, another guy asked me how I want my hair to be. Not wanting to cut it too short from someone's request, I just simply pick one style and leave it to him to do everything while hoping it won't be a disaster in the end. That time, I noticed my hair doesn't look much different from my original colour. I thought I had chose the wrong colour.
But after he finished cutting my hair, the colour slowly became noticeable. At least my money the JPA sponsored money wasn't spent unwisely. Here is how the new look of Calvin.
Okay, you can say I'm a camwhore freak for uploading as much as two pictures. But I seriously want to know what do you think of this new haircut and hairattach hairdye. I only accept honest comments, no matter you think it is nice or otherwise.
But I hope it is the former ^.-


michelleg said...

honest comment = camwhore freak!! hahaha. nice lar.. :P

dodo said...

hahaha. cam whore freak?! haha. good one mg! somemore giv us that kinda look~ the HUH look. But lucky u, didnt remind me of Steven Lim's look. haha. He's another cam whore freak too.

the color aint obvious. but i think its ok for u. that color which u hav now wont be the outcome for now. Soon, u'll c the real color. It'll slowly change one gua i guess.

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
that was one of the most honest comment that i ever get for my whole life! very honest indeed :P

Calvin said...

@ dodo:
oi, steven lim is different okay? don't you ever relate me with that buaya fella!

haha! anyway, thanks for your comments ^.-

Anonymous said...

The color look alright for Asian skin. Anyway you need to maintain teh color by using shampoo fro colored hair. Sooner or later, it will become more brown and visible. Mine still last till now after 6 months already.

bye..anyway how $$$?


Calvin said...

@ see eee:
yea, my friend got told me about using those specially designed syampoo after dyeing my hair. i will look for that syampoo soon.

$$$? guess how much la. hehe :P

michelleg said...

no need guess lar, i can tell here.. hahaha.. it's RMX00

i totally agree with dodo with that HUH look. OMG!!

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
wei, you don't simply make an estimation la! you want to drink XO isit?

and by the way, since when you and dodo made a tag-team to tembak me ar?

michelleg said...

we also tembaked calvinsenpai.. hahaha..

i duwan XO.. want tokyo tower aisu kuriimu.. lols..

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
it seems that both of you really like to tembak someone with the name calvin hor? but why? did we ever made something sorry to you guys in our past lives?

i will get you something even more special. klcc ice cream ^.-