Tuesday, August 28, 2007

金閣寺 & 大阪城 (Kinkakuji & Osaka Castle)

AUGUST 12, 2007
The plan for today was to continue visiting a few more shrines in Kyoto. We were in Kyoto and there will be nothing else better to see besides shrines. Not saying that I am a big fan of shrines, but there are some of them which is a must if you visit Kyoto.
One of it will be 金閣寺 (Kinkakuji). That was the main place in our plan for the day. But before that, we went to a few small shrines first.
There was a small park in one of the shrines where they placed a few of the hand-made lanterns by kids in the compound.
Kids Touch
There is even a shrine were everything there are pig-based. The main gate, the decorations, the stone pig, everything were pig-shaped.
I wonder if there is such place in Kelantan.
We also came across another shrine where there was a woman face thing placed high on top of the main gate. We noticed that there were a lot of coins inside the net-like thingy which were tied to it.
Lucky Throw
So, we began to look for 1yen coins and start our throw without knowing the purpose. The only thing we knew was to have fun throwing the coins and getting them into the net. I got all of my three 1yen coins into the net with just three throw.
When you are tall, it really helps when it comes to situation like this.
There was a street we walked through and all the houses are wooden ones. The feeling when walking along the street was kind of different compared to big cities with buildings which feels like Tokyo.
Blue Sky
Something like walking through Jonker Streets in Malacca.
We later took the subway and a bus to get to Kinkakuji. The entrance ticket we got looked like the yellow ang kong huu I used to see in Chinese temple.
In case you have no idea what an ang kong huu is, it refers to the yellow piece of paper people stick on the forehead of Chinese jumping ghost.
Kinkaku was formally called Shariden. The elegant, harmonious building consists of three types of architecture. The 1st floor is the palace style, 2nd is the samurai house and the 3rd is the Zen temple style. Both the 2nd and 3rd floors are covered with gold-leaf on Japanese lacquer.
That golden touch is what that makes this shrine different from the rest. If you notice, the water in the lake looks golden due to the reflection of the Kinkakuji.
After spending time around that area, I was walking out when I came across so many coins on the floor.
Coin Throw
Almost all of the coins were just 1yen coins. I would have done something different if they were 500yen coins. We later headed back to Kyoto Eki and we had our lunch inside the eki.
Lunch Set
After lunch, Yan Kuang insisted to go and watch the 芸者 (geisha) performance at night. But the rest of us felt that watching geisha performing isn't our cup of coffee.
So the three of us headed to Osaka first and he will be catching up with us later that night.
Going to Osaka means there will be another train ride. But this was much shorter as we took the rapid train and reached Osaka within an hour.
We were heading to Osaka Castle but on our way there, we came across this group performing along the street.
The performance was not bad at all while seeing them doing weird, stewpid and nonsense stuff. This is what you will get in Japan. Nevertheless, it entertained those passer-by there and I was laughing away watching their acts.
There was a guy with a tiger hat, but the main attraction must be that guy wearing only red underwear ala Hard Gay.
I took a few videos on this group performing, but I will only be uploading one of them. Too many is not good for my under-aged readers.
Being in Osaka would not be complete without trying the famous Osaka takoyaki. Takoyaki is actually made of flour with slices of octopus inside it. We got this box of takkoyaki for just 400yen (RM13) which was cheap to Osaka standard.
It was not bad and we were already hungry by that time. We later continued walking until we reached 大阪城 (Osaka Castle). At one glance, it looks like 姫路城 (Himeji Castle) in Kobe. But so far, I have never been there yet.
Around the castle, there are 1,250 Japanese plum trees and 4,500 cherry trees. Osaka Castle Park is a famous spot for spring flower viewing festivities. But this is summer. So no plums and cherries for us to see.
After the Meiji period, the Osaka Castle site was used by the army. The area around the Castle were damaged during the bombing raids of World War II, but were restored and turned into a historic site after the war.
When we were buying our ticket, the first of my two clown act of the day happened. The entrance ticket was so expensive that it cost us 600yen (RM20). That women was asking us if we had any traveling tickets like train passes as they can be used to buy the ticket on a discounted price.
I was thinking to ask her if Seishun18 ticket is valid. But in the end, I asked her something like this. 
学生証でいいですか? (Is Student ID valid?)
I was waiting for either a yes or a no answer that time. Instead, she looked at me for a second and kept her silence while another women beside her was laughing at me.
I was like WTF (what the frog)?! Was my question so funny?
Even my friends were laughing at me. I asked her properly, and she thought I was trying to be a clown. But in the end, I did find that kinda funny or rather silly as well. How can you use a student ID to enter a castle, right?
Here We Go
After that incident, we entered the castle and went to the highest floor. The whole of Osaka was visible from there.
Atop CastleOsaka Skyline
Then we slowly got down one floor by one floor. The stuff exhibited there were just like normal museums. There was a place where we can try wearing the helmets and get our pictures taken for 300yen (RM10). There were all kinds of helmets available.
The one that caught my eye was a helmet with a pair of horns.


Goat horns I guess. But I didn't try it as I didn't want to dream of a goat disturbing me at night. There was also a golden tiger and a fish there. This time I camwhored in front of those two.
Golden Danger
Because it was free.
But having said that, I was actually exposed to the possibility of the tiger molesting my butt. The tiger did it. I'm not going to keep silent being done like that by a tiger. So, I got my revenge in the end.


I guess that golden tiger got it's eye blue blacked after my punch.
After visiting the castle, we headed to another place to get a try on Japanese pau. I was asking one of the people from the kiosk in the eki about it. It just so happened that girl I was asking was a Korean I think. She was pretty hot and chun too.
Imagine a Malaysian talking to a Korean in Japanese. In the end, it became like this.
Me: あのう、まんにくはどこにありますか?(Excuse me, where is manniku?)
*Only now I realised that this question sounds so stewpid!*
Girl: まんにく?なんですか? (Manniku? What is that?)
Me: まんにく (la)!(Manniku la!)
Girl: ええ? (Huh?)
*Few exchanges continued for some time, until…*
Girl: にくまんですか? (Is it nikuman?)
*She was smiling like a goat getting a bouquet of rafflesia that time*
Me: はい、はい、そうです!(Yes, yes, that's it!)
*Me malu to the max already that time, realising how blur I was*
Girl: そうですね、ここから。。。(I see. From here, bla bla bla…)
Me: はい、ありがとうございました。(Okay, thank you)
I immediately left after my clown act #2 of the day with that girl. I actually asked her the inversed word. No wonder she was like so blur when I asked her. I just don't know how on earth can I say manniku instead of nikuman.
That reminds me of the mix-up between soeru and someru not long ago.
But in the end, I got to taste my NIKUMAN (this time no error). Four Japanese pau for 560yen (RM19). I never eaten a pau more than RM1.40 before this. But since is my first time eating pau since I came here, then it's okay la.
The skin was kinda thick and wasn't as soft as the local pau. The meat was okay, but still the Malaysian pau is still the best. I was just trying this nikuman for experience. Overall, it was not bad.
We then headed back to the same internet café. But before that, we had our dinner. We just ordered two different sets of meal for the 3 of us as we weren't really hungry at that time. There was even a dessert for us.
After dinner, we were off to our internet café a.k.a. 'hotel' to rest before heading to somewhere interesting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

stayed at cybercafe again? not tired meh?

calvin said...

@ chwk87:
it wasn't really tiring as i hardly sleep throughout the night also. i was online-ing instead. hehe :P

cl3m` said...

ure crazy sleeping at int cafes everyday..can find 1500 yen acc for u in osaka n kyoto!

mg said...

wat's dat lunch set?

so funny lar the red underwear guy! haha.. -__-

takoyaki looks really DELICIOUS!

oh ya why can't use student id? like here go watch movie can get discount with student id ma.

clown act no.2 damn lame.. lolz

ok im done phew~~~ =)

calvin said...

@ clem:
i actually joined the rest for this short trip to kyoto and osaka as i was on my way to hiroshima ma. so there wasn't any planning done beforehand. kinda like bidan terjun.

that is why we ended up spending our nights there. it was an experience though :P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
the lunch set was food eaten when you are having lunch! lolz. it was actually kinda like sweet sour chicken.

that red underwear guy was damn high already ma that day.

that takoyaki was just from tepi jalan stalls nia. i didn't manage to try real osaka takoyaki.

movie and castle are two different things okay? my friend said perhaps i was the first person ever in the history to ask such a question there!

i was trying to ask for directions ma. but mana tau i came out with a new words. pity the korean girl.

i am done as well ^.^