Saturday, June 9, 2007

Exam's Aftermath

By the comments and responses I got from my last post, I can only summarised the exam where most of us at last week in one word: DISASTER! Am I right? I'm not trying to talk cock here. Just by looking at the posting by some of them in their blog, you don't need an astrologer to tell you what's in their mind at the moment.
Take a look at this:

"exams are over but..."
"I'm not fine...!!"
Both of the post are from Tang Yii's blog. Based on what's being written in this and this post, I'm sure there's something not right about the past exam. If someone like her can say, "Celaka!!! 10 marks sayonara d", can you still say that the exam has been gone fine to her?
Same goes to Shuk Yee in her blog. Taking a look at this post, you'll be surprised at the careless mistake she made. She seemed to be having no answer to why she did such mistakes to the extend that she described exam as "Highest level of careless mistakes game!!"
"God, I got 98% just because of this..."
Now take a look at Joann's blog. In her post, she's baka-ing about them being asked to memorised some baka definitions only to be required to suaikan the definitions in the exam, rather than write down the definitions.

Baka 生物? Then why in the first place you took that course? Hmm... I wonder why...
But do you notice that most of the rantings were done by the girls only. Why there wasn't even at least a single guy who talked about the exam's effect in their blog? Me included! Girls like to complain more? Yes, perhaps! Haha! Just kidding lah. Girls out there, I'm not trying to be like the MPs from Kinabatangan and Jasin. So, take it easy, okay?

Looking at a lighter side, I notice that the visitors to my blog had dipped dramatically within the whole of last week. Just take a look at the graph below.

The visitors to my blog is mostly comprised of my friends who are currently studying in Japan and other parts of the world like Australia and the United States. Of course there are also some from Malaysia as well. Since within this few weeks, it has been exams, exams and exams, I guess you can roughly get an idea why the figure has decreased. Anyway, I can see an increase coming pretty soon and it's happening already.
Even myself hasn't been blogging too much for the whole of last week. Initially, I told myself to stop blogging for a good one week, but my gatal fingers just made it hard for me to get into complete 'hibernating' state.
I'll be back blogging as usual from now on. I hope the coming postings will be an interesting ones :)
P/S: I don't know, but I just got the feeling that I'm going to get tons of response from those above who I could have unintendedly pijak-ed and be not syiok with me already. Hehe... we'll see...


ns29 said...

Haha! Seems like I also become famous huh??
Realised that Chem seems harder than Electric...
Saw them saying bout muki muki also pening~~
However,I didnt really feel unhappy with it lar..
Especially when almost all subjects also got careless..sudah biasa mah..
Complain huh..yeah..actually even though I got many mistakes...still manage to get better marks compare to many of my classmates...
So, not really need to complain..

If in one month time my bank still have no money come in...then only I complain dengan bersungguh-sungguh~~

Calvin said...

ns29: actually i should have credited you as i took the pics and post from your blog. but i know you don't mind la hor? no need talk about royalties here la, okay? haha!!

i also can said to be used to making careless mistakes already. if i didn't any careless mistakes in a paper, that's something very unusual already.

anyway, seems like your results pretty good, hor? omodetou!

talking about money thing, i baru teringat about it! yes, if it happens again like last time, we sama-sama go complain, okay? lolz!!

tang yii said...

u ah!
I'm so hazukashii ah!!
but it's ok though ...
I shall forgive u..
coz I'm super happy now!

Calvin said...

tang yii: hahr? did my post make you super hazukashii? which part wor?

but damage is done already! too late for me to apologise already i guess, hor? haha!

SuwaN said...

wow.. very hard question.. oh my god!

Calvin said...

suwan: of course it looks hard if you're not taking that particular course :P