Sunday, June 10, 2007

This Can't Be True!

"There's someone in this world who resembles ourselves and is in somewhere in this world."
Ever heard of a saying that goes something like that? I did but I never really put any donkey attention on it. Until last night. I got to know someone. His name is Calvin. You didn't heard it wrong. I know by this time, you must be thinking I've got some problem with my brain, after a week they fried my brains with memorising tons and tons of formulas and definitions, don't you? But I kid you not.
I got to know Calvin from Kenny Sia's chatbox. Out of so many places, huh? I thought by chatting with him there will make the others there feel weird. So I added him in my MSN and have a chat with him. This is the time I started to freak out. Slowly but surely. Of course I'm not surprised about knowing someone with a name as mine. Neither that I'm going to comment on how much he resembles me in term of looks. I'll leave this to you guys to have a say. But if you ask me, then I think got a little bit similarity I guess :)
It's not about name or looks that freaked me out actually. Instead it's how both of us resembles in terms of characteristics. If you found out someone with has a same name, similar (almost?) looks and similar characteristics with you, wouldn't you feel something fishy? When he found out that I don't go clubbing, then he started feel one kind already.
"Siao ah...U dun so like me ler...Scare me ah.."
That's what he said. But that was still okay. We just felt it maybe that's just a coincidence. So we continued chatting. Then I found out that he doesn't drink as well. By that time I started to smell something freaking coming. But it was saved (temporarily) when he told me that I sibeh clever to complain, and he's the opposite.
That's just because I told him the journey from Malaysia to Japan is a '7-damn-long hours' journey. Are you sure Calvin? Maybe this is the first time we crap, so I forgive you. I'm not trying to be someone who enters a basket and carries it myself, but I can be considered pretty chi’n chai in most things already. Best example? I consume almost everything. But natto? Sorry la.
Although Calvin doesn't really know where is the exact location of major cities like Melbourne, Canberra and Perth in Australia (so do I), he still claims to be not bad in directions. But I guess that's pretty common for guys to be having no problem reading maps, right? Unless if you are talking about girls reading map for you. Instead of going to Kampung Berjaya, they'll take you to Kampung Jalan Mati.
Got any idea why I said like that? It's because up until now, I haven't found a girl who can read a map correctly. I don't know why, but these days I seems to have the tendency to shot at girls. Evil me! Sorry girls, give me a break, okay?
But finally, to our relieve, we found a difference between this two Calvins. He damn likes horror movies, but I don't. I'll just never going to watch these movies only to scare myself until half die. He feels scary too when watching them, but he enjoys scaring himself! Weird, no?
It wasn't a surprise to find out that he enjoys rides as well, especially those chi kek ones. Roller coasters such stuff. Well, I'm still okay with roller coasters, compared to horror movie, which will always be a no no to me!
I think I've crap too much until it makes you guys almost having a headache already, right? So that's more or less about another Calvin that I 'discovered' less than 24 hours ago. By the way, he's from Malacca and currently studying in Brisbane in his final year. I think by the language he speaks, you can more or less guess what dialect he speaks, right? Yes, you got it right! Calvin speaks Hokkien. So do I! Lolz…
P/S: Calvin, I know you'll be reading this. If you don't want me to fry you like how my poor brain was deep fried for the last whole week, you’d better leave at least a comment for this post!


Innocent^^Guy said...

Keep the frying coming! I wouldn't mind one bit, my evil twin brother :P

Calvin said...

innocent^^guy: i've already knew for sure that you'll leave me a comment (at least for this post)

walao, now say i'm your evil twin brother ady la? i'm really so evil meh? haha!!

michelleg said...

heheh.. he told me abt u. then i said to him that finally he had found his twin in this world.

anyways contrary to popular belief that girls are bad with direction and driving, im not one of them. i do think that i have a good sense of direction. :)

Calvin said...

michelleg: then i guess i've finally found a girl with a good sense of direction in this world, no? :P

michelleg said...

yes u finally did. :P

lasilasi said...

wui wui i read map for my bf kay... I'm his navigator and he is my driver =p

and when I went travelling in Japan and Germany, I read map myself despite that I don't quite understand the language *_* so, gals can read map too =p

btw, where did u learn your german? (language expert!)

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
i guess you will be another very rare exceptions =)
anyway, you don't have to understand the language when you are reading the maps coz the symbols and signs are pretty much the same in every parts of the world, no?

german language? did i use any german in the entry?

lasilasi said...

it's more difficult when you cant read it cause you need to keep comparing or remembering the shape instead =p

lol i thought u really understand german, then only realised you were joking =p but your translation is damn funny

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
you made a point there. anyway, just take it as one of those kindergarten games of matching shapes and colours you enjoyed once upon a time =P

"Eh, lok s'ng la. Wa khao pek kar liao lor"
is this what made you think that it was german? if so, i have to clarify here that it is NOT german, but it is hokkien actually =)

lasilasi said...

nono -

u posted that comment - not u?
calvin said...
the signboard tells you:
"The deeper you dig, the luckier you will be" =P

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
yes, it was me. and yes, i was just crapping around. i am sure the real meaning is something different =P