Friday, June 8, 2007

Exam's Over, What Now?

By the time most of you read this, I guess almost all of you have already finished with whatever kinds of exams for the past 2 weeks. As usual, people will be saying "It's finally over!" True, it's over. But does it means it's the end of it? Okay, I admit that my exam is finally over. But don't you think this is just a beginning? To me, I would rather take it as one exam down, which means I'm less one exam from my 3 years in kosen.
I know you guys, especially the first-timers of 3rd year students must have a lot of things to say, to complain, to regret about the exams which had already ended. As for me, I guess I didn't have any major problems on the 9 papers I sat. I just hope there won't be any careless mistakes made. I'll talk about how I fared in my first exam in next week's post.
Talking about careless mistakes, I guess that's normal in any exams, right? Even a genius in Maths like Shuk Yee can make a mistake at the highest level. She got this: 89-79=20! (no disrespect to you, Shuk Yee, okay?). But I want you to know that it's not just you who make these kind of mistakes. I still remember my mistakes in my Add Maths paper few years back in Form 4. I made this 'too smart' calculation: 2+5=6! My baby cousins will be laughing at me if he knows this!
this is what will happen when you are too over-confident (picture taken from here)
There's something which made me wonder what's the purpose of having an exam in the first place. 過去問 (past year's paper). Yes, I know it's quite common. But the 過去問 here is far better and more keng than the usual ones. I'm not sure about other courses or other kosens, but for my course, the questions every year is 80 to 90% similar to the previous years. As it does me more good than harm, so I'm not complaining about it, of course!
There is one of my sensei even gave a list of terms for us to memorise a week before the exam. When we sat for the paper, all the words given came out. Do you still got anything to complain when you have this kind of sensei?
Of course, I'm not saying that the whole exam was too kacang. There are also some tough ones. I almost screwed up my Physics paper. I just didn't have any idea what the question was about. As usual, instead of leaving the spaces blank, I just use my not-very-skillful shooting technique. I hope it did hit at least half of the target.
I should be getting my results next week. Kinda curious and anxious actually. I heard from others that the papers for their course is tough like hell. Maybe for my Mechanical Engineering course, we'll suffer it in the exams after this. We'll wait and see.
If you're reading this, I would like to hear how the exams went from other kosens as well. Out of 1 to 10, how would you rate your performance in the exam? I guess mine would be around 7.5 :)


tang yii said...

I screwed up my exam !! u will noe when u read my blog lah. very bad! My course is famous of its toughness. shikataganai... sheeesh! no more hope to get top ten d. n juz now I got to know if we wanna suisen to a good university, we must at least get top eight in class during 3rd n fourth year. If wanna go really good uni, hav to be top 4...

kakomon... not every subject got kakomon. if got sure very raku lah! my kikibunseki kagaku got no exam one. If u passed evrweek punya sho test, then no exam during teiki shiken. I failed a lot of them , but b4 exam the sensei was kind enuf to let me resit the sho test (coz I owaz complain tat I dun understand his questions) weird leh!

my course very pelik one lah...
u wont noe unless u experience it.

got -10??

ns29 said...

Hey..I m Shuk Yee...
Past year questions kah..
In my kousen..I only use that to know those questions wil come out in what way..
Din really go and kaji the quesions..

Calvin said...

tang yii: as i said before, this is just the first exam. don't put too much pressure on yourself. try harder for the coming exams!

talking about the 過去問 thing, me myself don't have them for all my subjects. so, it's not just you alone who is facing this difficulty.

i didn't expect at all that you'll rate your performance this time so lowly. -10? you must be kidding!

anyway, all the best in getting your results next week :)

Calvin said...

ns29: firstly, sorry for getting your name wrongly spelled. i've corrected it in the post though.

i'm not saying i went and kaji those 過去問 la. but by looking at their patterns, i think we can roughly estimate how the questions will be. as for me, the questions every year is quite similar :)

and by the way, good luck when getting your results next week!

SuwaN said...

haha , i can't rate..
wow, the question paper, who answer?

Calvin said...

suwan: that careless mistake was done by one of my friend. that's normal in exams ma, right? :)