Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Of Antonyms And Synonyms

Yes, you didn't hear it any wrongly. I 'failed' my the other English paper. Communication paper, to be exact. Well, the exam was 2 weeks back, but only this morning, the post-mortem was made in the class. This was the last paper we got back. And it was my worst result, considering the standard of the paper.
Firstly, he wrote on the board the top and the lowest marks. It was 90 and 16. Average was 43, I think. No, I didn't get 90 as I told you I screwed up the paper already, right? But it wasn't a Japanese for the top mark either.
So, our lecturer, Mr Mort, an American called out our names, one by one. Sounds like budak-budak, I know. First name called.
"Good job" was what Mr Mort told that guy.
Good for him, I thought. Then the second guy was called.
"死んだ (died)" was what he get. And the class just went wild.
Then the third guy. This time, that guy also died! It was the same for the next few students. Then came my turn. I headed in front. He was holding my paper in his hand and looked at me.
"Shinda", he told me.
He tried to be funny, but unfortunately I didn't find it funny at all. Anyway, I just MADE myself smile so that he won't lose face. Yea la, people susah-payah tried to make a joke, must give face also ma, right?
After all had got their papers back, the post-mortem began. I won't be talking about how the paper was set. I just take the last part, which required us to write an antonym and synonym each for the words given. When I was doing it during the exam last two weeks ago, it was damn farking hard man! It's like looks-like-simple-but-actually-hard kind of thing. The words given were big, dangerous, beautiful, boring, expensive, quiet, difficult, wrong, good and tall. It's really hard, okay?
So he pointed out some major mistakes. Almost half of the class had mixed up between antonyms and synonyms. So, it was a 40-marks-present for Mr Mort. The next mistake was the word TALL. It seemed that a particular student wrote his answer like this.
Synonym: Mr Mort
Antonym: me
Fine, still can be accepted for his naiveness coz Mr Mort is just a few millimeters short of my height. Then the next one was really shocking. I just couldn't figure out how he went and put such answers. I'm not sure whether he really don't have any idea on that word, or he was just trying to have some fun with Mr Mort. The word was DANGEROUS. So he wrote this.
Synonym: dog
How about the antonym part?
No, he didn't write cat as his answer. Some cats are fierce, you know. Instead, he put it as HAMSTER!
Yes, I know Japanese English is too keng to be admired already.


michelleg said...

big=small, huge
beautiful=ugly, lovely
quiet=noisy, silence
difficult=easy, tough
good=bad, nice
tall=short, gigantic (you)

hahaha!!! those i din fill in means i forgot wat was the word, doesnt mean i dunno. :P

Innocent^^Guy said...

I feel out for you

dangerous = safe, RISKY/UNSAFE
boring = thrilling, LAME(just jk, i think should be DULL)
expensive = cheap, COSTLY
wrong = correct, INCORRECT (how hard was that michelle? -.-")

I think my answers boleh pakai la. Not 100% sure though :P

Calvin said...

michelleg & calvinsenpai:
actually, i didn't screwed up that antonyms and synonyms part.

all my mistakes was in the part where we were supposed to write down where the characters in the text book came from. not just the city, but the location as well.

i never thought the questions will be set like that. so, i didn't memorise that part lor. mana tau, they asked where places like san francisco is located in the usa. west or east of usa? they think i'm google earth meh?

michelleg said...

haha, calvinsenpai, u mean fill instead of feel? haha!! haih, my mind cacat already read too much medical stuff.. :(

oh.. kesian. u shd've played wit google earth more then :)

Calvin said...

michelleg: walao, seriously i only notice about that FEEL and FILL thing after you mentioned it. i dunno whether he purposely typed it like that or what.

then next time, when i do any lawyer paper, better let you check first liao lor.

oh yea, i'll play with google universe for my next test :P

Innocent^^Guy said...

crap....feel and fill also i dunno how to differentiate..look who's the one who screws up..haha

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: it's because you didn't FEEL it properly when you FILL them up for me ma :P