Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Is Happening To Me?

There has been people who commented that I'm a bit weird these days. You know who you are if you are reading this, don't you? Don't worry, I won't reveal your name here. Just you-know, I-know, can already la, right? Anyway, was it because of my posting these days that prompts such response? I didn't see any weird stuff to be honest. Just (too much of) crapping, I guess, especially the Doraemon thing yesterday.

Recently, I've put my latest picture in my blog. That same picture was used as my display picture in MSN Messenger as well. Then came one by one, asking stuff which are common when you simply put a shirtless picture in your blog or anywhere else.

They were asking me what the hell am I doing being naked everywhere. Hang on a minute. Showing just my upper part of my body doesn't mean I was naked all the way down there when I took the picture, okay? So, to answer them, I gave some lame excuses.

"Japan now is going to be summer liao ma, so very hot la. That's why I took it off la!"

Knowing that was kinda stupid answer, I know they won't be believing it. So, I straight told them like this.

"No la, actually I'm just into their stripped naked culture ma. Not bad to have a try, right?"

Some even suggested to me to post the (naked) picture in my Friendster group since that group was so miskin with pictures. I think the only pictures posted there was our class photo plus one or two gathering photos. If you see it, you'll also feel sad. But why must be my that very picture? Considering the fact that I could get my account closed if someone report on the pornographic contain in my profile, I (sadly) rejected that request.

Anyway I'm just hoping that there won't be any blardy donkeys who will put that picture in any sort of porn site. How if my little cousins got there and found me sesat there? They'll go something like this.

"Wahh, why this Calvin gor gor simply bo wear anything and take photo one?"

"Ma, you come and see. Calvin gor gor is in the computer la! And he took photo with some jie jie also. You must see this. The jie jie is sitting on top of an eel and squashing it. Kesihan the eel."

I just couldn't imagine how if that happens and I DO NOT want that to happen.

Then last night, I was browsing my Nuffnang account to have a look at my traffic and where my visitors came from. Later, I got to the keywords section. Basically, it's generated when someone type a particular word in some search engines (most of the time, it's Google). So if that someone clicks on the link appeared, then the keywords will be captured and hence, these keywords will be listed down in my Nuffnang account. When I got to the keywords section, I came across this thing.

gay calvin from

Before you make any assumptions, let me tell you that that wasn't my work. I know I'm free most of the time, but I would NEVER be so free to go there and look for gay calvin. I understand if you type just gay and the search engine links it to my site coz I've made a posting about gay cocks before this. But not gay calvin for sure. I just have no idea which blardy went to and ask for gay calvin. Maybe it was after one of my previous post not long ago where a guy fall in love with me, all because a bowl of mee segera!

Certainly, the (naked) picture and this gay thing doesn't do me any favour at all whatsoever especially when there are already people telling me that I'm getting weirder and weirder these days.
I promise I'll lead a more normal life after this before I'm being admitted to Hospital Bahagia.


Innocent^^Guy said...

I think the person who typed 'gay calvin' was actually searching for this guy (This is not meatspin wan) Really is a gay guy by the name of Calvin who wrote this blog. And I dunno how come my blog link is there as well -.-" I must admit that he gave me some traffic la....but it will also give people the wrong impression. Once you start seeing in your nuffnang "came from" section got this url, you know you have been linked too XD

Welcome to my world!

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: i got read one of your entry about that thing before this and i even went to that site already. but i'm just wasn't sure whether that calvin is gay.

anyway, i hope i won't kena link by that calvin like what you kena at the moment! lolz!

michelleg said...

haha!! why do u think that he's not gay? but his blog quite interesting.

Calvin said...

michelleg: have you actually gone and read his postings? i just gone through the pictures nia though :P

michelleg said...

yea, i actually did!!! ntg better to do. haha. that's why i said interesting. cos that blogger is definitely different from normal guys. lolz