Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gathering Of Malaysians In Nagaoka

We should have been gone for hanami today but since the weather forecast stated that it will rain in the evening, the plan was changed to a gathering of Malaysian who is studying or working in Nagaoka. Anyway, the plan for hanami will be postpone to tomorrow evening or night.
Back to today's gathering. it will be at the Nagaoka University of Technology which is about 30 minutes drive from our college. Our senpai from the university came with 3 cars to take 18 of us to the university. All of us went there except for Liew (5th year). Although the gathering was scheduled to start at 9am, it eventually started around 10am. First was the 自己紹介 (self introduction) by all the new students and followed by the rest of the students who have been here for some time.
After the introduction thing, it's the time we all waited for, which is makan. All the food they prepared were Malaysian food and this is the first time we got to taste Malaysian food since the nasi beryiani at Tokyo. Among other were satay, nasi lemak, fried meehoon, fried noodles, apam balik, jelly, cakes and etc. But maybe I didn't take spicy food for quite some time already, coz I felt the nasi lemak and fried meehoon was really spicy. I mean 'Malaysian spicy'. Of coz there are spicy Japanese food, but the spicy is just different from ours. And to add to that, I can't really take spicy food!
After the makan, it was the election. Yea, to elect the AJK for Madina (actually I don't know what it stands for, but I guess it's the kinda club stuff for the Malaysians in Nagaoka). Later, we continue chatting around and we left at around 11 plus. Next was shopping and we ended up reaching the hostel at 8pm. I bought a set of Adidas sport attire today, which cost 12,900yen (about RM400!). I know it's (a bit or very?) expensive, but if I were to think like that everytime, I will be ended up not buying anything!

this is the (expensive) adidas attire I bought


replacement said...

hi!long time no c.dt day say ayau having fun in aus..u oso having fun in jpn la!!jles tong.of all things 2 buy,u go n waste money on sports attire!!u go ther holiday or study hah?!so rich ar?things dat engkai be,xwan be!btw,buy a bigger size sweater la..ur current sweater so small..oso not enuff long 4 ur hands la..hmm..2day football btwn sgi n u b4 liao ee..u samo say ai fly cum bac!pun bo ee!!haha.mai siao la!afta dat went smc 4 sports day..u terlepas peluang 2 cuci mata d!saw ur god!!so same like u ee!!whn c her ad,remind me of u wo..haih..k la..take care la k.muax

calvin said...

now, u are trying to give me advise la, izit? where got waste money wo. of coz i came here for study, but it's not study alone nia ma of course. must treat it like a holiday also wan ma.

yea, u got tell me about that football match before. but unfortunately, the tickets were sold out. that's why i counldn't fly back to watch it. never mind la. but what was the result, btw?

although i couldn't go to smc to cuci mata, still got many chance wan ma. just that to do it here (i mean in my college), it's a bit hard la coz how many girls would take engineering course.

MichelleG said...

tht adidas attire is worth it.. lol.. almost the same price if not cheaper. i like it.. :P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
looking back, now i feel that that sports attire is kinda expensive. anyway, it's still in good condition after almost two years, so i guess it's worth it. only that my short pants has a tiny hole already =\