Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday, 13th

It's Friday 13th today. I'm not saying I'm superstitious, but so far (it's 9.15pm now), there wasn't any unfortunate thing that happened to me today. Perhaps if I really wanted to mentioned any misfortune, then I guess it would be the 4-page Japanese Language homework we got this evening from Matsuda Sensei. I say this coz I thought it would be good if we have a free weekend without any assignments since we will be going for hanami tomorrow. But besides that homework, I don't think there are any not-so-good thing already. So, it's not that bad actually.
Below are some pictures from my room. But the pictures of table and bed isn't mine. It's Yan Kuang's. Since that time he purposely tidy it up all because of wanting to take the pics, then I tumpang the pics la. My table is next to the window (2nd pic) while my bed is on top (when I lie on the bed, the ceiling is just about 1 foot from me!) Although it looked untidy when the pic was taken, it wasn't the my usual state of my table!
Anyway, I just want to inform you guys that I have do some resuffling on my posting for the past week. So there might be some posting that you guys might miss out. So, just have a look again. :)

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