Sunday, April 15, 2007


Last night (or should I say early this morning) was the latest I sleep so far since I've been in Japan. We slept at 4am in the morning after doing some downloading thing with the help of my Japanese friends. I find them kinda helpful coz they have been trying again and again to download a software into my laptop which will be used during our lecture. But in the end, it didn't work. So we continued by playing some PC game in the laptop and then chatting away up till 4am (that time the sun will be rising soon!).
So the next morning, with myself not enough sleep (that's obvious), we got for breakfast at 8am. After breakfast, I got back on my bed and the next thing I know when I woke up is my tutor calling us to go for lunch! Then, there I went for lunch with them. After lunch, of course I didn't get onto the bed again. I just online and blogged until around 3pm as we will be going for hanami at 4pm with the foreign student in our kosen. So, after taking all the stuff like food, drinks, mat, stove and etc, off we go by walking to 悠久山公園 (Yukyuzan Park) which is about 10 minutes walk from our kosen.
this is the entrance to the Yukyuzan Park
all of us were on the way to the park
going up the stairs while looking for a suitable spot
When we reached there, we were trying to look for a spot to set our mat and we eventually ended up picking a spot near the lake coz there were lots of people on the hill. Although it wasn't as packed as some places where you can hardly walk around, it was pretty packed on the hill.
there were already lots of people at the park
and the place is almost full
people everywhere
so I ended up taking the sakura pics
the sakura tress along the lake is just breathtaking
and some closed-up pics of sakura
with the blue sky as the background
sakura again (must I still put this caption?)
by the rock
All start unpacking, cutting, frying and the necessary stuff. The menu for today was sandwiches, burger, sausages, potato chips and some soft drinks. When the food was ready, what else, start eating la! While eating we did 自己紹介 (again!) although I guess most of us have known each other pretty well. Some students from Nagaoka University of Technology came to join us later as well.
everyone start working on the food
say cheese :)
5年生: 5th year grader from left: Foong Yin, Adeli (King), Hasan (Bangladesh), William, Ayu and Yati
乾杯 (kanpai) which mean yam seng
4年生: 4th year grader from left: Zulhelmi, Idris, Roby (Indonesia), Chuyen (Vietnam), Ikbar and Zamih
3年生: 3th year grader from left: Joann, Asraf (Aki), me, Yan Kuang, Sodo (Mongolia), Ridzuan, Fadzli Shah, Muazam and Ulya
Hasan was the MC for the day
the food is done and just waiting to eat
taking a group photo, thanks to a Japanese who helped taking this pic for us (his shadow is visible at the bottom of the pic!)
Later, we just talk a walk around the park. There is a museum and a mini zoo in the park. There wasn't much animal in the zoo actually. Among them are peacock, monkeys, rabbits, racoons, fox, ducks and birds. After all had gathered again, we cleaned up the place and set back to our kosen. Here are the rest of the photos that I got from the first 花見 (hanami) that I gone in Japan. It was a pretty nice experience.
and sakura is back again
along the river as well
it's a lake actually
a Vietnamese among 5 Malaysians... try spot which is the odd one
now it's one each from Vietnam and Mongolia and the rest are Bolehlanders
a pretty nice closed-up pic I took
how about this?
one of the 2 peacocks in the mini zoo
racoon dog
old world badger (that's what written on the board in front of the cage, but I have no idea at all what kind of animal is this!)
うさぎ (usagi) or rabbit
Japanese style lantern
standing in front of the museum in the park
Yan Kuang and me
hanging sakura
lantern at nite surrounded by sakura
the lamp post in the middle of the sakura tree
I find this was a nice angle
by the river at night
well, it wasn't really dark yet when I took the pic
notice the rectangular shape of this tree
lighting effect
I took this pic before we set back to our kosen

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