Monday, March 12, 2007

Out Of Boringness... Went To Kuala Sepetang

Once again I didn't post any entry to my blog for some period. Kinda boring these few days. So, to get out of the boringness, I set off to Kuala Sepetang, a fishing village about 11km from Taiping. I went there with my mum and also my sisters. Anyone from Taiping will be familiar with this small town, which is famous for its mangrove forest and also the production of quality charcoal, as well as its freshly caught seafood.

First stop was the Matang Mangrove Forest. There weren't many people there in fact. We just took a stroll along the wooden bridge. And there was a huge 60-year-old Bakau Minyak (Rhizophora Apiculata) which was planted before the independence. And we managed to catch up with some monkeys too!

the wooden bridge

Later on, we went to the ever-so-famous charcoal production area, which is just within a stone’s throw away from the mangrove forest. The charcoal produced here are not just for the local market in Malaysia as they are exported to countries like Singapore and Japan as well. At the time we went there, most of the charcoal was still in the process of heating. It seems that a circle to produce charcoal in the stove, which can be filled with about 1500 trunks of cut mangrove, will take around 30 days. The area was smoky and although our face didn't turned black, we realised we smelled just like charcoal after we got out from that area.

And these are the rest of the pics from my trip to Kuala Sepetang today.

this Bakau Minyak (the Big Tree) was planted in 1947
seeing something 'interesting' perhaps??
cut mangrove trunks by the riverbanks
the view outside the stove (yes, it's called stove)
these mangrove trunks are yet to be processed
controlling the fire by a worker
new stove in the building process
a completed and ready-to-be-used stove

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