Wednesday, March 7, 2007

7 March 2007

Today's 7 March 2007. Yea, 7 March, but why? Any special occasions? Basically, nothing really. But on this date next month, there is something - my 20th birthday. Having said that, instead of being in Malaysia, I'll be in Japan by that time. So, it's gonna be a 1st time celebrating my birthday outside Malaysia. Anyway, looking forward to it though and I'm hoping it will be a nice experience.

And today, after doing some maths, it's just 25 days away for me to leave for Japan. 25 days. Still a long time to go? Not really if you guys see this: 25 days = 600 hours = 36000 minutes = 2160000 seconds. Yes, it's about 2 million seconds away. And by the time you've finished reading this, the time will be much much shorter.

This evening, I went for a haircut coz I'm not a fan of having long hair. Well, I didn't mean the long hair like the girls. But I guess you know what I mean, don't u? Having shorter hair means I can save some time styling it coz it's much more simple and time-saving. If you guys have any comment on my new haircut (actually it's just a normal one, nothing special), just leave some comments.

before... and after...
(to be honest, I don't see any much difference, right?)

Last night, I plan to stay up to catch the match between Liverpool and Barcelona live, but unfortunately, I guess I was too tired and couldn't stay up till 3.45am. Well, I'm neither the fans of the team from Anfield nor Nou Camp, but it's a big game, so there's nothing to lose to watch it though I think. Unfortunately for the Catalans team, they lost on the away goals. Tonight (or should I say tomorrow morning), there'll be another four second-round game and of course I'll be watching the Man Utd taking on Lille of France game.

Well, that's all for today. By the way, to all Man Utd fans out there, make sure u guys don't miss this match!

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