Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Off To Penang

I went down to Penang today. I went there with my family, so it wasn't a trip to catch up with my Penang friends. It was just a 1-day-trip. We spent most of the day shopping, so it's kinda tiring.

a ferry heading to Pulau Udan (For first timers, NEVER wait for a ferry written with Pulau Pinang!)

and this one's to Pulau Rimau, 10 kilometres off Butterworth!

and how about this one? Pulau Tayar maybe?

By the time we were on our way back in the evening, it started to rain. So there was a slow traffic on the Penang Bridge. If the traffic condition is like this every time it rains or during festive seasons, I guess the plan for the Second Penang Bridge is not a bad idea. Well, caught in this slow moving traffic, I came out with an idea of taking photograph. And it turned out to be an interesting shot, at least to me! =)

And here are the remaining of the photographs taken from Penang.
the jetty at the island
KOMTAR-reaching the skies
KOMTAR-from the ferry
a view of the Penang Bridge from the island
and the famous Penang Bridge-in the rain
this is the shot I mentioned just now
and another nice shot of the Penang Bridge (or should I say the traffic?!)

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