Monday, February 19, 2007

PPKTJ'S Graduation Day '07

February 16, 2007. Finally, after almost 2 years studying at Preparatory Centre for Technical Studies to Japan (PPKTJ), it comes to an end with our Graduation Day. This year, it was done kinda different from the previous years. It was held at the main hall of our campus. And our kohai (juniors) were there as well. Just like usual, it started with the arrival of the parents and students, followed with the sensei (lecturers). Of course all of us were busy snapping pictures among each others.

When the VIPs and guests arrived, it started with speeches. And next was the presentation of certificates to all the students. It continues with speeches (yes, again!). But most of the speeches weren’t that boring like what we go through usually. Wonder why? Well, the speeches by Mr. Koji Takahashi, representative from the Japan Embassy and by the representatives by the 1st and 2nd year student were presented in Japanese. So when they were joking in their speeches, all of the lecturers and students who understand Japanese laughed. However, for the parents, this was not the case. Although there were translations in the programme booklet handed out, I’m very sure they didn’t have any idea at all about what was being said. Having no other choice, they just follow us laughing (without knowing the reason!). Kawaisou ne!! =)

And presentation of awards to students who obtained excellent results throughout our 2 years at PPKTJ followed. I was one of them, along with Wan Ying, Yew Keong, Chang Zhi and Shuk Yee. And those with full attendance were awarded too. But if you guys out there knew about the criteria to qualify for the full attendance award, it might be surprising or should I say shocking. 1 minute late for the lecture in 2 years and you can kiss goodbye to it. That’s the Japanese way, be very very punctual up to the seconds in whatever they do. But believe it or not, there are still those who ‘managed’ to avoid being late for the past 2 years. In fact, there were 6 of them in total.

After all the presentations of certificates and plague, the ceremony ended with UTM’s song and Negaraku. Actually, I don’t think it’s appropriate to say we being unpatriotic, but it has been some time since we last sang the national anthem. So as expected, everyone was in full spirit while singing it. Then, the guests and parents got the chance to have a look at an exhibition. Well, it was on the culture and way of life of the Japanese and also a section about our life at PPKTJ. And during this time, the photo session among us continued. And as noon was approaching, one by one bid farewell to the lecturers, staff and friends. But actually, it will just be a short one as we’ll be attending the Bina Tatanegara camp at Malacca in 4 days time. And between this short period, we'll also be celebrating Chinese New Year. So that’s roughly about our Graduation Day. In a whole, we did enjoyed ourselves throughout the day : )


gina said...

bo lengchai ee..dt 1 is 'cute n handsome' ar?omg..pls la..btw,ur mama look nice in dat red kebaya! u look funny in dt sonkok!!haha...kononnya bo thak get duno wt cemerlang..tipu me nia gau!!!

calvin said...

wei, can u stop your search for lengchai? go yahoo or google and look for those things la if u want. what la. want to laugh me wear songkok wo. u think i want meh? samo want to make fun of me. teruk nia...